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ICO Registration 2024

ICO registration will be done twice, and one is IARCS registration to clear the Indian Computing Olympiad (National Level Olympiad), and the other is IOI registration (International Level Olympiad), where qualified students will represent India. 

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IARCS Registration Important Details

The Indian Computing Olympiad (ICO) is open for all school students from any board across the country. Any registered school student from any class during 2023-24 is eligible for this Olympiad. There is no lower age limit for participation in this Olympiad.

Below are the registration dates for ICO 2023-24.

Indian Computing Olympiad - Important Details
Olympiad Exam Details
Conducting body Indian Association for Research in Computing Science (IARCS)
No. of stages 3
ICO Registration begins TBA
Registration deadline TBA
Zonal Informatics Olympiad (ZIO) TBA
Zonal Computing Olympiad (ZCO) (Optional) 7 April, 2024
Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI) 7 April, 2024
IOI Training Camp (IOITC) September, 2024
Indian Computing Olympiad (ICO) October, 2024

Indian Computing Olympiad Registration Process

Indian Computing Olympiad, conducted by IARCS, will expose the students to the exciting world of algorithms and programming. Any school student (up to standard 12) who finds it interesting to solve problems and create programs can participate. The entire registration process is processed through the school.

The prerequisite to apply for ICO is school-level mathematics and some basic understanding of algorithms. The registration fee to apply for ICO is INR 472 per student.

The three stages of ICO are given below:

  1. Zonal Round
  2. Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI)
  3. IOI Training Camp (IOITC)

Zonal Round

The zonal round has two parallel exams, i.e., Zonal Informatics Olympiad (ZIO) and Zonal Computing Olympiad (ZCO).

This is the first stage of ICO examination, and the features of this stage are detailed below:

  • Students who qualify for the zonal round are eligible for the second round of the exam.
  • The Zonal Informatics Olympiad (ZIO) is a written exam held at centers across the nation.

Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI)

The INOI is the second stage of the ICO exam, and the features of this particular stage are given below:

  • For the National round, about 250-300 students qualify from the Zonal round.
  • The exam is based on algorithmic programming at a more advanced level than ZCO.
  • Programming languages permitted are C++ and Java.

IOI Training Camp (IOITC)

The is the final stage of the ICO exam, and the details of this stage are listed below:

  • The top 25-30 students from the second stage are selected for the residential training camp.
  • Here they are provided advanced training, and four students are chosen to represent India for IOI.

Indian Computing Olympiad Registration Fees

The registration fee for IOI is INR 472 per student, which is payable on-site. The host organizing committee covers local expenses for the delegation leaders, deputy leaders, and contestants. All other guests have to pay the fixed guest fee through a direct bank transfer.

The guest fee is 1,500 Euros for a primary adult guest in a standard room and 1,000 Euros for an accompanying second guest who agreed to share a standard room. As a result, two guests sharing a standard room will pay a reduced total guest fee of 1,500+1,000 = 2,500 Euros.

Note: This amount covers accommodation, meals, local transport, and excursions

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