GRE Counselling 2024: Apply to University, Eligibility

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

GRE Counselling 2024 details are given below. The schedule for the counselling as well as the procedure to be followed are discussed intensively in the page below. When applying to a university, students might require additional documents in addition to the test GRE result 2024.

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GRE 2024 Counselling 

GRE Test is conducted in order to apply to Foreign universities as a part of their application process. The admission process is different for educational institutions abroad as compared to India. GRE does not involve or have the counselling process. Merely appearing for GRE and submitting the scores of the GRE Exam is not sufficient. The requirements of admission for different programs at different universities are different.

Most universities will evaluate the candidate based on many different factors and not just the GRE score. Candidates need to build their college application using various things like Letters of Recommendation, Statements of Purpose, Extra Curriculars as well as GRE score.

Candidates will have to create a strong profile and then apply to their desired universities. Each university has a different deadline for submitting the application and other documents and candidates should be well aware of these things in advance. If a student seeks a scholarship then he/she may have to prepare an application for the scholarship as well and the deadlines for which will be different as well.

Candidates can know more about applying to universities below.

Applying to Universities

Candidates have to send GRE Score, LOR, SoP, and other documents to apply for universities.

  • In the case of online mode of the GRE test, immediately after finishing the exam, the test score will be visible to the candidate on the screen. On the spot, he/she should decide whether to send the score(for free) to the predetermined four universities or not. If the candidate has had a lesser score than he/she anticipated, then it is advisable to cancel sending the score report and then retake the exam aiming for a better score.
  • For paper or offline mode test-takers, one has to decide whether to send the test score (for free) or not while registering on the ETS-GRE website at the beginning. 
  • Both online and offline test takers can send the GRE scores later on too, but with an additional fee of $27 per recipient along with other necessary documents like LOR, SOP to desired colleges/universities.
  • Having a great GRE Score is work half done. Impressive undergraduate resume, decent GPA/percentiles in their undergraduate academics and also a good score in the qualifying entrance exams of the desired colleges/universities or business schools, if any- are the other deciding factors of one's journey to a reputed institution.
  • In addition to this, the aspiring candidates should possess a strong letter of recommendation (LOR) from reputed professors at their undergraduate institution. This would be containing a detailed description of the proficiency of the candidate in that particular field by the professor. The higher the position of the person writing the Letter of Recommendation, the higher would be the chances of getting into the college of the candidate's choice.
  • One more piece of document which plays a vital role in the admission process is having a Statement of Purpose(SOP) with the right intent. In this, the candidate has to explain in detail the reason for applying to that particular college and that particular course. A good Statement of Purpose can influence the selection personnel of the universities into accepting your application. So proper care should be taken to craft a good SOP.

All in all, a good GRE score; decent GPA/percentile and resume; glorious LOR's; strong SOP; makes the ideal ingredients for getting yourself into a reputed institution for your graduate/doctoral journey abroad.



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