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Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Dec 22, 2022 by Surobhi Chatterjee

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Dec 22, 2022 by Surobhi Chatterjee

The D.Ed course can be divided into four semesters. It covers educational psychology, Physical Education, Art, Literature, Children's Physical and Emotional Health, Information & Communication Technology, etc. The D.ed job scope offers good employment opportunities for students looking for employment in the field of education. 

Semester Wise D.Ed Syllabus

The D.Ed course consists of core and elective subjects and depending on the university/college, they may differ slightly. It has two parts -a compulsory set of courses covering all foundation areas in literature and a set of elective courses that aims at building job-specific skills and knowledge. D.Ed course aims to ensure that the students have a chance to learn about all the vital topics. The semester wise courses are as follows:

D.Ed First Year Syllabus



Education in Emerging Indian Society

Microteaching: 7 Skills, 3 lessons Per Skill

Educational Psychology

The Teaching of Subject I - 20 lessons

Secondary Education: Issues & Problems

The Teaching of Subject II - 20 Lessons

Information & Communication Technology

Criticism Lessons (Two - One in each method of teaching subject)

Methods of Teaching I

The final lesson in Methods of Teaching Major Subject

Methods of Teaching II

Work Experience : (Anyone Craft)

Subject Specialization

Working with Community & Social Service


Five Psychology Experiments

D.Ed Subjects

The D.Ed subjects taught in the course are mostly similar for all the colleges, but it varies depending on the institution's course module. But, the overall subjects are quite similar but put in a different order, depending on the teaching method. The course overall makes them have a peculiar way of nursing, childcare, and health. There are both core and elective subjects that are part of the syllabus.

Core Subjects:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Secondary Education: Issues & Problems
  • Child Development and Learning
  • English Language Teaching
  • Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
  • Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education (Practical)

Elective Subjects:

  • Education Society
  • Mathematics Education for the Primary
  • Leadership and Change
  • Fine Arts and Education
  • Diversity and Education

D.Ed Course Structure

The D.Ed course syllabus is designed to include Education in Emerging Indian Society mainly, Educational Psychology, Secondary Education: Issues and Problems, Information and Communication Technology, Methods of Teaching, and elective subjects, that overall gives the knowledge to work in the job sectors. This field sharpens a student's mind to tackle the daily obstacles faced in their workplace, studies & other similar aspects. The course involves subjects which include aspects like

  • Literary Theory
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practical

D.Ed Teaching Methodology and Techniques

D.Ed is a course focusing on different aspects of the pediatrician, nutrition and childcare, and treatment. The course is designed based on requirements and helps get the most exposure to the field, and the D.Ed course subjects deal with the same. Learning strategies have varying implications for courses.

  • Assignments
  • Following Course Module Books
  • Case Studies/ Research Work
  • Internships

D.Ed Projects

D.Ed projects which are known as mini-thesis is a compulsory project for the students to complete at the end of their semesters. As such, students should regard their projects as an ideal opportunity for integrating what they have learned during their D.Ed course. This is also an opportunity to apply their knowledge for their future work and profession. Some of the project topics are:

  • Problems Of Teaching Social Studies In Secondary Schools
  • Problems Encountered By Student Teachers During Teaching Practice Exercise
  • Use Of Instructional Material And Its Effects On The Academic Achievement Of Students
  • The Effect Of Internal Conflicts Among Teachers And Principals On Teaching And Learning In Secondary Schools
  • Study Of Some Problems Associated With The Education Of The Handicapped Students

D.Ed Reference Books

The D.Ed course is the one meant for the specialization in the field of teaching. The topics taught in the course module are very much enough. But, to get a deep or in-depth knowledge, there are certain books published by the - authors, who have opened up about their thought process, and thus helps in being more skilled and knowledgeable about nutrition and health which are a major part of D.Ed Subjects.

D.Ed Books



Human Development

Asha Singh

Psychological Foundations of Education

W. N. Dandekar

Advanced Educational Psychology

S. Dandapani

Child Development

Laura E. Berk

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