How to become a teacher

How to become a teacher in India. In this article, we have provided you with a little introduction about a teacher with courses, eligibility and qualities required to become a teacher in India. You can jump to your interesting topics from the table of content listed below.

How to Become a Teacher in India

Everyone will be having a dream of becoming something in life likely some people want to become teachers in their life which is a very good choice.

So here is the procedure to become a successful teacher based upon the decisions and choices he/she makes and we have listed some of the qualities for a good/effective teacher

Decisions and Choices

  • To get to know if education is really the right career path for you, make sure you have understood yourself of what makes a good teacher and what skills do you have to become a good teacher.
  • To be a successful teacher, you must first learn to enjoy being around to get used to them and develop socializing character.
  • It is very important for a teacher and also with the other people and interacting with them, especially young and grownups because teaching is a socialistic job that involves continuous interaction with people.
  • Good teachers must be having a lot of patience. If you lose your temper easily, a school atmosphere may not be the rightful workplace for work.
  • The teacher should be flexible and should make decisions which can be accepted. They should be flexible enough to get adjusted when things go out of hand or don’t work exactly as scheduled.
  • Teachers must also be strict enough to enforce rules and could take control of the class when necessary
  • And most importantly, teachers should be caring. They should care and help students to be a successful person in life. Without all these above characteristic being a teacher will become boring after a while which should not happen in any case.
  • As mentioned above if you are passionate about a particular subject or about learning in general and if you care, you can become a great teacher.

Qualities of good/effective teachers

There are a few qualities to be effective teachers and these are listed below

  • The teachers should be able to develop a relationship with their students
  • Every teacher should be patient, caring and kind in person to the students
  • Should be a knowledge sharer
  • The teachers should be dedicated to their profession i.e teaching
  • The teacher should engage students effectively in learning.

How to become a good teacher?

Here are some of the qualities of how to become a good teacher.

  • Academic Accomplishments

Even though the school/ institution have a well-mannered and sophisticated campus or the assets to teach or train the students but without the teachers who know how to handle them they are of no use, are they?

So a well-qualified teacher shapes a well-qualified pupil who indeed will be ready to face any upcoming challenges ahead.

The Teacher’s main aim is to make his/her students understand the knowledge not to train him how to score marks blindly without understanding the concepts, So when he makes students understand the concepts then the teacher has accomplished the actual fact of being teacher.

  • To motivate the students

Students nowadays tend to get into various problems and break down easily and suffer for a long time and they had to be cheered up. So a responsible teacher can motivate him to get back on this feet and bring him out of his sorrows and pains.

  • Inspiring

Many students have their own role model and an inspirational person in their life and a teacher can also be a role model to his students in many ways and it is good to inspire the students as it inspires them to achieve something good and also to discover their passions which they can be successful, So yes a teacher can be an inspirer.

  • Creating Future Leaders

Teachers are important people society and students life because they prepare and influence students to become tomorrow's leaders. Each day, students learn important values like sharing; respect the elders and making decisions. Teachers who can enable their students to feel their importance and to embed children with the behaviour that leaders should implement. The future of the world depends on the level of education, ethics, and responsibility that one will develop and know how to solve problems, often communicating across cultural lines. 

  • Guidance

Just school education is not enough for the students to succeed in their life but the students still need to know more about it, so the students can go to their teachers to get the advice about which course to take up and a teacher can guide the pupil to the right choice and also can guide the students through his career like giving advice about the courses which the students can take up to succeed in the life.

Here are the courses and their eligibility for becoming a teacher in India.

Courses for becoming a teacher

Teaching is a diverse profession which involves working with students and thrive them for knowledge and better vision for the future and it requires a license of completion of courses and passing teacher's examination. There are specific courses to become a teacher and candidates who want to become a teacher can go through them to succeed in becoming a teacher.

Below are the courses listed for students to pursue a career in Teaching

B.A along with B.Ed course

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a bachelor’s degree that makes the candidate eligible to take up the teaching profession. This has been done due to lack of teachers that we have been facing lately. BA B.Ed. the integrated course has been created as a part of this step by the Government of India. The course provides a wide knowledge base for becoming an elementarysecondary and senior secondary level teacher 

The course is a combination of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education Degrees (Dual Degree). Based on personal interest, one may select a preferable subject and go for this dual degree course.

