Commerce is a wide spectrum and hence there are many challenging courses that every geek on commerce-related stuff can pursue. Here let's explore the wide range of best courses after 12th commerce. The students from commerce fields in HSC can opt for both commerce arts courses. The candidates can explore the wide range of diploma courses, creative courses, computer and arts courses.The most important for the students is to select the best Course after 12th Commerce for them, which suits them, which paves the way for a great opportunity and career ahead. 

Times are very different in India today, you can choose the best commerce course that will directly get you into the best career you wish for in your respective fields. This is very important because selecting the best commerce course will eventually bring out the best in you, and proper planning and preparation could be proved very best for your career. 

Best Courses After 12th Commerce

To make you doubt-free, we have put up a list of the best courses after 12th Commerce, which will acknowledge you with all the courses list. This list also covers the courses with a duration of 6 months to 1 year.

The below gives students the list of best UG Commerce courses. These courses are top-rated among the students and the colleges as they introduce you to the best job opportunities, salaries, and best career opportunities in the professional world, so read and choose the best:

  • B.Com
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 
  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Chartered Accountancy 
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Computer Application


B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce. This course has a duration of 3 years. This is a course that is preferred by most of the students after completing 12th Commerce. This Course is top-rated among the students. It allows students to venture on to other fields, and it acts as a foundation course for many job oriented courses like MBA, vocational courses, skill-oriented courses.

Some colleges offer this Course in both private and government institutes. So finding the right college for you will be the most important thing for the students who want to pursue B.Com after 12th Commerce. After graduation in B.Com, students can even go for M.Com, which is a master's program. This Course is found to be popular among girls; this Course is found to be the best Course after 12th Commerce for girls. The fees for this course is INR10000-2LPA.

B.Com graduates are offered numerous job opportunities in private and government. The primary job roles that graduates will be getting are accountancy, finance and clerk roles, banks, many other private entities. The salary earned by individuals by the end of this course is INR 2-6 LPA

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant 
  • Finance Manager

B.Com Honors

This is a step ahead of the regular degree. The subjects taught in this course are somewhat similar but a major difference is the level of details provided in this course with respect to subjects.  Thus is usually three years in duration.

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accounts Executive
  • Finance Manager

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]

BBA stands for a Bachelor in Business Administration. This Course is a 3 years duration degree. This course will mainly focus on building your leadership qualities and make you ready for the corporate world by making you familiar with all the business concepts, the main subjects that will be taught are marketing, financing, accounting, statistics, human resource management, etc. this is also the Course after 12th Commerce with maths. This Course is also the best Course after 12th Commerce for girls. It is also called the stepping stone for an MBA. The BBA course has its great importance and can get you different jobs in managerial and administrative positions.These are also professional courses after 12th commerce. The fees for the BBA course incurred is INR 1-3LPA. The salary offered to BBA graduates is INR3-4LPA

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Operation Manager

Bachelor of Business Studies [BBS]

BBS stands for Bachelor of business studies. This course is for three years duration. This Course is kind of similar to BBA (Bachelor OF business Administration). However, this BBS course is more focused on the practical aspects of business management. It is more industry-focused. This Course makes you familiar with different business concepts and mainly focuses on subjects like accounting, business law, communication skills, organizational behavior, marketing, and finance. The fees for the BBA course incurred is INR 1-3LPA. The salary offered to BBA graduates is INR3-4LPA

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Accountant Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Human Resource Generalist

Chartered Accountancy [CA]

C.A. stands for Chartered Accountancy. The Course has a duration of 3.5 years. In India, it is one of the most respected and challenging courses. Many students try and fail, but even though completing a few years in a C.A. The course is considered valuable.

This Course is considered very tough, but once you complete the C.A. course, your career and earnings prospects. This course familiarizes you with subjects like auditing, tax laws, taxation, business laws, and corporate laws. The fees of this course depends on the stages which ranges from INR10000-25000/ stage. The initial salary for CA students is INR 4-6LPA

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Chartered Accountant 
  • Credit Manager
  • Senior Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst

Bachelor of Laws [LLB]

LLB stands for Bachelor of Legislative Law. This course has a duration of 5 years. You can opt for it right after the 12th. In LLB, you will learn about labor laws, industrial laws, company laws, environmental laws, family laws, human rights law, and much more. Later you can choose your specialization to become a lawyer in your particular field.  The fees for the LLB course incurred is INR2.5-3LPA. The salary offered to graduates is INR3-4LPA

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Global Mobility Manager
  • Advocate
  • Law Writer

Bachelor of Computer Application[BCA]

Bachelor of Computer Application is a three-year course designed to get an insight into how the computer industry works. BCA is a more technical course that deals with the language of computers and how it is processed. It mainly offers knowledge about several computer applications and issues related to it. The objective of this course is to place students in the Department of Information Technology and computer applications. There are vast opportunities that the computer and technology industry holds, and is a good option for students as well. The fees for the BCA course incurred is INR 1-3LPA. The salary offered to graduates is INR3-4LPA

Rewarding Career Designations:

  • Software Publishers
  • Database Administrators
  • Chief Information Officers

Popular B.Com Specializations Courses

B.Com Economics

Economics is one of the most important subject areas in the field of commerce. In this course, a student is provided the detailed knowledge required for micro and macro-level economics. Common job roles are economists, college professors, etc.

