OUAT Syllabus 2021: UG and PG Subject-wise Syllabus

Exam Date

Oct 11, 2021

Result Date

Nov 18, 2021

The OUAT exam is conducted for the candidates who aspire to take admissions into UG, PG, Ph.D., and other courses in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, veterinary science, and animal husbandry, agriculture engineering. Being a state-level examination, it is very obvious that the competition in OUAT 2021 will be very high. Therefore, candidates must ensure that they are very thorough and well versed with the OUAT syllabus 2021, in order to score good marks and get a good ranking in the examination. The OUAT syllabus 2021 for the UG courses and OUAT B.Sc AG syllabus includes subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology similar to the HSC. The OUAT PG entrance syllabus will contain all the topics from the relevant fields at the graduate level that the candidates have opted for. To get detailed information about OUAT syllabus 2021, aspirants are highly advised to refer to the below-given article.

OUAT Syllabus 2021 for UG Courses

The OUAT entrance exam syllabus 2021 for UG courses will contain topics from subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, and Mental Aptitude. Candidates are allowed to between attempting either Mathematics or Biology, depending on the subjects they had studied in their higher secondary (10+2) level. Below, are the topic-wise breakdown of the subjects in the OUAT 2021 syllabus:

OUAT 2021 Phyiscs Syllabus 2021

The Physics section of the OUAT 2021 exam carries a weightage of 50 marks. The table below contains the topic-wise breakdown of the OUAT syllabus 2021 for Physics:

OUAT Physics Syllabus 2021
OUAT 2021 Syllabus for Physics
Properties of Solids and Liquids Laws of Motion Electromagnetic Waves
Physics and Measurement Kinematics Optics
Work, Energy, and Power Gravitation Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Kinetic Theory of Gases Electrostatics Atoms and Nuclei
Oscillations and Waves Current Electricity Electronic Devices
Rotational Energy Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Communication Systems
Thermodynamics Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents Experimental Skills

OUAT 2021 Chemistry Syllabus 2021

The Chemistry section of the OUAT 2021 exam carries a weightage of 50 marks. The table below contains the topic-wise breakdown of the OUAT 2021 syllabus for Chemistry:

Physical Chemistry

These are the topics that come under 'Physical Chemistry' in the OUAT syllabus 2021 for Chemistry:

OUAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus 2021
OUAT Syllabus 2021 forPhysical Chemistry
States of Matter Chemical Thermodynamics Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Atomic Structure Solutions Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Equilibrium Surface Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

These are the topics under 'Inorganic Chemistry' in the OUAT syllabus 2021 for Chemistry:

OUAT Inorganic Chemistry Syllabus 2021
OUAT Exam 2021 Syllabus for Inorganic Chemistry
Classification of Elements and Periodicity of Properties D and F-Block Elements
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metal Coordination Compounds
Hydrogen P-Block Elements
S-Block Elements Environmental Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

These are the topics that come under 'Organic Chemistry' in the OUAT 2021 syllabus for Chemistry:

OUAT Organic Chemistry Syllabus 2021
OUAT Entrance Syllabus 2021 for Organic Chemistry
Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry Polymers
Hydrocarbons Biomolecules
Organic Compounds containing Hydrocarbons Chemistry in Everyday Life
Organic Compounds containing Oxygen Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

OUAT 2021 Mathematics Syllabus

The Mathematics section of the OUAT 2021 exam carries a weightage of 50 marks. The table below contains the topic-wise breakdown of the OUAT syllabus 2021 for Mathematics:

OUAT Mathematics Syllabus 2021
OUAT Entrance Exam Syllabus 2021 for Mathematics 
Sets, Relations, and Functions Mathematical Induction Integral Calculus Vector Algebra
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Binomial Theorem and its Simple Application Differential Equations Statistics and Probability
Matrices and Determinants Sequence and Series Coordinate Geometry Trigonometry
Permutations and Combinations Limit Continuity and Differentiability Three-Dimensional Geometry Mathematical Reasoning

OUAT Biology Syllabus 2021

The Biology section of the OUAT 2021 exam carries a weightage of 50 marks. The table below contains the topic-wise breakdown of the OUAT syllabus 2021 for Biology:

OUAT Biology Syllabus 2021
OUAT Exam 2021 Syllabus for Biology 
Ecology and Environment Sexual Reproduction
Biotechnology and its Applications Biology and Human Welfare
Genetics and Evolution

OUAT PG Entrance Exam Syllabus 2021

Similar to how the OUAT entrance exam syllabus 2021 for UG courses are based on the subjects studied at the higher secondary (10+2) level, the OUAT PG entrance exam syllabus 2021 will be based on the subjects studied by the candidates in their undergraduate level, respective to the field that they have chosen. Candidates appearing for the postgraduate courses must be thorough with the OUAT PG entrance syllabus.

By referring to the OUAT 2021 exam pattern, candidates can better prepare for the exam, in terms of planning their studying schedules and formulating the right strategy to score the maximum marks in the OUAT 2021 exam.

OUAT Reference Books 2021

Along with being aware of the OUAT syllabus 2021, candidates must ensure that they also study from the best reference books available in the market. It is very important to choose the books wisely for the OUAT 2021 examination. The OUAT 2021 reference books are tabulated below:

OUAT 2021 Reference Books
Mathematics R.D. Sharma, S.L. Arora
Physics Pradeep, HC Verma
Chemistry RC Mukherjee for numerical and Pradeep's for theory
Biology SL Arora, Pradeep

OUAT Exam Pattern 2021

The OUAT 2021 exam is a pen-and-paper based exam that is conducted in the offline mode. The exam will have objective-type questions or Multiple-choice-queries (MCQ) and will be conducted for a duration of 2 hours. The exam has 4 sections which are; Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, and Mental Aptitude, all 4 of which carry 50 marks each in the OUAT 2021 exam. The exam is for a total of 200 marks.

OUAT 2021 Exam Pattern
OUAT 2021 Exam Pattern
Exam Mode Offline
Exam Type Pen-and-paper, Objective/Multiple-Choice (MCQ)
Exam Duration 2 hours
Number of Sections 3
Section-wise Marks
  • Physics - 50
  • Chemistry - 50
  • Biology/Mathematics - 50
  • Mental Aptitude - 50
Total Marks 200
Marking Scheme +1 mark for every right answer. No negative marking in the exam.

OUAT 2021 Exam Day Instructions

Candidates appearing for the OUAT 2021 exam must keep the following instructions in mind before, during, and after the conducting of the examinations:

  • The OUAT 2021 admit card is the most important piece of document that candidates need to carry with them to the examination center, without which they won't be allowed to sit for the examination.
  • Candidates must make it a point to reach the examination center at or before the stipulated time as mentioned on the OUAT 2021 admit card.
  • Once 15 minutes have elapsed upon the start of the examination, no candidate will be allowed to appear for the examinations.
  • There is a list of items like electronic devices such as mobile phones, calculators, and digital watches, and other items like food and drinks; all of which are prohibited inside the examination hall. Candidates need to refer to the instructions on the official OUAT website for further details on what is and isn't allowed inside the exam hall.


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