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IAIS Digital Technologies 2023

Macmillan Education conducts International Competitions and Assessments for Schools popularly known as IAIS in India in partnership with Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), a division of the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

The exams were started in 2004 as a diagnostic assessment which focuses on the strength and weaknesses of a student. Besides, it helps teachers and parents understand the child's learning curve and discern the difficulties they face in the process.

IAIS Digital Technologies

Along with digital technologies, Macmillan conducts three more exams in collaboration with ICAS. They are ScienceMathematics, and English. IAIS Science, IAIS Mathematics, and IAIS English are held for classes II to XII.

IAIS Digital Technologies

ICAS Digital Technologies is conducted for classes III to X. IAIS provides an extensive independent evaluation of students' skills, knowledge, and understanding in the core learning areas.

Content in the question papers varies depending on the class for which the test is designed. The test covers the topics of the following.

  • Digital systems
  • Word processing
  • Presentations and data visualization
  • Usage of search engines, email, web design, etc.
  • Manage and maintain databases
  • Programming principles and concepts

IAIS Digital Technologies Application Form

The respective school does IAIS Digital Technologies registration process. Schools have to contact Macmillan (the organization which conducts IAIS in collaboration with Educational Assessments Australia) for registration of the school as an exam center and student registration. 

The school has to then send the details of registration along with the fees to Macmillan. The dates will be updated from the Macmillan Education official website. Any information on the exam getting conducted once released by the management will be updated here.

IAIS Digital Technologies Sample Papers

IAIS Digital Technologies sample test papers help students to understand the differences in the examination. It allows students to understand the instructions to follow during the exam as well as the levels of preparation.

Sample papers assist students by helping them adjust their solving speed, understand the difficulty level of questions, and understand the areas they have to strengthen their concepts in.

IAIS Digital Technologies Admit Card

Admit card is an important document when attending the IAIS Digital Technologies examination. IAIS Digital Technology admit card consists of several details such as roll number, name, and school name. Students are requested to carry the hard copy of the hall ticket to the examination center.

The admit card is sent to the respective schools by Macmillan after the school completes the registration process.

IAIS Digital Technologies Syllabus

The syllabus for an exam helps students familiarize themselves with the topics asked on the ICAS exam. IAIS Digital Technology syllabus helps them prepare effectively in the time they have leading the better results.

Students are tested for skills and knowledge in the following areas.

  • Digital systems, including hardware & software, operating systems, cloud computing, and data representation
  • Basic & advanced operations, formatting in word processing, use of tables, style sheets, animations, and referencing.
  • Presentations, integrated multimedia, and data visualization
  • Use of search engines, emails, web design, social media, online collaborative projects, the application of social & ethical protocols, and practices in the use of digital technologies.
  • Use of operations to maintain and manage data and databases.
  • Programming principles and concepts, including block-based coding, flowcharts, sequence, loops, pseudocode, algorithms, and desk checking.

IAIS Digital Technologies Exam Format

Being an assessment test rather than a competitive exam, each question is worth one mark with no marks deducted for wrong answers.

The questions become harder as the students move from the first question to the last. The questions in the last are designed to test the higher-order thinking skills of the students and are given more weight. It helps the examiners when developing their assessment reports. The questions are also divided by the skills assessed and is reflected in the student Performance report.

Given below is the format for each class for the IAIS Digital Technologies Test.

IAIS Digital Technologies Exam Pattern
Class Paper Level Question Breakdown Duration (in mins)
3 A
30 multiple choice
4 B
5 C
35 multiple choice
6 D
7 E
40 multiple choice
8 F
9 G
45 multiple choice
10 H

IAIS Digital Technologies Exam Results

IAIS gives results in the form of a diagnostic report. Macmillan provides two types of reports.

  • A school report: comparing it with averages of other schools in the region as well as by comparing each student's performance with the school average.
  • A student's report: explaining how he has performed in each skill area and comparison with the school average.

ICAS Digital Technologies 2023 results can be downloaded online from the Macmillan website.

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