The Distance MSW Course is a postgraduate course in the Arts and humanities spectrum. The duration of the Distance course is 2 years that consists of 4 semesters. The distance course can be pursued by candidates who are under employment or continuing a freelancing career, pursuing the course simultaneously will make the candidate to acquire more social skills and ethics that are required for the development of candidate's career. The graduates of the Distance MSW course are employed in various organizations which are indulged in social work and other aspects of development and the betterment of the society. 

Distance MSW Fees in India: 

The Fees for the Distance MSW course in India may vary based on the University/college that is providing the course. The average course fees range from INR 8,000 to 14,000 per annum. 

Distance MSW Course Salary in India: 

The salary paid for the graduate of the Distance MSW course in India may vary based on the experience and the skill set that is obtained by the candidate at the period of employment. The average course salary paid to the graduate of the Distance MSW course ranges from INR 2,80,000 to 5,00,000 per annum.

Distance Master of Social Work Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Distance Master of Social Work
Duration Course Duration of Distance MSW is 2 Years.
Age No Age Limit
Minimum Percentage 50% in Under Graduation
Subjects Required English, History, Geography, Economics, Social Science
Average Fees Incurred INR 8,000 to 14,000 per Annum
Similar Options of Study Distance BA English, Distance BA, Distance BBA, Distance B.Sc
Average Salary Offered INR 2.8 L to 5 L per annum
Employment Roles District Consultant, Assistant Director of Social Work, Project Research Coordinator, Junior research fellow
Placement Opportunities State Government Authorities, Tata AIA, Central Bank of India, JIPMER, Allahabad Bank

Distance MSW Course:

Social work, in simple terms, refers to various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to improve their welfare. The full form of MSW is a Master of Social Work. It is a postgraduate academic degree awarded for the program in the field of social work which is pursued by is a candidate through distance education. The duration of the MSW course is 2 years, divided into 4 semesters, the duration may also extend up to the period of 4 years.

The course curriculum mandates aspirants to attend and arrange workshops in different areas for the well-being of the people. Most of the universities and colleges encourage their students to opt for internships in different organizations to enable them to have full insight into the idea behind social work and the requisite hands-on work experience.

Distance MSW Quicklinks:

What is Distance MSW Course?

The Distance MSW course is a distance postgraduate course that can be pursued by a candidate who is interested in social work and social service. 

Serving the community and the needs of the society is one of the major priorities of the students who are interested in serving the community through various means and support that is provided by the government and public authorities. Masters in social work is a course that empowers a candidate to provide essential needs for society and provide social service for the graduates of the course. 

Some of the subjects from the MSW course is listed below:

  • History, Philosophy, and Fields of Social Work.
  • Theory and Practice of Counselling.
  • Project Planning and Management.
  • Social Work Research and Social Statistics

The graduates of the distance MSW course have various job opportunities that are available in the NGO,s and research organizations. Some of the major operations that are carried out by the graduates of the course are social service and working for the betterment of the welfare.

Why Choose Distance MSW Course:

Care for the welfare and social work is one of the jobs that is carried out for the betterment of the society in various ways, the work that is carried out by the graduates of the MSW course is unique in its own way that takes care for the welfare and betterment of the society.

The graduates of the distance MSW course have a wide range of opportunities that are available in some of the major organizations in the world such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Candidates also have an opportunity to initiate to start up their own NGO and take up programs that can be set up for the betterment of the welfare. 

Pursuing the course through distance mode also helps the candidates to apply the concepts and modules that a candidate can learn and apply in the duration of the course.

Distance MSW Course Preparation Tips:

Some of the course preparation tips for the distance MSW course is listed below:

Prepare a Time Table: The Distance course needs a lot of interaction with the subjects in the course as well as practical aspects, therefore, a candidate should prepare a time table so that he/she can stay updated with the modules and subjects that are taught during the duration of the course.

Connect with the peers: Connect with fellow students, this would help a candidate to acquire and exchange more knowledge. 

Connect with the Faculty: Get to know the faculty of the course from the college offering the course which helps a student prepare early at the time of the examination.

Distance MSW Subjects:

The subjects that are included in the curriculum of the course is listed below:

  1. Social Work Profession
  2. Social Group Work
  3. Social Case Work
  4. Community Organisation
  5. Concurrent Field Work including Social Work Camp
  6. Concurrent Field Work including Study Tour
  7. Analysis of Indian Society
  8. Social Policy, Planning & Development
  9. Dynamics of Human Behaviour
  10. Social Work with Rural, Urban and Tribal Community
  11. Study of Indian Economics
  12. Social Work Approaches for Social Development
  13. Study of Indian Constitution
  14. Social Work and Social Justice
  15. Social Work Research and Statistics
  16. Social Work Administration
  17. Concurrent Field Work including Summer Placement
  18. Concurrent Field Work with Case Studies
  19. Dissertation
  20. Block Placement

Distance MSW Course Fees:

The course fees for the Distance MSW may vary based on the University/College providing the course. The course fees charged ranges from INR 8,000 to INR 14,000 per annum.

Distance MSW Course Eligibility:

The eligibility of the Master of Social Work degree course is the obtaining of the Bachelor of Social Work degree from a recognized Institute. Candidates who have a Bachelor's degree in Humanities/Social Science/Science/Commerce or Management subjects are also eligible. Students with a background in social work, psychology, social science, sociology or any other related fields are given preference over others

Distance MSW Course Admission:

The Admission for the Distance MSW course is based on the marks that is obtained by the candidate in the Undergraduate degree in the relevant field. Work experience is considered by some of the University/College that are offering the course through the distance mode of education. The candidates are then shortlisted based on the cut-off percentage that is set by the university or college that is offering the course.

Distance MSW Job Opportunities:

Graduates of the Distance MSW Course have various opportunities in the field of Human Welfare and Social Service. Some of the job opportunities that are available are listed below:

  1. Assistant Director
  2. District Consultant
  3. Documentation and Communication Officer
  4. Humanitarian Values and PMER Officer
  5. National Secretary of Community Development
  6. Junior Research Fellow
  7. Project Coordinator
  8. Professor
  9. Programme Co-ordinator
  10. Welfare Officer

Distance MSW Course Salary:

The salary that is offered to the graduates of the Distance MSW course may vary based on the experience and the skill set that is obtained by the candidate during the period of employment. The average salary that is offered ranges from INR 2,80,000 to INR 5,00,000 per annum.

List of Distance MSW Colleges in India:

Distance MSW Colleges
SI No Name of the College
1 Bharathidasan University
2 Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University
3 Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramadya Vishwavidyalaya
4 Indira Gandhi National Open University
5 Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University

Distance MSW Course FAQs:

1.Can a candidate pursue two distance courses at one particular time? 

-Yes, A candidate who is interested to pursue two different courses at one particular time can pursue it at a single time. 

2.Can the Candidates without work experience peruse to pursue the course?

-Yes, Candidates who don't possess work experience can pursue the course, this may depend on the college or university that is offering the course.

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