B.Com Computer Application Subjects and Syllabus 2024

Duration: 3 Years
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Jan 5, 2024

B.Com Computers subjects are curated based on the theoretical and practical concepts relevant to the computer science and commerce field. Some of the common B.Com CA key subjects are Introduction to Programming Concepts, Input / Output Devices, Introduction to C, Fundamentals of Commerce, Financial Accounting, and Business Economics, along with the study of B.Com subjects.

The objective of the BCom CA subjects is to create experts with substantial talents for building good prospects in the IT and business industry. Hence, the B.Com Computer Application course scope is vast in IT, research, and several other industries with the increased usage of computer applications across various organizations and sectors.

Table of Contents

B.Com Computer Application Subjects

B.Com Computers subjects are designed to provide basic knowledge of computer application and programming along with the study of Bachelor of Commerce. However, the syllabus can change for different colleges. The several core & elective B. Com Computer subjects are as follows:

Core BCom CA Subjects

Some of the core subjects of the B.Com Computer Application syllabus are listed below:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • General English
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Business Statistics

Elective B.Com Computers Subjects

The elective B.Com Computer Application subjects are listed below:

  • Web Technologies
  • Machine Learning 
  • Java Programming
  • Programming with C & C++
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

BCom Computers Subjects in Detail

B.Com Computer Application syllabus includes basic and fundamental topics like programming fundamentals, web development, taxation, management information systems, business law, etc. Some of the BCom Computer Application subjects are discussed in a detailed way below:

B.Com Computer Application Subjects Topics Covered
Financial Accounting Accounting Process, Subsidiary Books, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Rectification of Errors & Depreciation, Final Accounts
Business Organisation & Management Joint-stock company, Functions of management, Planning and Organizing, Authority, coordination & control, Levels of management
Information Technology Introduction To Computers, Computer Arithmetic & Storage Fundamentals, Software, Operating Systems, Data Communication
Business Laws Indian Contract Act,  Sale Of Goods Act And Consumer Protection Act,  Intellectual Property Rights, Management Of Companies And Meetings, Winding Up
Business Statistics Diagrammatic & Graphic Presentation, Measures Of Central Tendency, Measures Of Dispersion, Skewness & Kurtosis, Correlation
Business Economics Micro & Macro Economics, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Demand Analysis, Supply Analysis, Production Analysis, Cost And Revenue Analysis 

BCom Computer Application Semester-Wise Syllabus

B Com Computer subjects are covered over a period of 3 years and the syllabus encompasses six semesters. The B.Com Computers subjects 1st year mainly focus on the introduction and core concepts. A semester-wise distribution of the BCom Computers subjects is given in the table below:

BCom Computers Subjects in 1st year

B.Com CA subjects in 1st-year mainly contain the foundational aspects of the course. B Com Computer Application semester 1 emphasizes in-depth learning of the foundation of the coursework. The table below contains the B.Com Computers subjects 1st year:

B.Com CA 1st Semester Subjects B.Com CA 2nd Semester Subjects
English - First Language English - First Language
Second Language Second Language
Financial Accounting Advanced Financial Accounting 
Business Economics Business Laws
Business Organization & Management Management Information System
Fundamentals of Computers & Information Technology Business Mathematics & Statistics
Soft Skill Electives/Extention Studies

Practical Subjects in the 1st year B.Com Computer Application syllabus

Practical studies are highly associated with BCom Computers subjects. Some of the practical topics under the B.Com CA subjects in 1st year are given below:

  • Excel Foundation and Lab
  • Operating System Lab (Unix)
  • Software & Tally Lab 
  • Auditing

B.Com Computers Subjects in 2nd-year

BCom CA subjects in second years offer a comprehensive understanding of business governance, tax laws, cost analysis, internal control systems, and financial reporting. The table below contains the subjects in the B.Com Computer Application 2nd-year subjects:

B.Com CA 3rd Semester Subjects B.Com CA 4th Semester Subjects
English - First Language English - First Language
Second Language Second Language
Corporate Accounting  Multivariate Data Analysis
Relational Database Management System Income Tax
Computerized Accounting Cost Accounting
Business Analytics Banking Theory & Practice

Practical Subjects in the 2nd year B.Com Computer Application syllabus

Some of the practical topics under the B.Com Computers 2nd-year syllabus are given below:

  • Programming with C & C++
  • R Programming
  • Python Programming
  • DBMS

BCom Computers Subjects in 3rd-year

B.Com Computer Applications 3rd year subjects focus on an in-depth study of specific programming languages like Java, C++, Python, etc., web technologies and frameworks, and other related subjects. The table below contains the B.Com Computer 3rd year subjects:

B.Com CA 5th Semester Subjects B.Com CA 6th Semester Subjects
English - First Language English - First Language
Second Language Second Language
Financial Management  Managerial Accounting
Auditing Indirect Taxes
Value Education  Marketing Management
Electives Electives
Projects Projects

Practical Subjects in the 3rd year B.Com Computer Application syllabus

Some of the practical topics under the B.Com Computers 3rd-year syllabus are given below:

  • Object Oriented Programming Lab using JAVA
  • Web Development with HTML & CSS
  • Digital Marketing & SEO Practices

Note: Students can have access to the B.Com Computer Application syllabus pdf from the chosen college's official website.

