PhD Business Management: Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees

Duration: 2 Years 11 Months
Avg Fees: ₹25K - 5.5 LPA

PhD Business Management is a 3 to 6 year doctoral programme in business administration that deals with activities such as managing, directing, supervising, scheduling, and strategizing that are crucial for running a business. The jobs after this course include Managing Director, Senior Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, Marketing manager, etc.

PhD Business Management Course Details

Degree Doctorate
Full Form Doctor of Philosophy Business Management
Duration 2 Years 11 Months
Age No age limit
Subjects Required Masters in Business Management or relevant subject
Minimum Percentage 55%
Average Fees ₹25K - 5.5 LPA
Average Salary INR 5 - 15 LPA
Employment Roles Business Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Business Analyst, etc.
Top Recruiters Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Hindustan Unilever, etc.

About PhD Business Management

According to Wikipedia. “Business management is delegation, assign the best-qualified people to each position and trust your staff to do the work instead of trying to do everything yourself. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.”

The PhD course focuses on critical thinking and analysis. This course teaches advanced accounting, marketing and strategic management courses. It is intended to turn students into specialists in their chosen profession or area once they have completed their postgraduate degree.

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Business Management

Students must understand the eligibility for PhD in Business Management as well as the course details before applying to the course. To be eligible for the course, students must have earned a master's degree in any field from a recognised educational institution with a minimum of 50% overall marks. There are no age limit criteria for PhD in Business Management eligibility. Some of the entrance exams that the students can apply to include XAT, BITSAT, UGC NET, etc.

How To Get Admission for PhD Business Management?

Regardless of the field of management, the application process for individuals seeking an MBA or PhD is the same. The PhD in Business Management admission process is purely based on the candidate's ability to meet the qualifying requirements.

Though each college's admissions method is different, these are the procedures to take in order to get accepted. 

How to Apply?

For the PhD in Business Administration, entrance exams are required. Aspirants must fill out an online application and provide all required documents. Forms may be required to be filled in the online method or offline mode by visiting the relevant campus, depending on the candidates' preferences. 

Selection Process

Students are admitted to colleges depending on their entrance exam scores. Students have to appear for interviews and group discussions which is the next part of the selection process. Candidates are given admit cards and are required to complete the rest of the admissions procedure.

Who Should Pursue a PhD Business Management?

The PhD in Business Management duration is three years and the programme is designed for those who want to work as senior management employees in a range of businesses. This course is appropriate for students who desire to work in financial planning firms, strategic firms, marketing firms, and so on.

When to do PhD Business Management?

Applicants for the PhD in Business Management should apply as soon as they have finished their post-graduate degree or have worked for 1-2 years in the management sector. A PhD in Business Administration, on the other hand, is available to students from any field.

Types of PhD Business Management

As it is a hands-on research-based programme that requires students to fully participate in the course structure, aspirants can only enrol in the full-time PhD Business Management programme. The following are the course specifics for the PhD in Business Management:

Full-Time PhD Business Management

During their full-time PhD Business Management programme, which can last up to 6 years depending on the university, students must attend classes, submit work, and take exams on campus. In a full-time PhD Business Management programme, students will learn a lot more through close engagement with their colleagues and faculty, which will aid in comprehensive personality development.

Part-Time PhD Business Management

The PhD Business Management is a research-based doctorate programme with a practical approach that is reviewed on a regular basis. Some universities in India such as Lovely Professional University offer part-time PhD in Business Management programmes that last 6 to 10 years depending on the pace of the students. This model is beneficial for the students who are already working in some business firms, may have a busy schedule and would want to pursue this course side by side. 

Distance PhD Business Management

PhD in Business Management distance learning courses are offered by several universities in India. The aspirants have to follow the same admission procedure as the full-time programme, the only difference is the duration of the programme which ranges from 6 to 10 years in the distance learning programme. Outside India, several specialized courses and certifications are available through distance education.

Popular Entrance Exams for PhD Business Management

Candidates interested in pursuing a PhD in Business Management can take national and state-level entrance tests to get admission to prestigious colleges and institutions. Admission will be granted based on merit, which will be assessed by his or her entrance exam marks.

