MICAT Preparation 2023: Section-Wise Strategy, Tip, Tricks

Rajalakshmi BK
Rajalakshmi BK

Updated on - Nov 22, 2023

MICAT Preparation 2023 tips will help candidates to be successful in their application for PGDM admission at Mudra Institute of Communications in Ahmedabad. Candidates should use a MICAT Preparation 2023 as a subject-by-subject strategy while also being familiar with the format of the test. The MICAT 2023 structure and pattern differ differently from those of other MBA admission exams. 

Candidates should study for either the CAT 2023/XAT or GMAT in order to qualify for the MICAT, thus you should do so first. Candidates can seek MICAT Preparation 2023 tips after completing their national-level exam preparation. The entrance test for MICA Ahmedabad contains three distinct components. The nature of Sections A and B is qualifying. As a result, it is always advised to treat Section C differently.

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MICAT Preparation Tips 2023

MICAT Preparation Tips 2023 are given below.

  • Create a Schedule: Setting up a schedule is essential for MICAT Preparation 2023 to succeed. Therefore, you must make sure that you allocate the appropriate amount of time for MICAT Preparation 2023 before the exam to concentrate on each topic that will be covered in it, giving harder topics more attention.
  • Use Reference Materials: MICAT Preparation 2023 books are crucial, but they are not appreciated until it is too late to study for an exam. Candidates should know that a good way to make sure they are covering all the bases is to use at least two distinct reference books for each subject.
  • Previous Year Papers: Looking at the question papers from prior years is a simple way to pass any certain exam. These papers frequently repeat their patterns, and if you collect enough of them, you can quickly identify this pattern. For more information, see MICAT Previous Year Papers.
  • Mock Exams: The organisation in charge of conducting the test may provide mock exams as a study aid for MICAT Preparation 2023. These exams are made to imitate the exam hall environment from your study location so that you may obtain a sense of what the actual exam day would be like. Making use of such tools will enable you to mentally prepare yourself in addition to content preparation.
  • Revision: A weekly revision of all important topics is necessary for effective MICAT Preparation 2023. Candidates should properly and frequently review the portions if they hope to do well on the MICAT exam.

MICAT Section Wise Preparation Tips 2023

The exam consists of three portions, of which two are specially created. Sections A and B of MICAT 2022 may present challenges for candidates because they are uncommon in previous competitive tests. Here is a section-by-section guide on MICAT Preparation 2023. 

MICAT Preparation Psychometric Test Tips 2023

The Psychometric Test part of the MICAT is Section A. There will be three different types of questions in this section.

  • Such questions as "Are you naturally helpful?" are based on human characteristics.
  • Questions based on two propositions that are in conflict, such as "What do you do to relax? Watch TV or read a book." You are required to rate these arguments using the following scale: agree, agree somewhat, disagree, etc.
  • Question types that are left open-ended include "what kind of person you would make friends with." You must rate each of the six criteria from 1 to 6, with 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important, in order to respond to these questions.
  • Therefore, there is no fixed way to do MICAT Preparation 2023 for the psychometric test.

MICAT Preparation Descriptive Test Tips 2023

  • There are two parts to the Descriptive Test segment. The first portion of the descriptive test is "Argument or Opinion Writing," while the second portion is "Creative Writing."
  • Take a current issue, write three arguments in favour of it and three arguments against it, and then come to a conclusion to prepare for an argument-based topic. To write more clearly, practise this three times a week for MICAT Preparation 2023.
  • Candidates will be given four photographs for the creative writing part and asked to connect them to create a story. The story can only be 300 words long.   Pick four images at random, and try to create a consistent story around them. At least three times a week, do this.

MICAT Preparation Section C Tips 2023

Verbal Ability

MICAT Preparation 2023 tips for verbal ability is to work on learning concepts like para jumbles, reading comprehension, statement assumptions, statement-conclusion questions, etc. for the verbal ability section. Practice the fill-in-the-blank, para jumble, and para completion problems related to your studies. The vocabulary-based questions are context-based, so you can only select the correct response if you are familiar with the definition and use of a given word.

Divergent and Convergent Thinking

There are 30 questions in the Divergent and Convergent part, including seven on visual reasoning, four on statement conclusion and assumption, seven on data sufficiency, and ten to fifteen on word association. Any candidate's analytical skills or a combination of logical and verbal reasoning are tested in this phase. The statement, assumption, and conclusion sub-part is crucial, yet most applicants are unprepared for it. MICAT Preparation 2023 tips guide that candidates should prepare thoroughly for this portion. To periodically assess their level of preparation, one might take out online practice exams.

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

Candidates should master the arithmetic concepts of Time and Speed and Time and Work before taking the Quantitative Ability component of the exam for ideal MICAT Preparation 2023. Average, Allegations, and Mixtures. Profit and Loss, Numbers, Venn Diagrams, Functions, Probability, Mensuration, and Equations are further subjects covered in this part. It will be simple for any candidate to study for this portion whether they are taking the CAT, XAT, or another MBA entrance exam. The same method of preparation can be used in this situation. MICAT Preparation 2023 includes the practice of mock exams, noting the formulas, and occasionally reviewing them in your memory.

General Awareness

The static GK and current affairs subjects from business and advertising are covered in the part on general awareness. As per MICAT Preparation 2023 tips, it is important for candidates to stay current on both domestic and global issues.

MICAT Exam Pattern 2023

MICAT Exam Pattern 2023 is as follows.

Parts Sections Number of Questions (Expected) Duration (in minutes) Negative Marking
Section A Psychometric Test 150 30 No
Section B Descriptive Test 4 25 No
Section C Verbal Ability 20 80 Yes.- 0.25 marks for each wrong answer
Quantitative Ability 20
General Awareness 20
Divergent-Convergent Reasoning 20

MICAT Preparation 2023 Strategy

MICAT Preparation 2023 tips and strategies are mentioned below.

  • The MICAT Syllabus 2023 should be thoroughly studied.
  • Complete the MICAT exam's past-year test questions.
  • Make wise preparation choices for your exams.
  • Be time-efficient.
  • Avoid adding extra stress to your life.
  • Schedule your study time.
  • Revision is important.
  • Keep in mind the grading system.


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