The job scope for the graduates of B.Com Travel and Tourism Management is very abundant owing to the massive growth in tourism and travel industries which consists of both business expansion and new companies. The tourism industry is one of the prominent revenue-generating industries and will be always an undying industry owing to its major contribution towards cross-cultural development. There won't be any sort of employment struggles in this field due to its contribution to the economic growth of a country.  There are numerous job roles in which the graduates can work on and improve organization stability and improve marketability. The course also encourages entrepreneurship in which graduates can venture into their own travel and tourism companies/agencies.

B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Jobs:

  • Travel Executive
  • Tourism Trainer
  • Travel Content Writer
  • Travel Sales Consultant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Executive Assistant
  • Travel Consultant
  • Field Sales Executive
  • Content Writer
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Travel Agent
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Travel Counselor

B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Private Jobs:

  • Thai Airlines

  • Travel agencies

  • Travel consultancies

  • Tour operations

  • Travel and ticketing websites

  • Visa and travel document service firms

  • Tourist Resorts

  • Hotels, Cruise lines, etc.

B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Government Jobs:

  • Tourism Boards
  •  Indian Airlines
  • Government Tourist offices
  • Hospitality management
  • State government travel agencies

B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Salary :

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B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Key Stats:

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