Syllabus and Subjects for Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Production Engineering):

Name of the course

Topics covered


Machine Design

Code of Practice for Engineering Drawing

Standards in design

Design for Static Load

Design for Fluctuating Loads

Riveted Joints

Keys and Couplings


Mechanical Springs

This course tells students about the techniques to design the parts any machine.

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery

Introduction to mechanisms

Grubler’s equation

Velocity analysis

Acceleration analysis

Kinematic synthesis of mechanism


Gears and gear trains

Vibration isolation and Transmissibility

The course is to teach students about different kinds of mechanisms.

Metallurgy and Heat Treatment

Time-dependent mechanical behavior

Equilibrium Diagrams for non-ferrous alloys

Iron-Carbon Diagram

Time-temperature transformations diagram

Chemical Heat Treatment Methods

Radiation Heat transfer

Natural Convection

The course makes a student to study real-world engineering and principles of heat transfer.

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Speed measurement

Linear Measurement

Optical Measuring Instruments

Design of go and No-go gauges

Electromechanical transducers

Through this course knowledge of different measuring standards and instruments is given to students that are used in industries.

Industrial Engineering And Management

Macro and microeconomics

Work System Design

Facilities planning and design

Quality Control

Production cycle-Process planning

MRP calculations

Sensitivity analysis of EOQ model

The course imparts the information about plant design and demand forecasting techniques.

Tool Design

Design of Cutting Tools

Locating and Clamping Methods

Principles of jigs and fixture design

Tool materials and their properties

Press operations

Forging Dies

Materials for die block

Through this course details for designing the tools and jigs are given.

Reliability, Maintenance and Safety


Reliability definition

Constant and time-dependent failure models

Preventive maintenance v/s. repair

Maintenance manpower planning

Fault tree diagram

Development of preventive maintenance schedule

With this course students is introduced to quantitative reliability and safety methodologies.


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