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ASSET Olympiad Preparation 2023

The only question that every parent asks when the Olympiad season begins is "How should our child prepare for Olympiads?". To help parents with the biggest problem of the season, here is the ultimate Olympiad preparation guide. Read the whole article to know the complete manual for ASSET Olympiad Preparation.

Latest Updates

  • The exam dates are to be announced for India & other countries.

Table of Contents

Need for Olympiad Preparation

Olympiad exams are to test the conceptual learning of an individual student. As our Indian education system is exam-oriented, children try to memorize facts to get a good academic report score. But education should be a blend of concepts along with practical learning. These Olympiad examinations help the student to apply the conceptual knowledge in the exam. This practical learning will be helpful in later life.

Given below are the benefits of ASSET Olympiads.

  • It helps to test student's conceptual understanding and analytical thinking.
  • Improve the performance of students in schools and help them to compete with their fellow peers.
  • By participating in Olympiad Exams, students get a chance to compete with students across the globe. These exams will give early exposure to competitive exams.
  • It helps to improve problem-solving skills, motivation, and confidence.

What's Beyond School Benefits?

ASSET Olympiad is not just at the school level; the Olympiad Exams will help throughout the student career. ASSET exams boost a student's overall resume. Many Olympiads other than ASSET offers scholarships to the students with the highest scores. The key benefits of Olympiad Exams are the Olympiad preparation tactics. The conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and time management gained from the Olympiad preparation will be useful while preparing for any competitive examinations like JEE/NEET.

Application for Higher Studies

A plethora of students is more fascinated to study abroad. Having a good score in these exams can increase the student's profile, which will increase the chance of getting admission to foreign colleges and universities.

Job Prospects

  • Olympiad ranks add to academic credentials.
  • Highlight subject strength in the resume.

Steps to Prepare for ASSET Olympiad

Every exam needs a unique way of preparation pattern. For Olympiad Exams covering three subjects, time schedule should be different for each subject. In case of the ASSET Exam, the Maths portion should be given more time compared to the English and Science portion.

Given below are the steps to prepare for ASSET Olympiad.

  • Firstly, students should know about the updated syllabus and then the exam pattern of Olympiad Exams. Also, students should prepare using the previous year's question papers.
  • Secondly, prepare notes that contain essential points, formulae, and unknown topics to be revised again.
  • Then, students can follow NCERT books, as these books contain solid concepts. NCERT book focuses more on conceptual knowledge and practical application.
  • Practising sample papers gives you a broader idea of question paper format. Sample papers are released by the official organization based on previous papers.

Why is Digital Practice Important?

Digital is a new way of studying. Online study has grown tremendously across the world due to several reasons.

Here are a few of the importance of digital practice.

  • A large number of questions
  • Instant evaluation
  • The explanation for every question
  • Easy revision and re-attempt
  • Compare performance with peers
  • Getting ready for future exams

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