Saltire Scholarship

Key Information

Conducted By Scottish Government
Eligibility Students from Canada, India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Pakistan and the USA
Region India and Other Countries
Rewards 8,000 GBP
Last Date of Application May 28, 2021

Saltire scholarship offers financial aid to students seeking to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, renewable and clean energy. The Scottish Government awards the Saltire scholarships, and the selected students get an opportunity to study at elite institutions in Scotland. 

Scotland's Saltire scholarships applications - 2021-2022 were closed on May 28th, 2021. The organisers will announce the results in August 2021. The selected scholars will receive cash rewards for their higher studies. The objective of the Saltire scholarship programme is to create professionals and influential leaders in their chosen fields.

Table of Contents

Saltire Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The candidates should meet all the requirements before applying for the Saltire scholarship. They should be willing to attend the courses physically in a Scotland university or through online distance education, or a combination of both. The other Saltire scholarship eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The candidates should not have studied in Scotland before applying for the Saltire scholarship.
  • The candidates can apply to the Saltire scholarship only once.
  • The candidates should fulfil the language requirements of the eligible courses.
  • They should be citizens of one of the following countries:
    • India
    • Pakistan
    • Japan
    • China (including HongKong)
    • Canada
    • USA
  • They should have secured admission for a postgraduate degree at a Scottish University.
  • The candidates should have accepted the offer from the university within the closing date.
  • The candidates should pursue a PG degree in one of the eligible courses:
    • Renewable & clean energy
    • Science
    • Medical science
    • Healthcare
    • Technology
    • Creative industries
  • The candidate should be capable of affording the living cost in Scotland and should be able to pay the remaining tuition fee.
  • They should have obtained a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at the Scottish university.
  • The candidates pursuing through distance mode are also eligible to apply for the Saltire scholarship.
  • However, those seeking part-time courses are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • The candidates should provide valid reasons to pursue the PG degree in a Scottish university.
  • They should possess leadership qualities. 

Saltire Scholarship Eligibility Courses

The candidates pursuing a postgraduate degree in one of the eligible courses at a Scottish university can apply to the Saltire scholarship. The list of eligible courses are:

  • Science
    • Earth sciences
    • Environment
    • Energy
    • Geology
    • Weather and climate
    • Plants/botany
    • Animals/ zoology
  • Technology
    • Software
    • Engineering
    • Bioinformatics
    • Information
    • Systems
    • Multimedia
    • Engineering
    • Computers
  • Creative industries
    • Communications, media and culture
    • Broadcasting
    • Film
    • Animation
    • Journalism
    • Cultural
    • Publishing
    • New media studies
    • Computer games/computer arts
    • Design
    • Graphics
    • Industrial
    • Interior
    • Fashion
  • Healthcare and Medical Sciences
    • Physical and life sciences
    • Astronomy
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Health sciences
    • Biotechnology
  • Renewable and Clean Energy
    • Sustainable engineering
    • Renewable energy
    • Biomass / biofuels
    • Hydro / solar / tidal / wind power

Saltire Scholarship Rewards

The Scottish Government, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, funds the Saltire scholarship. They select over 50 students for the scholarship every year. The benefits of the Saltire scholarship programme are as follows:

  1. The scholars will get an opportunity to participate in several activities, including welcome reception and end of year events, promotion of Scotland and Scottish Higher Education, and engage in open dialogue with Scotland's academic and business community. 
  2. The selected students will receive 8,000 GBP


  • The Satire scholarship is a one-time payment given to the candidates to cover their course fee.
  • The students can select the year they want to receive the Saltire scholarship amount.
  • The Scottish university will deduct the Saltire scholarship amount from the scholar's tuition fee.

How to Apply for Saltire Scholarship?

Interested candidates can apply to the Saltire scholarship programme online through the official website. The candidates meeting all the requirements should submit their application forms by May 28th, 2021. The stepwise procedure to apply for the Saltire scholarship 2021 are as follows:

Step 1 - The candidates should visit the official Saltire scholarship website.

Step 2 - They should click on the 'apply now' button on the homepage.

Saltire Scholarship - Apply Now
Saltire Scholarship - Apply Now

Step 3 - The candidates should fill in the Saltire scholarship application form.


        • The applicants should enter the university's offer letter's unique reference number provided to them. 
        • They should enter this number in the student/application number field.
Saltire scholarship - Application Form
Saltire scholarship - Application Form

Step 4 - They should read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Saltire scholarship programme by ticking the box.

Saltire scholarship - Terms and Conditions
Saltire scholarship - Terms and Conditions

Step 5 - The candidates should click on 'submit' to complete the Saltire scholarship application process.

Note: The applicants should fill all the fields mandatorily.

Saltire Scholarship - Submit
Saltire Scholarship - Submit

Saltire Scholarship - Selection Process

The selection committee chooses candidates mainly based on the applications. Therefore they should write impressive answers while filling in the Saltire scholarship application form. The authorities will update the candidates regarding the selection process in June. However, the readers should note the timeline is tentative and is subject to change. The selection process includes the following phases:

Phase I - The panel will select the candidates based on the Saltire scholarship applications submitted by them.

Phase II- The authorities will call the selected candidates for a presentation or interview.  


          • The authorities will send a notification to the selected candidates regarding the interview. 
          • The candidates should accept the Saltire scholarship notification within four weeks from the date they received it. 
          • The management will withdraw the Saltire scholarship award if the candidates fail to acknowledge the scholarship notification within the stipulated time. 

Saltire Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The essential terms and conditions of the Saltire scholarship programme are as follows:

          • The Scottish Government reserves the right to forfeit the Saltire scholarship if the candidates fail to follow the conduct code.
          • The candidates should ensure they uphold a good reputation of the Saltire scholarship and their relevant university.
          • They should attend the other outlined activities of the Saltire scholarship programme. They must ensure they participate in the welcome reception and the year-end events. However, the authorities will excuse them from attending the extra-curricular events in case of unavoidable circumstances.
          • The candidates should actively promote and share their experiences about Scotland and Scottish education by:
            • Posting on social media
            • Being available for an interview on camera (either during the welcome reception or the year-end conference)

Note: The Scottish Government and the university reserves the right to use the candidate's interview footage indefinitely.

          • The applicants should agree to the Scottish Government and the Saltire scholarship 2021 using their pictures, blogs, quotes, etc., regarding their experience with the Saltire scholarship programme. 
          • The candidates should share their contact details and consent to the authorities to use them for the Saltire scholarship purpose. 

Note: The management will use the contact details to share updates during and after the Saltire scholarship 2021 programme.

Saltire Scholarship Contact Details

The candidates should note that phone services are a limited-service offered due to COVID-19 and can expect delays.

  • In case of any queries regarding the Saltire scholarship programme, the candidates can send an email to [email protected]. To obtain more information regarding the Saltire scholarship programme, the candidates can send an email to [email protected].
  • The phone lines +44 (0)131 651 4070 will be open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Saltire Scholarship FAQs


I have Nigerian nationality. Am I eligible to apply for the Saltire scholarship 2021 programme?

No, only the candidates who are citizens of Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan or the USA are eligible to apply for the Saltire scholarship.


I have received the Saltire scholarship rewards. Can I apply again?

No, the candidates can apply to the Saltire scholarship only once.


Can I extend the Saltire scholarship 2021 programme if I'm not able to complete my course?

No, the candidates cannot extend or carry forward the Saltire scholarship. However, they are eligible to re-apply for the Saltire scholarship 2021 programme if they are willing to take up the course in the following year.

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