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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

The demand for jobs requiring an BJMC graduate is increasing both domestically and internationally, and graduates have several employment opportunities. BJMC course is designed to provide extensive training and knowledge for graduates to pursue careers in various roles such as content writer, film editor, graphic designer, news analyst, etc.  BJMC syllabus is designed in such a manner that trains the candidates through internship, training, projects, etc for the required profession.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for BJMC

The scope after BJMC is very diverse and flexible for the graduates. The BJMC course trains the aspirants regarding editing, writing, photographing, etc.

Jobs after BJMC are available in newspapers, periodicals and magazines, central information service, press information bureau, websites, AIR, and TV channels. BJMC career options also allow the graduates to take up the job of writing for multimedia and the web such as writing news and other articles. Some of the top BJMC job opportunities are:

  • Columnist
  • Fashion Photographer
  • News Analyst
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Special Correspondent
  • Feature Writer

Areas of Recruitment for BJMC

The BJMC scope for the graduates is available in a diverse area of recruitment owing to the knowledge and skills that the students obtain when pursuing this course. The jobs after Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication are available in abundance in the media, journalism, and production industries. Listed below are the BJMC scope in India:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Broadcasting Corporations
  • Circulation & Public Relations
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Journals
  • News Agencies
  • Photography Companies
  • TV Channels
  • Radio Telecasting Companies
  • All India Radio
  • Newspapers

Salary Packages for BJMC

The BJMC job salary in India is not a fixed salary and can vary due to some variable factors. Some of the factors which affect the BJMC salary in India include location, experience, education level, and more. The average BJMC salary in India is INR 3.5 LPA [Source: PayScale].

BJMC Salary

The job titles and wages that a candidate might expect after completing their BJMC course are listed below. BJMC graduates, like those with any other undergraduate degree, gain increments through job experience. It is preferable to seek a master's degree first for a pay boost or for most senior roles. Higher education in the same field can lead to excellent employment chances.

BJMC Salary in India

Owing to the wide range of specializations in the BJMC course, there is a wide range of salaries offered by companies in India. Below are the lowest, highest, and the average salary a candidate can expect in India.

BJMC Salary Amount
Highest Salary INR 7.5 LPA
Lowest Salary INR 0.8 LPA
Average Salary INR 3 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

 Listed below are some of the popular job roles with an average salary of BJMC jobs salary in India: 

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

News Analyst INR 3 LPA
TV Journalist INR 2.5 LPA
Public Relations Officer INR 3 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

BJMC Salary Abroad

There are a vast number of job opportunities and a wide range of salaries for a BJMC graduates if they opt to work outside India. Below is the list of various job roles and their respective salaries offered to an entry-level candidate: 

Job Profile Salary
Photojournalist INR 5.6 LPA
Public Relations Specialist INR 5.6 LPA
Social Media Manage INR 3.52 LPA
Journalist INR 3.39 LPA
Content Marketing Manager INR 6.5 LPA

Source: Payscale

Government Jobs for BJMC Graduates

There are plenty of government jobs after BJMC available for the graduates. The BJMC scope in India is very wide and diverse due to the education that the students get. Graduates decide to pursue public administration and the public sector when opting for jobs after the completion of the BJMC course for many reasons. The average BJMC degree salary in the government sector is around INR 3.5 - 5 LPA. [Source: PayScale]. Listed below are the jobs for BJMC graduates with their average annual salary: 

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

TV Journalist INR 2.5 LPA
News Editor INR 3 LPA
News Officer INR 3 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Private Jobs for BJMC Graduates

Along with the government jobs, the BJMC scope and salary are also very lucrative and rewarding in the private sector. The scope of the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course is very diverse in the private sector as there are many privately owned media companies and houses that hire graduates of this role. The average salary of BJMC graduates is INR 3.5 LPA [Source: PayScale]. Listed below are the job roles that graduates can start with along with their average salary:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

News Analyst INR 3 LPA
TV Journalist INR 2.5 LPA
Public Relations Officer INR 3 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Career Scope of BJMC

Aspirants with successful completion of higher studies in the field of mass communication have a wide range of work opportunities. They will have little trouble finding work in either government or private sector organizations. 

They can also look for work in another country. In industries such as journalism, public relations, cinematography, advertising, publishing, research, radio, television, corporate world, entertainment business, and media industry, one can achieve an excellent employment profile. The profile and pay scale may differ depending on one's qualifications, experience, and expertise. 

