GRE Application Form 2024: Fees, Corrections, Documents Required

Jaya Laxmi
Jaya Laxmi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

GRE application form 2024 is available online on the official website at by the conducting authorities. Candidates interested in taking the GRE Test can register for either the General Test or the Subject Test. The application process can be done through an ETS account or by phone for taking the test at a test center. However, if applicants want to take the GRE General Test or Subject Test from home, they must register online through their ETS account.

The GRE application dates are available year-round on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, candidates must make their GRE exam booking as soon as possible to ensure their preferred exam day and location. GRE Subject Test is offered 2 weeks per month in April, September, and October. The ETS GRE registration for the test can also be taken at home on preferred dates.

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How to Apply for GRE?

For GRE Application candidates must ensure that they possess a valid government issued Passport before applying for the exam. Candidates can refer to the steps below to apply for the GRE exams. 

  • Step 1. Create an ETS account by filing out the required details.
  • Step 2. After an ETS account is created candidates must access the GRE application form available on the official website at
  • Step 3. Fill out the application form that may require filing out personal and academic qualification.
  • Step 4. Select a test centre and date according to your preference.
  • Step 5. Pay the applicable fee for the application process.
  • Step 6. After completing the application and payment, candidates will receive a confirmation email with details of time, test date, and location.

Modes of Test for GRE

GRE is conducted in two modes which are the Paper-delivered Test and the Computer-delivered test

  • Paper-Delivered Test: The Paper delivered test is an offline mode of test which is usually offered in areas where there is no proper infrastructure available for Computer-delivered test. It is offered up to 3 times a year.
  • Computer-Delivered Test: GRE General test is offered year-round as a computer-delivered test in most of the locations around the work. The appointments for GRE are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. So candidates are requested to book a slot for GRE as soon as they can else during peak times they won't be able to get desired slots.

ETS Account

Candidates should have an ETS account in order to register for a GRE General Test. ETS account will also be helpful for other things like viewing score, changing or cancelling the registration, and ordering additional score reports to name a few.

Students can create an ETS account by visiting the website at Students must fill in all the details required and they must provide accurate information. The ETS account name will be used as the name during GRE test registration so candidates are required to Enter their name as exactly it is an ID document.

GRE Online Application and Other Services

Candidates applying for GRE should know about the application fee and additional service charges. ETS may change fees so candidates are advised to refer to the official website regulalrly. The fees to be paid are stated in U.S. dollars. GRE General Test Fee for the application process is given in the following Table:

GRE Exam Application Fee
Standard Test Administration – GRE General Test
Australia $230
China $231.30
Nigeria $220
Turkey $255
All Other Areas of the World $205
  • If candidates are applying for the GRE Subject Test, then the fee is USD 150.
  • The fee for any special Handling Requests is given in the following table:
GRE Exam Fees
Special Handling Requests
Fee for Late Registration (Paper-delivered test online registration only.) $25
Standby testing (paper-delivered test only) $50
Fee for Rescheduling – China $53.90
Fee for Rescheduling for all other areas of the world $50
Changing your test centre $50
Changing test Subject $50
  • Scoring Services offered are given in the following Table:
GRE Exam Fees
Scoring Services
To check scores online Free
GRE Diagnostic Service Free
Printing of Official Exaqminee Report Online Free
Additional Score Reports (ASR) $27
Question and Answer review service – New York State residents only (Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning) $50
Score review for Analytical Writing measure $60
Score Review for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures (Paper-delivered tests only) $50
Score Review for Subject Tests $50
Score Reinstatement Fee $50

Mode of Payment

The preferred modes of payment by ETS are credit/debit cards (Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Money order/Voucher, E-Check services. Make sure to use any one of the mentioned modes to make the fee payment.

GRE Fee Reduction Program

Education Testing Service (ETS), the organization which conducts GRE is the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organisation. ETS aims at providing meaningful and innovative measurement solutions that improve learning and teaching and expand educational opportunities.