As the next step in the admissions process, the selected student attends the GD (Group Discussion) and PI (Personal Interview) sessions. Candidates are chosen based on their responses to questions designed to evaluate their critical thinking ability.

Some of the common entrance exams that the students can opt for are as follows:

A Quick Glance at the PhD Business Management Entrance Exams

If you want to be an expert in business management, a PhD in Business Management is one of the best courses to do. The most common admission exam patterns are shown below.

  • Data interpretation, logical reasoning, and mathematical aptitude are all components of exam patterns.
  • Depending on the type of entrance test, the admission exam takes two to three hours to complete.
  • The test is available in both an online and an offline version.
  • Exam patterns differ based on the institutions you apply to.
  • Most exam questions are based on MCQ patterns.

Study PhD Business Management in India

India is home to some of the world's best PhD Business Management institutions. When it comes to choosing the best PhD Business Management curriculum for their needs, aspirants have multiple alternatives. Some of the leading universities in India that offer a PhD in Business Management are listed below:

Top 10 PhD Business Management Colleges in India

Below is the list of the 10 best colleges for PhD Business Management in India:

PhD BM Colleges in India
Sl.No Name of the College
1 IIM Kashipur
2 IIM Kozhikode
3 Xavier Institute of Management, Bhuvaneshwar
4 Chitkara University, Patiala
5 Jain University, Bangalore
6 Indus University, Ahmedabad
7 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
8 University of Calcutta, Kolkata
9 Chandigarh University
10 VIT Business School, Vellore

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in New Delhi

Some of India's finest PhD Business Management colleges are centred in Delhi. The best colleges in Delhi for PhD Business Management are listed in the table below:

Sl.No Institution
1 Faculty of Management Studies
3 Asia-Pacific Institute of Management
4 IIT Delhi

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Pune

Pune is Maharashtra's educational centre, home to some of the state's most prestigious PhD Business Management colleges. The table below lists the top PhD Business Management colleges in Pune:

Sl.No Institution
1 Pune Business School
2 MET Institute of Postgraduate Diploma in Management
4 Modern Institute Of Business Management
5 Global Business School & Research Center

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Chennai

India's best PhD Business Management colleges are located in Chennai. The finest PhD Business Management institutes in Chennai are listed in the table below:

Sl.No Institution
1 MEASI Institute of Management
3 Krea University
4 Amity Global Business School

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to some of the greatest PhD Business Management programmes in Karnataka. The following is a list of Bangalore's best PhD Business Management colleges:

Sl.No Institution
1 Presidency University
2 Jain University
3 Christ University
4 St. Joseph’s College
5 Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Kolkata

Kolkata, West Bengal's capital, is home to some of the state's greatest PhD Business Management institutes. In the table below, the best PhD Business Management colleges in Kolkata are given:

Sl.No Institution
1 ICFAI Business School
4 IIM Calcutta
5 Techno India University

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is well-known across the country for its excellent PhD Business Management programmes. The top PhD Business Management colleges in Hyderabad are included in the table below:

Sl.No Institution
2 Carlton Business School
4 ICFAI Business School
5 Jawaharlal Nehru Institute For Development Banking

Top PhD Business Management Government Colleges

A number of top government universities across the country provide excellent PhD Business Management programmes. The following is a list of noteworthy PhD Business Management government colleges in India:

PhD B.M Government Colleges
Sl.No Institution
1 IGNOU Delhi
2 Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
3 IIM Bangalore
4 IIM Sirmaur
5 IIT Bombay

Top PhD Business Management Private Colleges

In India, the number of great PhD Business Management private institutions has expanded dramatically, with some of the country's best programmes. The following is a list of India's top PhD Business Management private colleges:

PhD BM Private Colleges
Sl.No Institution
1 Krea University, Chennai
2 Amity University
3 Balaji Institute of Management, Pune
4 ICFAI Business School, Kolkata
5 IMT, Ghaziabad

Study PhD Business Management Abroad

With the appropriate economic resources and assistance, students can study for a PhD Business Management degree in another country. A PhD Business Management programme outside of India lasts the same amount of time as one in India, ranging from 3-5 years depending on the curriculum, institution, and geography. 