Courses after BJMC

There are a variety of courses available to you if you want to continue your education in the same sector. Following are some of the courses that can be taken after completing this course:

  • MA in Mass Communication and Journalism- The Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism is a two-year post-graduate programme that provides you with technical and critical media understanding. The typical annual fee for this study at a reputable college ranges from INR 54,000 to INR 3 LPA. Photography, Electronic Media, Communication Theory, Professional Writing, and other comparable disciplines are included in the MA in Journalism and Mass Communication course programme.
  • PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication- A PGD in Journalism and Mass Communication is a one-year programme provided by many institutions and universities. This course requires a minimum requirement of graduation from a recognised university. The typical annual tuition expense for this programme is between INR 30,000 and INR 1 lakh.
  • MSc in Mass Communication- This course instructs students on media and social media websites. This is a two-year postgraduate programme. Admission to this programme is based on a written entrance exam followed by a personal interview. On an annual basis, an MSc. in Mass Communication study might cost up to INR 1 lakh.
  • MA in Journalism- This is a postgraduate degree that focuses mostly on journalism. The purpose of this course is to learn about the role of journalism in contemporary India. Top institutions and colleges offer this programme in both Hindi and English. The average cost of this degree is around INR 1 lakh per year. Chitkara University, Delhi School of Communication, Asian College of Journalism, and others are among the colleges/universities/institutions that provide full-time MA in Journalism programmes.

 Career Options after BJMC

Candidates with a BJMC degree in India have several job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. BJMC alumni work for advertising agencies, broadcast businesses, public relations firms, news organizations, photographic organizations, TV channels, newspapers, radio telecast companies, journals, and other organizations.

To broaden their horizons and boost their job prospects, candidates should pursue a master's degree in journalism or public communication. The following is a comprehensive list of the most popular work opportunities for people with a BJMC.

  • Journalist, Columnist or Reporter: They mainly work for themselves (freelance). They may also work for a newspaper, radio station, or television programme. They gather information for broadcasting purposes, such as political, sports, and entertainment news, among other things.
  • Content Writer: The duty of a content writer is to create print and digital material for companies that provide information or highlight their products or services. In order to develop content that precisely reflects company ideals, content writers frequently investigate the material they need to produce each article or product description. They collaborate closely with a content manager and clients to write in the organization's editorial style. An effective writer works alone and consistently meets deadlines.
  • Radio Jockey: Their mission is to spread messages through music. They entertain people in a variety of ways, such as by playing music, sharing their viewpoints, and broadcasting on the radio. They also deliver instant news and updates.
  • Public Relations Officer: Their role is to act as a go-between for the employer and the broader public. They form great bonds with their clients and wish to keep them for a long time. They are the public faces of the organization.
  • Photojournalism: Photojournalists are in charge of writing blogs and pieces for magazines and brochures based on their images. They either run their own businesses or work for well-known corporations.
  • News Analyst: Analyst of current events Producing and disseminating news on a range of media channels, including digital media platforms, print media, and others, is part of the job description. They gather information from news sources, create films, conduct interviews, and so forth. They're the ones who put the news together.
  • Illustrator: Illustrators are visual artists who use their creativity to create original graphics for a wide range of printed and digital products. They work together with clients and the marketing department to turn ideas and printed materials into aesthetically appealing visuals.

Other Career options after BJMC:

Aside from the media industry and a career in broadcasting, you can also pursue other opportunities such as:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Anchor
  • Professor
  • TV Correspondent
  • Video Jockey
  • Freelance Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Cartoonist
  • Editor
  • Feature Writer
  • Marketing Manager

Job Opportunities Abroad for BJMC Graduates

The BJMC course scope is available for the graduates not just in India, but also abroad. There are many media houses and companies all around the world that hire these graduates. Media is a strong pillar of our society, when it comes to maintaining democracy and freedom of speech, due to which graduates of this role. Graduates of this course can increase their chances of getting a job abroad by pursuing higher education courses abroad or doing certificate courses.

Top Companies for Graduates

Check the list below for the top organizations that hire BJMC graduates:

  • CNN
  • BBC
  • Times Group
  • New York Times
  • The Guardian
  • The Sun
  • ITV

Best Countries for Graduates

Below is the list of top countries offering job opportunities to BJMC graduates:

  • Canada
  • India
  • China
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Germany

Various Career Designations Abroad for BJMC Graduates

There are many interesting job profiles that attract BJMC graduates to work abroad:

  • Columnist
  • Fashion Photographer
  • News Analyst
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Special Correspondent
  • Feature Writer
  • Staff or Freelance Writer
  • Video Jockey (VJ)
  • TV Correspondent
  • Correspondent
  • Photojournalist
  • Journalist

Famous Journalists

There are many journalists around the world who have made a very famous name for themselves. The BJMC course enables the students to work in various media like print, radio, television, internet, and related fields. These graduates have used their power as a journalist to spread awareness amongst the public. Some of these famous personalities are mentioned below: 

  • Barkha Dutt
  • Arnab Goswami
  • Rajdeep Sardesai
  • Ravish Kumar
  • Prannoy Roy
  • Sweta Singh
  • Shereen Bhan


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