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2 Years

Average Fees

INR 5,000-2 LPA.

Roumik Roy

Updated on Jul 18, 2023 by Roumik Roy

Roumik Roy

Updated on Jul 18, 2023 by Roumik Roy

M.Com job scope in India depends on the respective specialization and demand. Due to this, M.Com salary is also high with the further good scale of opportunities. There are plenty of jobs after M. Com for freshers both in the private and public sectors. They can work as Business Analysts, Financial Advisors, Account Assistants, Management Consultants, etc.

MCom course aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge of all the core functionalities of commerce, accounting, and management. The MCom syllabus is well-structured and includes various subjects that help students to acquire industry-relevant skills and expertise to obtain adequate career opportunities. 

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Salary Offered to M.Com Graduates in India

M.Com salary in India varies depending on a number of factors, including experience gained through internships, projects, training, and other experiences. After M.Com job opportunities are ample for graduates, which they can grab and increase their salary by gaining exposure through internships and work placements, which enhance their learning curve.

M.Com Salary in India

The MCom salary in India is affected by a number of factors, such as university placements, internship experience, projects, etc. An average salary after M.Com is around INR 4-10 LPA.

Below is the table that shows the M.Com jobs salary in India:

M.Com Salary Range

Amount (INR)

Highest Salary

10 LPA

Average Salary


Lowest Salary


M.Com Salary Based on Job Designations

Jobs after M.Com India are in vast range in both the private and public sectors. The pay grade varies for both sectors depending on the candidate's experience and skills.

The table below consists of a range of profiles and average M.Com salary per month:

Job Role

Average Salary per Month 

Finance Executive

INR 35,000

Assistant Manager

INR 32,000


INR 15,000

Bank Manager

INR 65,000

Business Analyst

INR 40,000

M.Com Salary based on Specializations

The M.Com degree offers various specializations in many fields that provide extensive jobs. An M.Com job vacancy lies in the very field of specialization candidates wish to pursue. Also, jobs after M.Com and salary can vary as per the specialization.

Below is the table of M.Com salary in India with respect to specializations: 

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (INR)

M.Com in Finance

5.17 LPA

M.Com in Banking

5.5 LPA

M.Com in Taxation & Insurance

4.5 LPA

M.Com in Economics

5.7 LPA

M.Com in International Accounting


M.Com in Computer Application


M.Com in Business Management


M.Com Salary Based on Sectors

The scope for M.Com in India is vast, with a wide range of jobs for M.Com graduates. After M.Com., job opportunities are available both in the private and public sectors. M.Com. salary in India is influenced by various factors such as career growth in the industry, government policy, schemes, and many more. 

Private Sector

Jobs after M.Com in the private sector offer a wide range of roles with lucrative packages. The salary of an M.Com graduate in India in the private sector and the names of the top recruiters are listed below: 

Top Recruiters

Average Salary (INR)




6.2 LPA

Ernst & Young

5.7 LPA




6.4 LPA

Government Sector

There are various M.Com. Govt jobs Check the table for jobs after M.com in the government sector along with the annual average salary after M.Com:

Top Recruiters

Average Salary (INR)

State Bank of India

5.5 LPA

Punjab National Bank

4.9 LPA

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.




M.Com Jobs in India

The scope for M.Com in India has wide job roles in various industries with lucrative packages and learning exposure. If students want to increase their chances for career advancement and employment, they can also choose to pursue further education. The prospect of a postgraduate degree for an M.Com course is great both in India and abroad.

Below is a list of  jobs after M.Com for graduates:

Entry-Level M.Com Jobs for Freshers

After graduation, candidates start with entry-level jobs, also called "freshers." These jobs will help them set their paths toward their goals. Below is the list of jobs for M.Com graduates freshers:

Jobs Profile


Account Assistant

  • Responsible for assisting accountants to create budgets and records.
  • Send invoices and confirm that all transactions have been appropriately and timely accounted for.

Finance Executive

  • In charge of overseeing the company's financial performance
  • Responsible for making financial decisions and figuring out how to pay off a company's debts

Risk Analyst

Assists the technological component of a company's overall risk management strategy.

Market Analyst

Accountable for evaluating data from studies on the company's customers and their purchasing patterns.

Government Jobs for M.Com Aspirants

In India, there are plenty of M.com govt jobs with an average salary in India is INR 4 -10 LPA. Many graduates aspire for government jobs after  M.Com in the sector as a good opportunity. Below is a list of M.Com. govt jobs for graduates:

Job Profiles


Bank Accountant

  • In order to ensure that the books balance at the end of the day, monitor everyday transactions
  • keep track of cash on hand to make sure the bank has enough to meet daily consumer demands.


Verify that a company's financial records are accurate and compliant with the law by inspecting them.