College-Wise BCom Computer Application Syllabus

B.Com CA subjects and syllabus vary from one college to another depending on the curriculum and program objectives. Candidates can refer to the official website of the college or university to download the B.Com Computer Application syllabus PDF of a particular college. Given below are the BCom CA syllabus for top colleges:

Osmania University B.Com Computer Application Syllabus

The BCom in Computer Application syllabus at Osmania University includes subjects such as object-oriented programming, data structures, information technology in business, etc. The following tables show the semester-wise syllabus for BCom Computer Application:

B.Com CA 1st Sem Subjects

B.Com CA 2nd Sem Subjects

English-I English-II
Basics of Information Technology Business Law Concepts
Second Language-I Second Language-II
Basics of Financial Accounting-I Basics of Financial Accounting-II
Computer Skills -I Computer Skills -II
Environmental Science-I Environmental Science-II
Business Management Concepts C and C++ Fundamentals

B.Com CA 3rd Sem Subjects

B.Com CA 4th Sem Subjects

English-III English-IV
Advanced Accounting Elective-II
Second Language-III Second Language-IV
Elective-I Income Tax Fundamentals
Fundamental of Business Statistics-I Advanced Business Statistics-II
Concepts of Relational Database Management Web Technologies 
Professional Skill Development Leadership and Management Skills

B.Com CA 5th Sem Subjects

B.Com CA 6th Sem Subjects

English-V English-VI
Elective-III Elective-IV
Second Language-V Second Language-VI
Cost Accounting Concepts Management Accounting and Cost Control
International Tax and Regulations International Auditing
Management Information Systems Concept and Practice of GST
E-Commerce Fundamentals Cyber Security/Data Analytics

Hindustan College of Arts and Science BCom Computer Application Syllabus

Hindustan College of Arts and Science B.Com Computer Application subjects and syllabus focus on equipping students with the knowledge of fundamental concepts like business mathematics and statistics to discipline-specific subjects like e-commerce and computer networks. Given below is the semester-wise BCom Computer Application syllabus:

B.Com CA First Sem Subjects

B.Com CA Second Sem Subjects

English-I English-II
Language-I Language-II
Concept of Financial Accounting-I Concept of Financial Accounting-II
Management Principles C++ Programming
Understanding Python Programming/Lab Work Commerce Accounting
Professional Ethics Retail Management Fundamentals

B.Com CA Third Sem Subjects

B.Com CA Fourth Sem Subjects

Concept of Business Law E-Commerce Concepts
Corporate Accounting-I Corporate Accounting-Advanced
Business Statistics Fundamentals JAVA Programming
Object Oriented Programming through C++ Operation Research Concepts
Soft Skills Development Environmental Studies
Environmental Science Soft Skills Development

B.Com CA Fifth Sem Subjects

B.Com CA Sixth Sem Subjects

Research Methodology Financial Services Concepts
Concept of Financial Management Elective-I
SPSS Theory and Practical Elective-II
Auditing Practical Application Concept of Web Technology
Advanced Financial Management Project Work

B.Com Computer Application Course Structure

B.Com Computer Application course structure is dynamic and includes regular classroom study. The students get to learn through seminars, case studies, industrial visits, etc along with skill-development sessions. The general course structure is given below:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective topics
  • Project Submission
  • Practical work
  • Lab Workshops

B.Com Computer Application Teaching Methodology and Techniques

B.Com Computer Application takes into consideration different pedagogy approaches and offers expert training in the commerce disciplines along with expertise in computer application. The general teaching methodology and strategies are listed below:

  • Group Projects
  • Conceptualized Learning
  • Lectures
  • Practical Lab work
  • Talks from guest speakers

B.Com Computer Application Projects

B.Com Computer Application projects offer students business knowledge & learning ability in real-time work environments and assist students in getting hands-on experience & skills. Some in-demand computer application projects for this undergraduate degree are given below:

  • Call Center Management Software
  • E-Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Performance Management System

B.Com Computer Application Reference Books  

B.Com Computer Application books are easily available by many authors. Some computer applications-related reference books are given below: 

Name of the Book


Topics Covered

Financial Accounting

S.N. Maheshwari and S.K. Maheshwari

Accounting Principles, Financial Statements, Budgeting, Auditing, etc.

Basics of Computer Applications in Business (BCom)

Hem Chand Jain & H.N. Tiwari

Introduction to Computer Applications, Business Software, Data Management Systems, etc.

Computer Applications in Business (CBCS)

Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma & Ms. Mansi Bansal

Business Information Systems, Database Management, E-Commerce Fundamentals, etc.

Basic Computer & Information Technology

Dr. K. Venkataraman, Prof. Pravin Jain

Fundamentals of Computer Science, Information Technology Basics, Computer Networks, Data Structures, etc.

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What are the subjects in the 1st year B.Com Computer Application syllabus?

B.Com Computer Applications subjects in the 1st year include topics like Introduction to Financial Accounting, Basics of Computer Application, Business Economics, etc.

What are the elective subjects in B.Com Computer Application?

Some of the elective subjects are Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Internet Technologies, Programming in JAVA, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc.

What are the projects for B.Com Computer Application?

A few popular project topics for B.Com Computer Application are Face detection software, Online auction system, E-Commerce, Inventory Management, Performance Management Systems, etc.

What are the best books for B.Com Computer Application?

Some of the most popular Computer Applications books are Financial Accounting by S.N. Maheshwari and S.K. Maheshwari, Basics of Computer Applications in Business (BCom) by Hem Chand Jain & H.N. Tiwari, Basic Computer & Information Technology by Dr. K. Venkataraman, Prof. Pravin Jain, etc

Can I do B.Com Computer Application without math?

No, mathematics is required to pursue a B.Com in Computer Applications. However, a few institutions may offer the program to students without a mathematics background.

What is covered in Financial Accounting subject in BCom CA syllabus?

Financial Accounting covers topics like accounting principles, ledger preparation, trial balance, financial statements, and the basics of accounting software.

Which web development software is taught in the BCom Computer Application syllabus?

HTML, CSS, Java Script, etc., are a few web development software taught in BCom Computer Application subjects.