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RMO 2023 - Full Form, Olympiad Registration, Exam Date, Eligibility

Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) is the second stage of the International Mathematical Olympiad. The regional coordinators of HBCSE conduct RMO under the observation of HBCSE, Mumbai. The HBCSE regional coordinators evaluate RMO answer papers, and the results are sent to HBCSE.

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What is RMO?

The Regional Mathematical Olympiad, RMO Olympiad, is a three-hour written test conducted by the HBCSE regional coordinators with six problems. Based on the student performance in RMO, up to 30 students from classes 8 to 11 and nearly six students from class 12 will be selected for INMO (stage 3 of IMO) from each region.

For a special case, up to 5 students studying in KV schools outside India may be selected to appear directly for the INMO examination. KVS will make the selection of these students.

Further, up to five girls may be selected only from students studying in classes 8, 9, 10, and 11, apart from the general quota of 30 students for each region. The provision is independent of the number of girls who may be part of 30 students from the region. Girl students studying in class 12 are not eligible for the additional girls' quota.

Below are the important details of PRMO 2023-24.

Highlights of RMO
Particulars About
Name of Exam RMO Olympiad
RMO Full Form Regional Mathematics Olympiad
RMO Exam Date 2023-24 Sept 3, 2023
RMO Eligibility Students Clearing PRMO
IOQM Exam Date 2023 Sept 3, 2023  
INMO Exam Date 2023 TBA
Classes Eligibility 8 to 12

Note: In case of a tie, the regional coordinator's PRMO score will be final. Even after the PRMO scores, the final list will include all candidates in the tied position in case of a tie.

RMO 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Students in the top 300 list from classes 8, 9, 10, and 11 can participate in RMO. Besides, the top 60 students from class 12 are chosen to participate in RMO in each region.

Students from KV and JNV schools are regarded as separate regions. A maximum of the top 5% of participants from classes 8 to 11 and 1% of students from class 12 will be selected to participate in the RMO Olympiad.

RMO 2023 Registration

The best student performer from the RMO qualifies for the third stage of IMO, i.e., the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO). Approximately 900 students are qualified for the INMO exam, which will be conducted in 28 centers.

The RMO exam is a descriptive test where the students are provided with an answer sheet and rough papers to solve them. After the exams, students must return their answer sheets and the rough sheets, both used and unused.

Highlights of RMO registration are as follows,

  • At the end of IMOTC, the six-member team will represent their country at IMO, International Mathematical Olympiad.
  • The eligibility criteria at IMO are age limits, medical fitness, and personal consent confirmation.
  • As for special cases, exceptionally talented students from class 8 can be allowed to participate in the regional coordinator's knowledge.

RMO2023 Admit Card

HBCSE RMO admit card can be downloaded from the HBCSE website by entering student details such as roll number and date of birth. After the login, students can download both the admit card as well as their letter of selection.

Note: Students must bring their RMO admit card and school id card to the examination hall for verification.

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RMO 2023 Syllabus

There is a prescribed RMO syllabus but no standard pattern. But it is strongly suggested that students must have a very strong knowledge of the topics involved, without relying on any book or teacher. However, developing a clear concept and understanding the difficulty level help clear the exam. Focus on getting the concepts and acquiring the necessary skills needed to solve problems and prove theorems. Solve more RMO sample papers and work on the basic concepts.

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RMO 2023 Results

The RMO results for all regions will be declared centrally by HBCSE. The regional coordinators are responsible for sending the final results to HBCSE by November.

The procedure to check the result online is given below.

  • Go to the HBCSE website.
  • Select RMO results on the top right corner.
  • Students will be redirected to the individual results page. Click on the link RMO result.
  • Enter your roll number, and the result details will be available in the pdf.

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RMO 2023 Preparation Tips

The RMO will be held in all the regions by October between 1 pm and 4 pm. If the PRMO cannot be held due to unavoidable external circumstances, an alternative date may be announced for specific regions/centers as an exception.

Given below are the RMO preparation tips that help students prepare for the exam.

  • Focusing on strong and weak points: While solving different problems, try to focus on the topics that you are weak in. As from the exam pattern, students should focus on combinatorics, geometry, and number theory.
  • Solve sample paper and past year question papers: This will help students get familiar with the test's exam pattern and structure and provide them with an idea of the standard required. Refer to such papers as practice materials rather than a complete question bank.
  • Understand the theorems and the results: RMO is a concept-based test. Having the proper understanding of significant theorems and their results will help students save time and reduce effort.
  • Read the question carefully: Read the questions carefully. Sometimes a problem appears too easy, but it's a sign to be alert and read more carefully.

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Other Stages of IMO

International Mathematical Olympiad is divided into multiple stages, and students have to clear each stage to go to the next.

The stages are:

Other Stages of IMO
Stages Exams
Stage I Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad (PRMO)
Stage II Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO)
Stage III Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO)
Stage IV International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC)
Stage V Pre Departure Camp (PDC)
Stage VI International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

Note: The Olympiad exams are objective and subjective, but it always tests students' concept, logical approach, and understanding of the subjects/topics.

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