B.Com Accounting and Finance

This course is best for students who are interested in pursuing a career in financial accounting and financial management. Both of the courses offer several job opportunities to skilled professionals having flair for the financial field. 

B.Com Financial Markets

This course has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and there are a high demand and salary prospects. This course teaches the fundamentals of financial markets, how does financial market works, different regulations of SEBI ( STOCK EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA). 

B.Com Banking and Insurance

This course teaches different principles with respect to banking and insurance and about financial institutions and different types of banking. 

B.Com Taxation

This course teaches students regarding taxation policies, different types of sections in the law of taxation, historical insights regarding the field of taxation. These courses are high salary courses after 12th commerce as it trains students in different specializations and experience at graduation and postgraduate level which earns enormous job opportunities for them.

Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Banking and Finance course teaches different aspects of banking, global markets, financial institutions, foreign trade, foreign exchange. Popular employment areas with respect to this course are insurance companies, commercial banks, private servicing departments. To increase job prospects one can give entrance exams for different job postings like Probationary officers, specialized officers, survey officers, etc. The fees for the above course incurred is INR 10000-1LPA. The salary offered is INR3-4LPA. The duration for this is 1 year.

Diploma in Financial Accounting

Diploma in Financial Accounting course teaches different subjects like auditing, business law, taxation, management, etc. Employment areas with respect to this course are usually maintenance and financial departments of different companies wherein some of the key tasks include maintenance of cash flow, profits and loss statements, taxes, etc. The fees for the course incurred is INR 1-3LPA. The salary offered is INR3-4LPA.

Creative courses After 12th Commerce

Given below is the list of few creative courses to pursue after 12th Commerce

  • Management Courses: BBA, MBA (PG), Diploma, BA, and B.Sc. Event Management
  • Culinary Courses: BA in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts, and Bachelor of Hotel Management.
  • Multimedia and Animation Courses: Animation, Graphic Designing, Web Designing
  • Architecture course: Commerce students who had Math as a compulsory subject can opt for this course.
  • Performing Arts courses (BFA): BA in painting, sculpting, dance, music, applied art, etc.
  • Design Courses: Fashion Design, Textile Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Apparels Design, Product Design, Leather Design
  • Photography Courses: BA in Photography, B.Sc. in Photography and Cinematography, B.Sc. in Digital Photography, Diploma in Digital Photography and BA in Photography and Video Editing. 

BA in Culinary Arts

The bachelor’s in the culinary course is like any other undergraduate program that extends for three years of duration. The culinary course entirely deals with the preparation and presentation of food. The graduates might receive offers from the restaurants after completing the course. They can even start their own hotel or cafeteria according to their interests and skills.  The fees for the above course incurred is INR 1-3LPA. The salary offered is is INR3-4LPA

BSc Animation 

The courses under this stream might extend for a time period of three years if taken as an undergraduate program. The scope for the field of animation and multimedia is skyrocketing recently due to the need for visual communications. It is almost used in every sector right from the film industry to education firms. It is much more interesting to learn if the learners are passionate enough and deal with the software and tools to create the content. The fees for the above course incurred is INR 1-3LPA. The salary offered is INR 4-5LPA. The course duration is for three years.

BSc Architecture

The duration of the bachelor’s course in architecture (BSc Architecture) in India usually prolongs for five years. The course usually includes the concepts of designing, planning, and building aesthetic structures without compromising the stability of the building. It also includes the planning of the provisions inside the building such as lighting, plumbing, acoustics, etc. These engineers work along with civil and construction engineers. The fees for the above course incurred is INR 2-6LPA. The salary offered is INR 4-5LPA. The course duration is for three years.


The performing arts courses such as singing, mastering an instrument, dancing extends for three years of duration. It contains both theoretical and practical sessions and enhances the performing skills of the aspirants. The courses offer tons of practice to the learners and promote them as professional artists. After completion of this course, one can become a tutor or a performer according to their will. The fees for the above course incurred is INR 2-5LPA. The salary offered is INR 2-9LPA. The course duration is for three years.