Financial Analyst

  • studies market trends and minor economic factors 
  • track operational indicators and carry out financial forecasts, reporting, and analysis

Cost Accountant

  • oversees the preparations of organizational budgets, operational costs, and purchasing costs
  • evaluates the overall profit or loss statement of the company.

Private Jobs for M.Com Graduates

After M.Com job opportunities in the private sector are extensive, and the average M.Com salary in India in private jobs is INR 5 LPA. Below is the list of jobs after M.Com in the private sector:

Job Profiles


Budget Analyst

  • Examining the organization's budget and accepting spending requests after conducting research-based assessments of their legitimacy and usefulness.
  • Responsible for reviewing budget proposals 

Finance Consultant

  • Projecting expenses and income, doing risk analysis for financial strategies, and
  •  Assessing possibilities for capital growth

Risk Analyst

Assists the technological component of a company's overall risk management strategy.

Marketing Analyst 

  • Evaluates and identifies its previous sales
  • Responsible for identifying new marketing trends in the industry and conducting relevant marketing campaigns.

Skills Required for M.Com Jobs

The scope after M.Com is vast, providing various jobs after M.Com and options for higher education. In order to excel at every opportunity, it is important to have both soft skills and hard skills. A few of the skills are listed below:

  • Communication- Verbal and Written
  • Strong Mathematical Ability
  • Knowledge of Data and Statistics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills
  • Strong Interpersonal skills

Areas of Recruitment for M.Com Graduates

After M.Com, job opportunities in the government and private sectors in India are extensive, ranging from accountant to business analyst. Below is a list of jobs after M.Com  in different areas or sectors:

  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Industry
  • Education
  • E-Commerce Sector
  • Corporate Houses
  • FMCG Industry
  • Consultancy Services
  • Stock Market
  • Retail

M.Com Placement

M.Com placement is conducted in most colleges during or after the end of the final semester. The placement companies have tied partnerships with various universities, where they organize on-campus or off-campus drives to hire candidates.

The following is a list of a few of the top companies that provide jobs after M.Com:

College Name

Top Recruiter

Average Annual Salary (INR) 

IPS Academy, Indore

Asian Paints, HSBC, Maruti Suzuki, etc.

7.4 LPA

SRM University, Chennai

Apollo, Accenture, Cisco Systems, etc.

4.8 LPA

Amity University, Noida

Dabur, Cognizant, Directi, etc.


LNCT University, Bhopal

Caegimi, Cognizant, Infosys, etc.


Career Scope of M.Com

The M.Com scope consists of high job opportunities to choose from within and outside India. The jobs for M.Com graduates include tax coordinator, cost accountant, etc. The M.Com scope is vast, and graduates can either choose to work after completing the course or opt to study further.

Career Options after M.Com

The M.Com. scope and salary in India are vast, and several employment options are available after graduation. Henceforth, the Career after M.Com is extensive. Below are some of the popular jobs after M.Com:

  • Certified Public Accountant: The Chartered Accountant, commonly known as the CA, reviews financial accounts and organizes the finances for easy organizational information about its use and investment.
  • Marketing Analyst: A marketing analyst is a highly outsourced organization that evaluates and identifies its previous sales. Marketing analysts prepare a defined system in the form of weekly/monthly reports and present the same to senior executives and the marketing team. 
  • Tax Coordinator: The main role of the tax coordinator is to help firms, individuals or organizations pay their taxes. Taxes include income, property, or profits. A tax consultant may have degrees in finance, law, or any other related field.
  • Cost Accountant: A cost accountant is an expert who oversees the preparations of organizational budgets, operational costs, and purchasing costs. It can mean different things to different firms, but a cost accountant typically evaluates the overall profit or loss statement of the company. 
  • Financial Analyst: A financial analyst who studies market trends and minor economic factors as an important responsibility of a financial analyst.

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Courses after M.Com

The scope for M.Com. in India is vast; graduates can study further if they choose to enhance their career profiles. Candidates can pursue Ph.D. after MCom which is the most common course to pursue. Students can also pursue MBA after M.Com. The most popular courses after M.Com are as follows:

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Factors to be Considered Before Choosing A Job

The career you choose is going to shape your future, so it is important to consider various factors such as “What after M.Com?”; “What M.Com. graduate jobs are available?"; and “What is the salary after M.Com. degree?" Some of the few factors are listed below:

  • Future scope
  • Salary, Entitlements, Terms & Conditions
  • Job Market Outlook
  • Company Culture and History
  • Employee Benefits

Top M.Com Recruiters

M.Com is one of the prominent courses, and many leading companies hire M.Com graduates. Some of the top recruiters with an average salary of M.Com in India:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary (INR) 


3.50 LPA


3.90 LPA


8.20 LPA


5.50 LPA 


3.31 LPA

Punjab National Bank

8.90 LPA


8.07 LPA 

Grant Thornton

9.70 LPA

IndusInd Bank

3.66 LPA


4.65 LPA

Ernst & Young


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