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ASSET Talent Search 2022 Exam Awards

ASSET exam tests the conceptual understanding of students. The exam paper comprises multiple-choice questions, and the exam paper focuses on measuring how well skills and concepts are underlying the school syllabus. The ASSET Exams are conducted under three streams Science, Mathematics, and English. Besides, it also conducts Social Science and Hindi Olympiad Exams. ASSET exams are skill-based exams framed as per the CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, State board, or other recognized boards in India.

Thousands of students across the country take an assessment of Scholastic Skills through the educational testing exam. The ASSET exam recognizes the hard work of a student by awarding exciting prizes. The participation certificate will award every student participating in the ASSET exam. ASSET exam achievers will be honored with awards for their excellent performance.

ASSET Awards and Recognition

The top-performing students of the ASSET exam get an opportunity to participate in various gifted programs offered by ASSET and the partnered research institutes. Most importantly, students are offered awards and recognition by the Assessment of Scholastic Skills.

Listed below are the achiever's awards and benefits.

  • Subject topper for all the classes (classes 3 to 10) gets a trophy and a certificate. 
  • The top 1% of students will get a certificate of outstanding performance.
  • Overall top 1% of students will get a certificate of outstanding performance.
  • Overall top 5% of students will get a certificate of distinguished performance.
  • Overall top 10% of students will get a certificate of creditable performance.
  • A bird's eye view report of the entire school's performance.
  • Each subject teacher will get a customized report on the performance of every class.
  • Customized feedback on student performance.
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