Bachelor of Design

The courses are offered as B.Des and the duration is up to four years and it is available under many streams including textile designing, interior designing, jewelry designing, leather designing, apparel designing, product designing, and so on. This professional course enables one to master a particular designing aspect and allows them to build a career in it. The course provides additional practices to the learners and promotes their core skills. The fees for the above course incurred is INR 4-5LPA. The salary offered is INR2-6LPA. The course duration is for three to four years.


There are many subdisciplines available under the category of photography and the duration of the undergraduate programs is usually three years. It enables a learner to become a professional photographer by tutoring them on the concepts of lighting, production, and processing the pictures. The technology behind photography and the methodologies used to take an alluring picture is also focused on this course.The fees for the above course incurred is INR 10000-1LPA. The salary offered is INR 4-5LPA. The course duration is for three years.

Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

  • Diploma in Computer science 
  • Bachelors in Computer Applications 
  • Graphics designing 
  • Digital Banking 
  • Tally 

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Computer Science is a three-year program. The course focus on the different conceptions of programming, web development, java programming, visual basics, and software engineering. The program enables the candidates to have a wider concept of computer science and engineering.


Tally is a 3 months duration course. A tally is accounting software. Tally subjects are accounting, payroll, billing, taxation, and banking. It is a professional course that could fetch you a rewarding career. Candidates interested in math, statistics,and software can take up this course.

In this article, we will also look at the list of Commerce Courses that can be pursued by the students after the 12th board examinations. There are more than 50 courses which come under Commerce.

SL.NO Course Name Duration
1 Bachelor of Commerce[B.Com] 3 Years
2 B.Com Computer Applications 3 Years
3 B.Com HONS 3 Years
4 B.Com Accounting and Finance 3 Years
5 B.Com Corporate Secretaryship 3 Years
6 B.Com Banking And Insurance 3 Years
7 B.Com Taxation 3 Years
8 Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {HONS}(Accountancy) 3 Years
9 B.Com Finance 3 Years
10 B.Com HONS Accounting and Finance 3 Years
11 B.Com Professional 3 Years
12 B.Com Co-Operation 3 Years
13 Certificate Course In Tally 6 Months
14 B.Com Banking Management 3 Years
15 B.Com Computer Science 3 Years
16 B.Com Professional Accounting 3 Years
17 B.Com Tax Procedure and Practice 3 Years
18 B.Com Information Technology 3 Years
19 B.Com Marketing 3 Years
20 B.Com Financial Markets 3 Years
21 B.Com Taxation and Finance 3 Years
22 B.Com E-Commerce 3 Years
23 B.Com Foreign Trade Management 3 Years
24 B.Com Business Administration 3 Years
25 B.Com Banking AND Finance 3 Years
26 B.Com Financial Accounting 3 Years
27 B.Com Management Studies 3 Years
28 B.Com Accounting 3 Years
29 B.Com Statistics 3 Years
30 Diploma in Banking and Finance 1 Year
31 B.Com Economics 3 Years
32 B.Com Tourism and Travel Management 3 Years
33 Certificate Course in Banking 1 Year
34 B.Com Insurance Management 3 Years
35 B.Com Business Economics 3 Years
36 B.Com International Business 3 Years
37 Diploma in Accounting and Finance 1 Year
38 Certificate Course in Stock Market 1 Year
39 B.Com Applied Economics 3 Years
40 Certificate in Accounting 1 Month
41 Diploma in Computerised Accounting [DIC] 1 Year
42 Association of Chartered Certified Accounts [ACCA] 2 Years
43 Chartered Financial Analyst 1 Year
44 B.Com Investment Management 3 Years
45 Certificate Course in Financial Accounting and Taxation 1 Month
46 B.Com Capital Market 3 Years
47 B.Com Supply Chain Management 3 Years

Top commerce colleges in India

Job Opportunities:

Job Opportunities and the course name are listed in the table below;

Course Name Job Profiles and Career Opportunities
BBA/BMS Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, HR Executive, Business Development Executive
Bachelor of Commerce Accountant, Accounts Executive, Financial Analyst, Finance Executive, Bank Manager
Cost Accountancy Cost Accountant, Senior Accountant, Financial Analyst
BBA LLB Business Consultant, Lawyer, Govt jobs
Company Secretary Advisor, Compliance Officer, Corporate Planner
Chartered Accountancy Private Practice, Advisor, Financial Advisor
BCA Computer, IT Support Executive, Information System Manager, Software Developer,  Web Designer, Business Analyst

Final Thoughts

There are many courses in the commerce stream that have been added recently, due to an increase in the interests flowing towards the Commerce stream. The commerce courses are evolving to be career-oriented and industry-centric and open up many opportunities for the commerce students. Commerce is a fantastic field of education with greater importance and having a greater relevance in this Globalized world.

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