Taking a PhD Business Management programme abroad gives you access to some of the essential tools, infrastructure, and experts available, as well as great opportunities to subject matter and countries. The following are some of the world's finest PhD Business Management colleges, along with their fees:

Top PhD Business Management Colleges Abroad

The table below contains the list of some of the best colleges abroad for PhD Business Management:

PhD Business Management Colleges Abroad
Institution Fees
Liberty University USD 35,750
Harvard University USD 35,760
University of Cambridge GBP 25,670
Stanford University USD 35,458
Pace University USD 24,538
University of California (Los Angeles) USD 32,160
Hult International Business School GBP 33,400
Columbia University USD 60,345
Westcliff University USD 14,550
Grenoble Ecole de Management EUR 17,000

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in the USA

Some of the world's greatest institutions and schools offer PhD Business Management programmes in the United States. The following are the top colleges for a PhD in Business Management in the USA:

Sl.No Institution
1 Stanford University
2 Liberty University
3 Western Washington University
4 University of Columbia
5 Harvard Business School

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in the UK

The educational institutions of the United Kingdom are centuries old and have a long history of providing high-quality education. As a result, the United Kingdom is one of the greatest places to pursue a doctorate degree in business management. The top institutes for a PhD in Business Management in UK are shown in the table below:

Sl.No Institution
1 University of Manchester
2 London School of Business
3 Hult International Business School
4 Cardiff University
5 University of Liverpool

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular places for PhD Business Management programmes in the world because it provides students with world-class infrastructure, materials, innovation, and facilities. The following are some of the best colleges for PhD in Business Management in Canada:

Sl.No Institution
1 Concordia University
2 University of Ontario
3 University of Saskatchewan
4 Carleton University
5 Athabasca University

Top PhD Business Management Colleges in Australia

Australia has been one of the top destinations for candidates pursuing higher education as a result of its favourable educational regulations. The finest colleges for a PhD in Business Management in Australia are as follows:

Sl.No Institution
1 University of South Australia
2 Deakin University
3 University of Wollongong
4 Curtin University
5 Torrens University

Fee Structure for PhD Business Management

PhD in Business Management fees are not fixed throughout the colleges and are decided by a number of factors. The PhD Business Management payment structure is influenced by factors like locality, professors, enrollment, facilities, and the facilities provided to learners. The average course fee for a PhD in Business Management in India is between INR 25000 and 5.5 LPA.

Fee Structure for PhD BM
Sl.No. Name of the College Total Fee Structure
1. IFMR, Chennai INR 7.25 LPA
2. IIM Kashipur INR 3.6 LPA
3. Chandigarh University INR 1.5 LPA
4. Indus University, Ahmedabad INR 70000 PA

Syllabus and Subjects for PhD Business Management

Here are the details for the most popular PhD Business Management programmes. Most colleges across the country follow the same core of the management sector syllabus, with a few minor variations. Some of the subjects that students may choose to study are as follows:

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Strategic Management
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Global Business Policies
  • Marketing Theory
  • Advanced Operations Management

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Why Choose PhD Business Management?

Students should study the PhD in Business Management course details before enrolling in the programme to ensure that they comprehend the curriculum. "What is a PhD in Business Management?" and "Why a PhD in Business Management?" are often asked questions by students. To help understand the course, we may break down the responses to these questions into smaller bits:

What is PhD Business Management All About?

The primary goal of the PhD Business Management programme is to provide the applicant with a thorough understanding of advanced financial, marketing, operational, and strategic concepts. This curriculum also teaches the student a variety of advanced concepts and methodologies from both the national and international levels. 

After completing this course, students will be able to better handle important challenges in the company where they will work, allowing them to take on additional responsibility.

What Does a PhD Business Management Graduate Do?

The main aim of this programme is to make the graduates experts in the field of business management. Various different concepts that require a high level of understanding are taught to the students. 