Eligibility for B.A along with B.Ed course

The eligible criteria for integrated B.A. and B.Ed course are listed below

  • 10+2 passed with 50% minimum aggregate in any stream, with English subject.

  • Ed. degree holders will be directly admitted in the second academic year of this program.

  • There is a 5% relaxation for SC/BC applicants who apply for this program

Integrated B.A. and B.Ed course duration

The course duration for B.A and B.Ed is 4 years. The students have to undergo 8 semesters which includes 2 semesters for each year where they are trained in every aspect in the field of education and teaching.

B.Sc. and B.Ed

B.Sc. B. Ed. is a four-year integrated undergraduate programme offering a vision to impart in-depth knowledge of different subjects including Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology with three broad interrelated curricular areas. This course is for applicants who are interested to acquire knowledge through teaching and pedagogical expertise. This programme is for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching and other related fields.

Eligibility for B.Sc. and B.Ed course

The eligible criteria for integrated B.Sc and B.Ed course are listed below

  • 12th pass with 50% minimum aggregate in any stream, with English subject.
  • Ed. degree holders will be directly admitted in the second academic year of this program.
  • There is a 5% relaxation for SC/BC applicants who apply for this program

Integrated B.Sc and B.Ed course duration

The course duration for B.Sc. and B.Ed. is 4 years. The students have to undergo 8 semesters which includes 2 semesters for each year where they are trained in every aspect in the field of education and teaching to improve their effectiveness and use them for the art of teaching.

B.Sc B.Ed syllabus

Some of the important bsc bed syllabus course curricula are listed below

  • English
  • Mathematics (for PCM variant)
  • Physics (for PCM variant)
  • Chemistry (for PCM variant)
  • Other core courses (for PCM variant)
  • Chemistry (for PCB variant)
  • Botany (for PCB variant)
  • Zoology (for PCB variant)
  • Other core courses (for PCB variant)
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Pedagogy
  • Teaching and Field Work
  • Optional Subjects


B.El.Ed. stands for Bachelor of Elementary Education it is an elementary teachers program for training. This course has been framed to train students and make them capable to take up the role of a primary school teacher. The course is designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical knowledge and communication skills. the course offers the opportunity for students to interact and learn from scholars and faculties from the diverse discipline of education, social studies, biological studies, and so on.

Eligibility for B.EL.ED course

The eligible criteria B.EL.ED course are listed below

  • The applicants should have secured an aggregate score of 50% in 10+12 from any recognised Board of Education.
  • The aggregate score is 45% for SC/ST/OBC candidates at 10+2 level
  • The age limit of the candidate is from 15-17 years and it may vary from state to state
  • Candidates should have completed a 2-year diploma in Elementary Education

B.EL.ED course duration

The course duration for B.EL.ED is 4 years. In the first 3 years of the course, candidates study a combination of theory and practicals. Whereas in the last year of the course they teach directly in school, as a part of their training.


Bachelor of Education is a post-graduation course, you can only pursue this course after completing your Bachelor’s Degree program. Earlier, the duration of B.Ed. the course was 1 year. But after the program has been subjected 2 years long version of this program has been introduced by the government. The course caters the students who are interested to pursue a career in the teaching field. The applicant who wishes to make a career in this field has to undergo the process of learning every aspect of education

B.Ed eligibility

The eligible criteria for the b.ed  course are listed below

  • The applicants must have successfully completed graduation in any of BA or B.Sc from a recognized university
  • The candidate should have a minimum aggregate score of 50% in graduation
  • The candidate should have an aggregate score of 55% at post-graduate level

B.Ed course duration

The duration of B.Ed course is 2 years which is generally divided into four semesters bu the institutes which involve not only classroom-based teaching but also practical training session and internships.

B.Ed course fees

B. Ed course fee varies in the range of INR 30,000 to INR 60,000 for 4 semesters. The duration through distance learning is a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years.

