M.Tech Software Engineering syllabus is a two-year post-graduate program consisting of four semesters. Software Engineers help construct, develop and maintain an organization's computer systems. Software engineers are often hired as computer applications software engineers to develop computer applications based on user's needs. The M.Tech Software Engineering subjects are designed to give due to emphasis on Introduction to SE & Project Management, Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, Advanced Database Management, Principles of Language Translation, Advanced Operating Systems, and Testing & Quality Management, etc.  M.Tech Software Engineering course information can be accessed by the students by going to the official website of the colleges.

Semester Wise M.Tech Software Engineering Syllabus

M.Tech Software Engineering semester-wise syllabus can be researched by the students by going online to the college website. The M.Tech Software Engineering subjects list consists of both the core and elective subjects. Where the core subjects are subjects that are considered essential for the learning of the students. Listed below are M.Tech Software Engineering semester wise subjects: 

M.Tech Software Engineering First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Introduction to SE & Project Management

Advanced Operating Systems

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Advanced Algorithms

Advanced Database Management

Object-Oriented Software Engineering & UML


M.Tech Software Engineering Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Principles of Language Translation

Testing & Quality Management

Elective I

Elective II

Research Project

Practical Workshops

M.Tech Software Engineering Subjects

M.Tech Software Engineering subjects are divided into four semesters. The curriculum has both core and elective subjects part of the syllabus. There is a strong focus placed on the practical application of innovative techniques and developing the IT professional's capability for innovation, including problem-solving and soft skills. It is a systematic approach to the analysis, design, assessment, implementation, test, maintenance, and re-engineering of software, that is, the application of engineering to software. Listed below is the M.Tech Software Engineering subjects list:

Core subjects:

  • Introduction to SE & Project Management
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Advanced Database Management
  • Principles of Language Translation
  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Testing & Quality Management 

M.Tech Software Engineering Course Structure

The M.Tech in Software Engineering course structure consists of both core and elective subjects as part of the curriculum. Additionally, students are expected to work on a research project in the final year of their education. This project helps students understand their specialization at a greater level and depth. The curriculum is divided into theoretical forms of teaching as well as practical workshops-based teaching. The course structure is as follows: 

  • IV Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practical Workshops
  • Tech Software Engineering projects

M.Tech Software Engineering Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The M.Tech in Software Engineering course teaching methods and techniques include both traditional and practical forms of teaching. The traditional classroom-based teaching methods are helpful to the students, as it gives them a chance to ask any queries they might have. The practical workshops help the students learn about the concepts in a real-life situation and setting, providing the students with all the essential employability skills. 

  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching
  • Practicals Workshops

M.Tech Software Engineering Projects 

M.Tech in Software Electronics course has projected as part of their curriculum. The project helps the students to learn about the concepts in great depth and detail. Additionally, it teaches the students about research ethics and methodologies. Some of the popular topics undertaken by the students are listed below: 

  • Computer games development
  • Word processing
  • Business applications
  • Applications developer
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator

M.Tech Software Engineering Reference Books

M.Tech Software Engineering books are an integral part of every student’s life. It is an essential investment that the students should make to ensure that they have all the important resources to successfully complete and ace the course. Some of the reference books are listed below:

M.Tech Software Engineering Books


Author Name

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Robert L. Boylestad

Software Engineer's Reference Book

John A McDermid

Practical Software Requirements: A Manual of Content and Style

Benjamin L. Kovitz

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