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Institute library is well-stocked with more than 20,000 books including Text Books, Reference Books, Notes, Solved/Unsolved Question Papers, Technical News / Bulletins Magazines, Journals etc. Books on self-improvement like, Personality Development Books, General Knowledge, Competitive Examination Books etc. are also available in the library. Keeping in pace with the changing learning environment, educational CDs are also available. Each student is provided with a library card for issue of books for the duration of five days per issue. For the benefit of students and staff, the institute has obtained membership with the library of the Defense Institute of Advance Technology (Deemed University) and The British Library, Pune.


The college has designed a Computer Lab for advanced Computing and it is fully equipped with 60 latest configuration PCs, Printers, Scanners and Multimedia devices while high-speed devices are providing gainful Networking. Turbo C/C++; both Windows and DOS versions, Visual Studio 6.0 for ‘C Programming and Visual Basic while Auto-CAD, ProE, CATIA-5, CFD for Engineering education are installed. MS Office 2007 set up is installed for ‘Computer Fundamental’teaching. New additions are expected as the new software is available in the market.


Electronics lab is well equipped with latest models of CROs, Function Generators, signal generators, Dual Power Supply Units, Digital Trainer Kits, Measuring Instruments, digital Multimeters, Voltmeters, and Ammeters. At a time, a batch of 30 students can perform the laboratory practical.


The institute is among the few having two-seater Aircraft, ‘Pushpak’ and ISKARA for the practical demonstration of aircraft system and components. Fokker Friendship civil aircraft is added to assist practical experiments by the students. BELL Helicopter is another facility for the aeronautical engineering students. Apart from this, the lab has components / systems of military and commercial aircrafts. These give the students the feel of practical aspects of the theory they learn in the classroom. We have working mockups with actual aircraft control surfaces to show operation of ailerons, elevators, rudders etc. The Institute has two Gas turbine engines, Wind tunnel, air-conditioning unit and one Auxiliary power unit. Engine lab, Structures lab, Instrument lab are some of the aeronautical related laboratories available with the institute.


Avionics Lab is well equipped with the basic and state-of-art technology Radio Communication and Navigation Equipments, Radar System, Automatic Distance Finding System., VOR, Instrument Landing System, G.S. and Marker System. The Highlight of the Lab is an Electro Static Device Safe work Station. Auto Pilot Test set up is also available. There are ‘mock up’ of all the Instruments and Electrical Equipments of Aircraft Systems besides the Electrical Laboratory having all the basic electrical system that can be checked and calibrated on the appropriate test benches.


The Institute has developed new laboratories for Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Applied Mechanics and Material Science.


The students are given hands-on training in building aeromodels made of paper, thermocole, and balsa wood. Unpowered models, powered models, Radio Controlled models are designed, manufactured and flight tested by the students under the able guidance of aeromodeller.


The workshop is equipped with latest machines for metal working such as lathe machine, shapers, drilling machine, power saws, milling machines, welding machines, carpentry shop and fitting shop. The students get hands-on experience by handling these machines and conducting experiments.


The institute has three Wind Tunnels for the study and experimental purposes and carry out the required experiments as per syllabus.


Catering to the needs of outstation students the institute offers well equipped, hi-fi enabled hostel accommodation with health efficient mess facility. Separate hostels are provided for 300 boys and 150 girls within the campus with all modern facilities. Rectors in each hostel supervise the activities of the students ensuring academic environment.


A panel of reputed medical practitioners is available for immediate medical attention on 24 hour basis. If required, in-patient hospitalization facility is also provided. Students can utilize these facilities at their own expense as and when required.

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