BE Biotechnology Syllabus and Subjects:

The syllabus and subjects that are followed in the curriculum of the course is listed in the table below: 

BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus -Semester I BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester II
English Mathematics-LS II
Mathematics - I Material science
Physics Principles of Environmental Science
Chemistry Biochemistry
Basic Engineering-I (Civil and Mech.) Basic Engineering II
BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester III BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester IV
Enzyme technology Molecular Biology
Genetics and Cytogenetics Bioprocess Principles
Immunology Biophysics
Microbiology Momentum Transfer
Chemical process calculations Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Mechanical operations & heat transfer Biostatistics
German Language /Japanese Language / French Language Phase - I German Language /Japanese Language / French Language Phase – II
Computer Skills -
Personality and Development-III -
BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester V BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester VI
Vector Biology and Gene manipulation Protein Engineering
Animal Biotechnology Bioinformatics
Analytical Techniques Instrumentation and Process control
Plant Biotechnology Genomics and Proteomics
Medical Biotechnology Plant Biotechnology
Mass Transfer -
Mass Transfer laboratory -
Personality Development V -
BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester VII BE BioTechonlogy Syllabus - Semester VIII
Bioreactor design Bioethics, IPR & Patent rights
Bioseparation Technology Bionanotechnology
Fermentation technology -
Food Biotechnology -

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects: 

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