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English International Olympiad [EIO] 2023

Ever since we were kids, we kept writing exams one after another, and we were under pressure most of the time. So, how is this test different from all those exams we keep writing? Olympiad exams use different ways to test the knowledge of the child. Most importantly, Olympiad Exams use indirect questions that motivate the students to think out of the box to answer them.

Since it starts from class 1, the students have the chance to use conceptual learning from the basics. However, these exams are not particularly hard, especially because it is only multiple-choice-based questions. On this page, we will be dealing with the English olympiad in detail and know more about the overview, syllabus, and sample papers, respectively.

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English International Olympiad (EIO)

The English International Olympiad (EIO) was first set up in 1989 to allow students to showcase their talent. The main aim of EIO is to enhance the student's skills in English grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, and to master their language skills. We all know that learning a new language is a never-ending process but it always has a scope for improvement. To excel in learning skills, students should sheer hard work, love for the subject, and proper dedication. Hence, the Indian Talent Olympiad’s English exam will help students to get exposure to face national-level language competitions.

Students from different schools across the country can participate in the language exam. The test comprises knowledge and competence in the English language. The English International Olympiad (EIO) is a great platform where students are trained not just to finish the exam and score a rank but also to master their fundamentals. These language exams are conducted twice a year with good participation from students every time.

EIO 2023-24 Highlights

The following table shows the key points of the EIO 2023-24 exam.



Name of Organization

Indian Talent Olympiad

Popularly known as

English International Olympiad (EIO)



Last Date of School Registration

Sep 15, 2023

Last Date of Individual Student Registration

Oct 31, 2023

Exam Date Round 1 (School Registration)

Dec 11, 2023

Exam Date Round 1 (Individual Student Registration)

Jan 8, 2024

Mode of Reference


Mode of Examination


Type of Examination

Objective Type

Exam Duration

65 minutes

Medium of Test



CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and State Board Syllabus

EIO Registration

All you have to do for the registration process is to visit the official site and fill in your details. It is an easy process and it does not take much time at all. Students can register using the details available on the official website under the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) registration.

Students can also approach the school coordinator to enrol for the EIO registration. But, it is important for schools to register with ITO. Only students from registered schools will be allowed to apply for ITO Olympiads. The students should complete the registration process on time.

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EIO Syllabus

Most of the syllabus for EIO usually ends up covering all that is taught in the school itself. So the syllabus contains all the aspects of school educational requirements. The EIO syllabus is prescribed by the syllabus set by the boards i.e, ICSE/CBSE. So, it is relatively easier for the student to comprehend it and prepare accordingly.

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EIO Sample Papers

Solving sample question papers repeatedly always helps students to prepare better. So, the EIO sample test papers will give you a fair idea of the pattern of questions asked. Students need to keep practising sample question papers as it will give them an edge over the analysis of the exam papers.

EIO model papers also help in improving the time taken to attend the exam. Students can get sample test papers from the official website.

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EIO Results

After the successful completion of the exam, the first thing everyone is waiting to hear about is the exam results. The EIO results are usually out before 30 days of attempting the exam, which means the official result will be out in February 2024. So to keep track of the EIO results, students must be in touch with the official website and keep checking it regularly.

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EIO Awards

Once you secure a really good rank or got qualified for the next level, EIO rewards await you. ITO also appreciates hard work with exciting rewards and prizes. Top rankers for different categories will be awarded cash prizes, medals, and prizes. The awards are offered for the highest marks in national, zonal, or class.

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EIO Preparation Tips

The Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts English International Olympiad (EIO) in all schools across the nation. It is currently open for students studying from class 1 to class 10. Here are some of the preparation tips mentioned below for the students.

  • All questions asked in these exams are usually multiple-choice questions.
  • The workbooks provided by ITO consist of different topics covered in the school syllabus. So, students should practice workbooks and sample papers before appearing for the main exam.
  • Olympiad exams form a base for students to score well in their school exams. It is a learning platform for the students before they appear for their board exams in the future.
  • Since the syllabus is very similar to what is followed in school, it gives students an edge over others to solve tricky questions. That makes the test pretty competitive as every year there are many applicants.
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