B.Ed admission

Admission for B.Ed is done by conducting entrance exams for various states and institutions. There are various colleges that prefer B.Ed Entrance Exam score for admission to their institute and the exam is inclusive of subjects:

  • Math Ability and Mental Ability Questions
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  • Language Ability Test
  • Teaching Proficiency Test
  • Subject Test (Arts, Science, Agriculture, Commerce)

The candidates have selected for admission on the basis of their performance and the results are announced along with the merit list which allocated rank to aspirants according to their performance

Requirements for Teaching

  • Education is one of the important factors which play a very important role in each individual’s life and in today’s world person without education is of no use to society. So it’s important that each individual is educated.

  • It all started in our childhood when our parents/Guardians admitted us to the place which is known as schools where each individual are given a knowledge which in turn known as Education.

  • For learning or for gaining knowledge we needed someone who can teaches us and guide us through, and then comes a group of wonderful people or individual who is known as teachers who shape students future and dreams.

  • Each student in his life will have days which that are so complete and unbelievably great that will make feel like they are in a hot air balloon powered by all joy and happiness. And also the days where you just lock yourself in a room, and cry out loud and sometimes everyone needs to talk to someone but not to your friends or parents at those instincts you can approach your teachers to talk as they always have time to talk with you during your good times and bad times as well. 

  • You will experience some situations when you just love your profession that your nerves start busting out of your mind you can share with everyone including your teacher.

 Why are teachers important?

  • Importance of teachers can never be explained just by using words as they play a very important role in our childhood and develop us for the upcoming challenges to face them.

  • The teacher should be intelligent enough to share the right knowledge to the students as it will be carried by them for the rest of their lives and therefore should be served with genuine information. As the students will be the future of any country the future of the students lies in the hands of the teacher and also the future of the country.

  • Appreciation of a teacher is important because the big personalities who we see in today’s world were also in the hands of teachers back then and are responsible for today’s development.

  • As a result schools and students are celebrating the teachers day occasion for appreciating the efforts teachers what they are doing their students. This would be great if people across the globe celebrate it.

  • The actual gift for teachers is when his/her students become a good human being, successful in their career, business and finally their life. Not all teachers are good at teaching and similarly, not all students are good at studies especially in the modern era. Some teachers are great and they are always in the heart of their students.

  • The teachers give us the actual ideology and values to help people to learn how to handle every relationship in life and know the value of each relationship.

  • Teachers help us and show how to interact with thousands of peoples with a thousand mind-sets or personalities. These things really matter later in the life of students. This is why teachers are an important pillar of a student’s life and to society.

  • Today our society needs to understand and analyze good and bad.

  • We need people who think about future problems and create a solution for those problems.

  • We need people who can drive the nation into development. For the development of society, we can’t only depend on teachers but we need others who think in the same way and can guide us towards developments.

  • We need to implement the values which we learn in society. We need to support people as a society to become successful.

  • We can make use of social media that can promote the values to others and make others happy and bring positivity. We need to come up with the best possible solutions that can be implemented.

  • We need to appreciate good things and all these values come from the teacher with whom we came along.

I want to be a Teacher

Being a teacher is not an easy job as most part of the society thinks it is, there are various difficulties which a teacher goes through in order to become a teacher and also there is a lot of responsibility on the teachers as they will be shaping the future of the country,

So there are pros and cons which can be discussed being teacher

Pros/Advantages of being a teacher

  • The bonds which grow up between the student and teacher is impeccable as students who will be strangers in the initial days of the school start to grow up the bonding with the teacher and that fulfils the teacher professional

  • The friends which a teacher can make in his teaching period, Not only the students make friends during their studies but so does the teacher the teaches grows a wonderful relationship among the other staffs which can be called as friendship and it is good to have friends

  • If you love to learn something new daily then there is no other profession better than the teacher because the teacher gets to, learn new things each individual day and if someone loves to learn new things on daily basis Teaching is the best option to come up with.

Cons/disadvantage of being a teacher

There are not many disadvantages to being a teacher

  • Lack of support from the administration

  • Except for some of the European countries the pay scale for teachers is pretty less which is not appropriate.

So finally the future of the world is in the hands of the students. Whether the future may be a positive or negative no one knows but everything depends on the students and the quality of education they get. The education of a student is so important that one needs to consider the value of education in the present era. Therefore, the teachers need to consider how to go about cherishing those young and bright minds so one fine day they can become independent in the current society. 

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