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International Life Skills Olympiad 2023

The Skillizen is a socio-educational test conceived at Harvard University in the summer of 2011 based on its founder's pioneering research work. Skillizen aims to equip 1 billion young citizens around the world with 21st-century life skills. Over the years, Skillizen has developed a comprehensive, criterion-referenced, and evidence-based life skills curriculum for grades 1 to 12. The unique global curriculum helps young children to acquire highly practical life skills. Scores of children across the world are now acquiring new life skills through this pioneering online curriculum.

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 International Life Skills Olympiad Exam Date

Skillizen learning also works with schools across the world to help them integrate the life skills curriculum as a supplement to the existing academic curriculum. The hand-holding approach of Skillizen includes life skills training for school teachers for life skills readiness development.

Further research on transferring critical life skills to young citizens showed that questions asked are based on real-life situations to develop an appreciation for life skills. It led to the incorporation of the Skillizen Olympiad Foundation in Singapore and the launch of the International Life Skill Olympiad (ILSO), the world's 1st online Olympiad on life skills. In the first edition of ILSO, young children from grades 3 to 12 participated in large numbers from 2000+ schools spread over 61 countries.

Here is a glimpse of the International Life Skills Olympiad.

International Life Skills Olympiad Highlights

Name of the organization


Olympiad name

International Life Skills Olympiad [ILSO]

Commonly known as

Life Skills Olympiad

Registration last date


ILSO 2023 exam date

  •  Sep 24, 2023 and Jan 24, 2024

ILSO 2023 result date


ILSO registration fee

INR 636.24 (USD 8)

What are Life Skills?

Life skills are the skills that we need to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life, whether at school, at work, or in our personal lives. One could say that it is a 'set of skills that allow us to live our life to its fullest.' We want our school-going children to be successful in their lives, be happy, lead, and manage their world with proficiency. All these statements, when we think about it, translate into one wish: we want the young citizens of the world to have life skills.

A definitive list of life skills is something that educators, governments, and employers continue to discuss and debate whether to call them life skills, 21st-century skills, or soft skills. They all agree that the students who can understand and use these skills, along with their school education, will be much better placed to take advantage of personal and professional opportunities in the future.

Why are Life Skills Needed?

In today's continually changing environment, having life skills is a critical part of meeting daily life demands. The exponential changes in the global economies over the past few years have influenced education, employment, and personal lives. For excelling in the increased pace of modern life, young children need to be tooled with life skills such as communications, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, ethics, smart consumer literacy, and many more.

Today's young citizens will have to face many new challenges throughout their lives, with associated stress, frustration, and the need to evolve. UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, CBSE, and many other educational and humanitarian organizations advocate transferring life skills to students during the molding stages of their life.

Research done at Harvard University in 2011 suggests that the most effective method to impart critical life skills to young citizens is to transfer them during the human brain's hardwiring phase. i.e., between the age of 6 to 16 years. Having a strong foundation in life skills is the key to becoming a successful human being and a global citizen of the 21st century.

What is International Life Skill Olympiad?

ILSO is the world's first online Olympiad to test young students' critical life skills quotient and compare them with the most skilled children. Students of classes 3 to 13 from all over the world can test their life skills aptitude using real-world scenario-based questions.

While preparing for the ILSO exam, students will also get exposed and acquire new life skills. With students participating from 100+ countries, they all get to learn and evolve as truly global citizens.

Why do we need a Global Life Skills Test for School Students?

Prevalent schooling curriculums around the world are primarily knowledge or fact-based curriculums. They do not provide the learners with much scope to assess and acquire practical life skills. Today's children - young citizens of the 21st century need a whole range of critical life skills to lead and manage their future.

In fact, as per a recent news report, when asked about the skills gap among professionals, Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, strongly emphasized that the biggest skill gap today is in soft skills. Global initiatives like the ILSO seek to address such gaps by assessing and imparting critical life skills such as leadership, ethics, goal setting, teamwork, decision making, negotiations, and a whole range of other 21st century skills to young citizens.

International Life Skills Olympiad Registration

Students can apply for the International Life Skills Olympiad through three modes: school registration, parent registration, and individual registration. ILSO charges INR 636.24 (USD 8) per student for registration, and the registration for the academic year 2023 is expected till January 2023.

Students can follow the below-mentioned registration process to apply for the ILSO Exam.

  • Visit the official website of the International Life Skills Olympiad.
  • Click on "Register Now" on the official website.
  • Now, candidates can view all three modes of registration through school, parent, or individual.
  • Click on the preferred mode, which directs you to the registration form.
  • Enter your name, class, gender, email id, mobile number, parent's name, parent's email id, country, state, city, school name, and school address.
  • Tick International Life Skills Olympiad on the checkbox, and choose payment mode to complete the registration process.
  • Print the successful payment page and keep it for future reference.

International Life Skill Olympiad Solved Sample Papers

Solving the ILSO sample test papers will give you a fair idea of the pattern of questions asked. They also help in improving the pace of attempting the paper in the time. Students can get the sample test papers from the official website.

Life skills olympiad also posts its past year papers/sample papers on its website so that students can be better equipped with the skills and the pattern of the exam and focus only on problem-solving during the examination.

Read more: ILSO sample test papers

ILSO Result

The organization has declared the international life skill Olympiad result on its official website. To keep track of the ILSO result, candidates must be in touch with the official website.

Read more: ILSO result

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