D.Pharmacy Syllabus & Subjects:

The syllabus mentioned in the Diploma in Pharmacy [D.Pharmacy] curriculum which is pursued in most colleges across the nation is tabulated below. While some minor variations may be observed in the syllabus in certain colleges or institutes, the core of the syllabus is pursued in most colleges.

D.Pharmacy Syllabus - Year I D.Pharmacy Syllabus - Year II
Pharmaceutics I Pharmaceutics II
Pharmaceutical Chemistry I Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
Pharmacognosy Pharmacology toxicology
Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
Human Anatomy and Physiology Drug Store Business Management
Health Education and Community Pharmacy Hospital Clinical Pharmacy

The subjects included in the curriculum of D.Pharmacy course are enlisted below. Although some minor variations are noticed in the individual curricula of a few colleges across the nation, the crux of the curriculum is maintained throughout the nation.

  1. Pharmaceutics
  2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  3. Pharmacognosy
  4. Biochemistry 
  5. Clinical Pathology
  6. Human anatomy and physiology
  7. Health Education
  8. Community Pharmacy
  9. Pharmacology-Toxicology
  10. Pharmaceutical Jurispendence
  11. Drug Store Business Management
  12. Hospital Clinical Pharmacy

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects: 

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