Job, Scope, Salary & Placements for Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work):

Placement Details for Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work):

  • Clinical Social Work: Clinical social workers take care of the mental and physical health care of needy people. They do psychotherapy and counselling for such people and work with health clinics and hospitals and also with agencies or do private practices.

  • School Social Work: School social workers who deal with children and teenagers serve as the link between students, families and the school. They understand the problems of children and try to solve them and give counselling for them if necessary and also advise teachers on how to cope with difficult students. Sometimes they form associations and groups to deal with children’s problems at school.

  • Psychiatric Social Work: The psychiatric social workers deal with mentally disturbed people. It is also referred to as clinical social work as these workers also mostly work with hospitals and clinics.

  • Criminology and Correctional Social Work: Criminology and correctional social workers deal with the study of crimes, its causes, and prevention. They work with the people in jails, juvenile homes etc.

  • Medical Social Work: Medical and public health social worker in other words known as Hospital social worker, works for hospitals, nursing and personal care facilities, individual and family services agencies or local governments. They provide support and counselling to the patients, advise family members, help plan for patients needs after discharge etc.

  • Community Organization: Community organizers bring together people with common self-interest. They negotiate and influence the government authority or the organizations.

  • Research: They do research on problems and find out solutions for that and also help the government and other authority to help the needy people.

  • Industrial Social Work: The industrial social workers work among the labourers and find and solve their issues and ensure the welfare of the employees.

Salary Offered for Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work):

Salary Offered for Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work)

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work):

Key Stats for Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work)

Source: Payscale

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