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CBSE 12th Economics Sample Paper

Board Central Board of Secondary Education
Subject  Economics
 Maximum marks 80 
Time allocated 3 hours
 Official website containing CBSE sample papers
Prescribed textbooks 
  • Economics Class-XII, Published by NCERT 
  • Other related books and manuals brought out by NCERT (including multimedia)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th Economics

Economics Sample Paper Class 12 with Solution plays a vital role in boosting the overall score of the students. Many students find it difficult to learn and understand because of the many formulae and economic equations involved in it. This problem can be solved by practising the CBSE Sample Papers for class 12 Economics. Adhering to the proverb "Practice makes a man perfect", students require practice in solving the paper to be able to crack the paper easily.

Benefits of solving CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 

  • Helps picturise the final exam: Solving the sample papers repeatedly will help the students to predict the pattern of questions in the final exam.
  • Improves speed: While solving the sample papers for class 12 Economics, students can maintain a record of the time consumed by them for each section. After finishing the sample paper, students are supposed to do a postmortem of the entire process and find out the pain areas and devote more time to those sections. Next time, when solving another sample paper, students can record their progress. This way, students can improve their speed and accuracy.
  • Aids in the preparation of a study plan: By solving the sample papers, students can prepare and execute their own study plans. Repeated revision is key to success in scoring good marks in Economics.

Question paper design for Class XII Economics

Typology of questions  Very short answer Short answer 1 short answer 2 Long answer  Total marks  Weightage 
1 mark 2 marks 3 marks 5 marks
Memory - knowledge-based 2 - 2 2 22 27%
Comprehension 2 1 2 1 19 24%
Application 2 1 1 1 15 19%
Higher-order thinking skills (Analysis and synthesis) 1 1 1 1 14 17%
Evaluation 1 1 - 1 10 13%
Total  8 12 24 36 80 100%

 Class 12 Economics Exam Pattern

 Unit   Subjects Marks
Part A  Introductory macroeconomics
National Income and Related Aggregates 10
Money and Banking 6
Determination of Income and Employment 12
Government Budget and the Economy 6
Balance of Payments 6
Total  40
Part B     Indian Economic Development  
Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991 12
Current Challenges facing Indian Economy 22
Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours 6
Total  ;40

Theory paper: 40 + 40 = 80 marks

Project work carries 20 marks

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