  • ETS believes that the high cost of taking GRE should not be a barrier for an aspirant to graduate study.
  • Hence ETS has GRE Fee Reduction Program for those who demonstrate financial need and for the national programs that work with underrepresented groups.
  • It offers a Fee Reduction Voucher which can be used for one GRE General Test and/or one Subject Test. Such users will have to pay only 50% of the regular test fee. These Reduction Vouchers given to financially in need people cannot be combined with other offers.

GRE Fee Reduction Program is given to people who are

  • With financial need
  • Unemployed
  • National Programs in the United States

Rescheduling of GRE Test Date

Candidates are permitted to reschedule the GRE test dates within the testing year if they are unavailable at the registered date. The rescheduling should be done at least four days before the scheduled exam or else the test fee will be forfeited. GRE-ETS charges an extra fee of $50 or about INR 3500 for the change of date and another $50 or about INR 3500 for changing the test centre.

Candidates can visit GRE Exam Dates to know more about the dates of the Exam. The students can reschedule the exam either through online mode via their ETS-GRE account or by calling, faxing or writing GRE Services.

If the student is sending the rescheduled request by mail or fax, it is necessary to make sure the requests sent reach GRE Services at least four full days prior to one's scheduled test date.

The applicants are expected to inform GRE Services by phone or mail regarding the change along with the following GRE 2024 exam details:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Date of Birth of the candidate
  • Address as mentioned in the ID proof
  • Registration Number
  • Previous Test Date
  • Preferred Test Centre if changing the test centre
  • New Test Date

Cancellation of GRE Online Application Form 2024

Candidates can cancel the scheduled GRE 2024 test registration through their ETS-GRE account or by informing GRE Services by phone or email.

Cancellation of a test has to be done at least four days prior to the test date to avail 50% refund of the GRE test fee. If cancelling using email then the following details are expected to be sent to the GRE services along with the cancellation request by the concerned applicant:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Registration Number
  • Test Date

ID Requirements for GRE

Candidate's ID Documents should meet the following requirements

  • Original: Candidate should bring only the original document, photocopied documents and documents produced on a cell phone and other electronic devices are not accepted.
  • Government Issued: The document should be a government-issued national/state/province identity card that is recognized by the country in which the candidate resides or is a citizen.
  • Valid: ID document which is produced by the candidate should be valid and expired documents if produced by candidates are not acceptable.
  • The first and last name on your document (excluding accents) should match to what you have given in the registration process
  • Signature: The name and signature on ID document should match.

In India, the most relevant ID document that is used for the GRE Exams is the Government issued Passport.

If the candidates are unable to produce any valid ID documents, as in the case of refugees, then the applicants are suggested to report to the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI). This should be done 7 working days before the GRE Test registration.


If candidates do not bring valid and acceptable ID, or if the first and last name on the candidate’s ID does not exactly match the name of the candidate on the registration (excluding accents), the candidate will not be permitted to the test and candidate's fee will not be refunded.

GRE ID Verification

The ID document produced by the candidate is verified during the check-in at the test centre. The verification process may include:

  • Biometric voice and photo identification of the test taker.
  • Fingerprinting/thumbprinting of the test taker.
  • Videotaping of the candidate.
  • Signature comparison with the previously submitted one.

If the candidate refuses to participate then he/she may not be permitted to test and the candidate will forfeit their test fees.

Name Change

If the candidate's name has been changed due to some reason such as post-marriage or any other official purpose then the candidate has to report the name change to the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI). They should also submit the related documents which have authorized the name change.


How to apply for the GRE exam?

Students can avail the registration form from the official website. They must create an ETS account through which they will be able to select their preferred exam date and location.

What are the documents required for GRE application process?

Candidates should possess a valid and original Government issued passport.

Can I change my name in the GRE form?

Yes, candidates can change their names for legal reasons provided they report the name change to the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI) and submit the related documents which have authorized the name change.



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