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Indian Computing Olympiad Sample Papers 2022

Practising Indian Computing Olympiad sample papers is essential if one needs to stand up in stiff competition. The sample paper plays a vital role in ICO Olympiad Exam and other competitive examinations. Sample papers help students with important examination points and patterns, and it also helps to figure out the level of difficulty of the exams.

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Indian Computing Olympiad Sample Test Papers Highlights

Indian Computing Olympiad sample test papers are framed as per the final exam guidelines to help students understand the pattern and difficulty level of the International Computing Olympiad exam and its zonal and national levels.

Below are the highlights of the Indian Computing Olympiad 2021 offered by the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science.

ICO Sample Test Papers Highlights
Particulars Details
Name of organization Indian Association for Research in Computing Science
Category Indian Computing Olympiad Sample Papers
Mode of reference Online
Format PDF

Indian Computing Olympiad Sample Papers PDF

The sample papers below are taken from the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science official website.

Here's a list of the Indian Computing Olympiad sample papers.

ICO Sample Papers
ZIO 2020 INOI 2020
ZIO 2019 ZCO 2019
ZIO 2018 ZCO 2018

Indian Computing Olympiad Sample Papers Download Procedure

The students can now download the sample papers to practice for the Indian Computing Olympiad. Practising sample papers keep the students fine-tuned with the syllabus and question paper pattern.

The step by step procedure for downloading the sample papers has been mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of IAECS.

Step 2: Click on "Archives," which will be available on the right side of the page.

Step 3: Upon entering the archives section, a list displaying question papers and other material from various years will be available.

Step 4: Click on the year you are interested in and scroll down to the bottom. These sample papers can be accessed even without registering. The candidates need to prepare for the upcoming exam according to the model paper format.

Benefits of Downloading ICO Sample Papers

There are many benefits to practising sample papers before going for an examination. Some subjects require constant practice, and working out sample papers is the best way to do that.

The benefits of solving sample papers are given below.

  • Practising sample papers will help you understand the examination's structure and pattern.
  • It assists participants in managing time which helps them in the final examination.
  • Sample papers give you self-analyzing skills that allow participants to predict their evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.
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