GME Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 1 Year
Avg Fees: ₹3.6 LPA

The GME Syllabus covers ship construction, navy operations, management, and safety throughout one year, separated into two semesters. Electrotechnology, naval architecture, and automation and control systems are only a few topics the subject covers.

Candidates in the GME course are focused on delivering skills, including a year-long aboard training programme and a real-time simulation of navy ships and ship operations. The candidate has a variety of career options after completing the school, including Marine Engineering, Navy Officer, and Merchant Marine.

Table of Contents

Semester Wise GME Syllabus

GME syllabus aims to cover ship design, construction, maintenance and safety. It covers many topics, including On-Board Operations, Electrical & Electronic, Electrical, Electronic Maintenance & Repair, Workshop Management & Skill, etc. Given below are semester-wise GME course syllabus:

GME 1st Sem Syllabus

Given below is the GME Course Syllabus in 1st sem for reference:

GME 1st Sem Subjects


On Board Operations

Introduction to watch keeping, Stand actual watch on the running diesel generator in the live bay, Check list for taking over watch at sea, port/anchorage.

Engineering Knowledge Motor

Construction and Composition, Propulsion Machinery, Medium Speed Generator Engines.

Engine Room Resource Management

ERM principles based on Bridge Resource Management, Necessity of ERM, Resources considered in ERM, Necessity to practice ERM.
Ship Construction Ship construction Terminology, Hull construction, structure, description and construction of structural members, Fore and Aft peak.

Ship Safety and Environmental Protection

Rules and Regulations required to be followed in a ship, Safety at Life at Sea, Marine Pollution, International Ships and Ports Security Code.

Naval Architecture

Draft, buoyancy, Geometry of ships, Hydrostatic calculations, Stability of ships, Trim, Stress Calculations .

GME 1st sem Practicals 

In the list below are the practicals offered 1st sem of GME syllabus:

  • Machine Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Mechanics Lab

GME 2nd Sem Syllabus

Given below is the GME Syllabus in 2nd sem for reference:

GME 2nd Sem Subjects



Basic principles of electricity, electronics, automation, Construction and operation of electrical and electronic equipment required on-board a ship. 

Marine Pollution Awareness

Importance of proactive measures, Anti-pollution procedures and associated equipment fitted on board, Oily water separator/ similar equipment Construction and operation.

Marine Engineering Drawing

Interpretation of Marine Equipment Drawing, Isometric View, Dismantled view of Machine Parts.

Automation & Control Systems

Basic control engineering, Measurement of Process Value, Transmission of Signals, Manipulator Elements, Functions and mechanism.

Training Period

Training at Sea for a Year

GME 2nd sem Practicals 

In the list below are the practicals offered 2nd sem of GME syllabus:

  • Marince ICE W/S
  • Measurements W/S
  • Control Lab

GME Subjects

In the GME subjects, the candidates are trained to understand and focus on subjects such as Ship Construction, Maintenance, Control Systems, Electrical Power, Internation Laws, etc. The graduate marine engineering syllabus contains two part: core and practicals, which is given in the lists below:

GME Core Subjects

The GME subjects contain a list of core topics which are listed below:

  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • On Board Operations
  • Ship Operation Management
  • Marine Engineering Drawing
  • Marine Boilers
  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • ISM/ISO/Internation Rules
  • Deck Machinery
  • Marine Auxiliaries
  • Naval Arch and Ship Constant

GME Practicals Subjects

In GME course syllabus, there are practicals which are listed below:

  • Machine Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Electrical Lab
  • Control Lab
  • Mechanics Lab

GME Subjects In Detail

The Graduate Marine Engineering syllabus covered important subjects such as Ship Construction, Design, Maintenance, and Control, to name a few. The table given below highlights the list of subjects in the GME course: 

GME Subjects Topics
Deck Machinery Operation, Principles, Types, Material of construction, Windlass/ mooring winch, Winch, Boat winch.
Shafting Installations & Propeller Equipment constructing shafting, Types of propeller and features, Material of construction and definitions, Cavitation. 
Main Engine & Auxiliary Machinery - Maintenance and Repair Preparation, operation, fault detection and necessary measures to prevent damage for the following machinery items and control systems. 
Electrical, Electronic Maintenance & Repair Principles of Maintenance, Generator, Switchboard, Electrical Motors, Starters, Do's and don't while working on Electrical panel/Circuits-Safety precautions.
Automation & Control Systems  Basic control engineering, Measurement of Process Value, Measurement of Process Value, Manipulator Elements, Functions and mechanism.

GME Course Structure

GME course structure is designed in such a way that it includes theory and practicals. The GME course syllabus focuses on various aspects of engineering on a ship. In short, the course structure is given below:

  • II Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Labs/Workshops
  • Projects
  • 12 Months On-Site Training

GME Teaching Methodology and Techniques

There are various teaching techniques in the GME syllabus. The students receive training on navy vessels in addition to lectures and practicals. The following are the general teaching methods and techniques:

  • Thesis/Projects
  • Conceptualized Learning
  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching
  • Labs/Workshops
  • Seminars

GME Projects

GME projects are given to students to understand the concepts and help students in getting hands-on experience. Projects are to be completed by the end of the second semester. Some popular GME projects topics are: 

  • GPS Based Ship Navigation System
  • Remote Controlled Oil Skimmer Robot for Marine Application
  • Lubrication Oil Cooling System for Ship
  • Refrigeration Using Waste Heats from Marine Engine

GME Reference Books

A list of reference books by various authors and publications can be found in the GME Syllabus. The following table lists the GME course syllabus:

Name of the Books


Motor Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

Paul a Russell, Thomas D.Morton and Leslie Jackson

General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

Paul a Russell, Thomas D.Morton and Leslie Jackson

Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers

Richard pemberton and E A Stokoe

Marine Auxiliary Machinery

H.D McGeorge


What is the syllabus for GME?

The GME syllabus contains subject such as On Board Operations, Engineering Knowledge Motor, Engine Room Resource Management, Internal Communication, etc.

Who is eligible for GME course?

A candidate wanting to pursue a GME course must have been qualified with a four-year marine or mechanical engineering degree.

What is the salary after GME course in India?

In an average, the GME course graduate earns about INR 7 LPA.

What is the duration of GME course?

The GME course duration is one year.