With the knowledge gained through this course, the candidates can assume important positions in their organizations that require high thinking capabilities that involve decision-making in the different departments such as marketing, finance, operations, etc.

One of the job roles that are available to PhD Business Management Graduates is of a Business Consultant.

Business Consultant: Consulting, advising, and developing programmes to bridge the gap between current and desired situations, developing management and supervisory skills, assessing the current situation, improving work performance and organizational communication, increasing employee motivation and morale, defining the company's mission, goals, and objectives, achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty, coaching, and many other tasks are among the responsibilities of a Business Consultant.

Reasons Why PhD Business Management Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

The PhD Business Management programme offers a dynamic and exciting learning environment. The fact that a PhD in Business Management gives more employment alternatives than any other stream determines its real value. As a result, the PhD Business Management subject of study is always expanding and intriguing.

Diversity in Job roles: Graduates of this programme can choose from a variety of job prospects. Due to the large number of specialities available to students which make them experts in their field of choice, they can pursue a wide range of responsibilities in their careers.

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PhD Business Management Course Comparison

PhD Business Management provides students with in-depth knowledge and insight to help them meet the requirements for effective business performance. A comparison of PhD Business Management with other courses is shown below:

PhD Business Management vs PhD in Business Administration

The table below showcases the differences between PhD Business Management and PhD in Business Administration:

PhD Business Management vs Administration: Course Comparison
Course PhD Business Management PhD in Business Administration
Full Form Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Stream Management Management
Course Duration 3 Years Up to 5 Years
Eligibility Post Graduate Degree from a Recognized University Post Graduate Degree from a Recognized University
Top Colleges IIM Bangalore,XIM Bhuvneshwar,IIT Bombay Management Development Institute,IIT Roorkee,IIT Kanpur
Fees INR 25000 to 5.5 LPA INR 10000 to 2 LPA

Preparation Tips for PhD Business Management

The most crucial thing to consider before enrolling in a course is to prepare for it with some solid practices and habits. To succeed in the PhD Business Management programme, students must prepare to plunge into the world of business so that they may gain a comprehensive understanding of the sector from all angles.

The following are some preparation tips for those interested in obtaining a PhD in Business Management:

Read books and surf the web: A PhD Business Management programme teaches problem-solving and leadership skills. If one wants to work in the domain of business management, one should read books, search the internet, and conduct extensive research.

Studying the Syllabus in-Depth: Begin by paying close attention to the curriculum. A candidate should make a precise list of the additional subjects that need to be covered and focus on them.

Create a Well-Balanced Timetable: Creating and keeping to a self-made schedule is critical since it provides the candidate with a daily or weekly objective to aim toward.

Scope For Higher Education

After completing their courses, PhD Business Management students have a range of alternatives. Graduate students holding a PhD in Business Management have a variety of further education options available to them that may assist them in better understanding the subject. Students that are interested in pursuing a career in continuing further research can do so if they are motivated. Some courses that students can opt for are:

  • M.Phil
  • Academic Dissertation
  • Post Doctorate Programme

Salary of a PhD Business Management Graduate

Every organization relies on management, and students who study business management have a variety of career opportunities. With the rapid expansion of privatization, an increasing number of business firms have joined the market, increasing the need for business management graduates.

Graduates with a PhD in Business Management are considered skilled management experts. They earn between INR 5 and 12 LPA on average. (Source: Glassdoor)

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Career Options After PhD Business Management Course

A PhD Business Management may be applied in any company to provide a real-time answer to problems that emerge within or outside the organization. This stream is critical in business and may assist companies in achieving their goals.

Because the stream has increased greatly over time, it has established itself as a source of decision forecasting and analysis. After earning a PhD Business Management, one could be able to work in one of the following positions:

  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resource Manager

Skills That Make You The Best PhD Business Management Graduate

To be successful in their employment, PhD Business Management graduates must have a varied range of complex and soft skills. It's not always possible to teach these skills in a school setting. These are abilities that can only be acquired via practice. As a result, students should try to broaden their horizons and gain as much experience as they can. These skills include the following:

  • Strong Grasping Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Pressure Handling Skills