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Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2014
  • Hostels are there for male and female, The hostel fees are moderate,
  •  Food is moderate not of high standards.
  •  Classroom are neat and of high quality.

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Dr MV Shetty Institute of Technology, [DMVSIT] Mangalore Infrastructure Details

The College has the following facilities:


1. Classrooms

Well furnished, well ventilated class rooms.

2. Seminar Hall

Air conditioned state of the art Seminar hall with a scaling capacity of 150 students.

3. Open air Theater

Modern open air theater with a scaling capacity of 1000, having all facilities for conducting cultural and other academic programmes.

4. Laboratories

The College has provided all the required laboratories to conduct practicals for first year students.

a. Physics Lab:

Consists of all the requirement as per the VTU syllabus. It has enough space for conducting practicals for atleast 30 students per batch.

b. Chemistry Lab:

Consists of all the requirement as per the VTU syllabus. It has enough space for conducting practicals for atleast 30 students per batch.

c. Computer Programming Lab:

30 P4 systems with necessary legal softwares provided to conduct in 1st year computer programming lab with UPS facility.

d. Data Structures Lab:

Consists of 30 P4 systems with necessary legal softwares provided to conduct Data Structures lab of III semester and Object Oriented Programming lab of IV semester for Computer Science and Information Science students. This lab has all lab requirements along with UPS,Projector and printers.

e. CAED Lab:

It consists of 30 P4 systems with computer aided drafting software as per University requirements along with laser printers, scanners and VPS facility.

f. Analog Electronics Lab:

Full fledged Analog Electronics Lab with 30 signal generators of range 3MHZ and 30 Duelchanel oscilloscopes. This covers all the basic needs of any learning enthusiastic student the lab is capable of accomodating 30 students at a time who can work and learn simultaniously


g. Work Shop:

Has all the facilities to conduct welding operations, fitting operations, soldering etc. as per VTU norms.

h. Logic Design Lab:

It is covered in area of 100 sq.meter. This lab contains around 30 digital tainer kits, and enough number of patch chords for conducting all experiments which is prescribed by VTU for third EC and E&E students. Each student is doing experiments individually in this lab


i.Power Electronic lab:

It is covered in area of 100 sq.meter. This Lab contains all the power electronics equipments modules to do the experiments which is prescribed by the VTU for 4th sem EE students. This lab can acomodate 30 students at a time. Each student experiments individually.


HDL Lab is equipped with 21 systems fully networked and has a backup with 6KVA UPS. Each system running Modelsim 6.4b XE and Xilinx ISE simulator. Lab also contains 12 FPGA main boards which can support all Spartan families of FPGA's, currently there are12 FPGA's (XC3S50) and all the facilities for future upgrades and IP development are provided and encouraged here.

k.Microcontroller Lab:

Microcontroller Lab is equipped with 22 system fully networked. Each system has Kiel provision. Software to work on microcontroller 8051, chip at 89C15. As per university requirement it consists of hardware devices to work on interfacing programs. Lab is capable of accommodating 30 students at a time.

l.Microprocessor Lab:

Consists of 30 CORE2DUO P4 systems with required legal softwares, MASM, TASM and Interfacing kits to conduct microprocessor lab of IV semester CS/IS course. This lab also has other lab requirements such as 6KVA online UPS.

m.DBMS Lab:

The DBMS(Database Management System)Lab is well furnished and  equipped with latest P4 systems   having Oracle 11g software to create database and operate on update operations  and Visual Studio  6.0  to create a front end for the existing data. The lab has a seating capacity of 40 students. The lab has all  requirements along with UPS,Projector and printers.

n.DSP Lab:

DSP Laboratory(Digital Signal Processing Laboratory) is well furnished & is well equipped as per the requirement of VTU. This lab consists of 30 personnel computers, MAT LAB software & CC Studio software for the performing the experiments. The lab is equipped with 6KVA UPS. 30 systems are connected by LAN (Local Area Network). This lab consists of 12 DSP kits for performing interfacing experiments. The students can perform the experiment individually.

o.LIC&AC Lab:

Linear Integrated Circuits & Analog Communication Laboratory is well furnished & well equipped as per the requirement of VTU. This lab consists of  IC’s and equipment for performing the experiments on active filters, Schmitt trigger circuits,  Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) , Precision rectifiers etc., This lab also contains equipment for performing experiments on Analog communication i.e., AM, FM, PWM, PM etc.,

p.CS&Measuremant Lab:

Circuit Simulation & measurement lab is well furnished and well equipped as per the requirement of VTU. This lab contains testing electrical bridges for measuring basic electrical parameters. This lab contains the equipment from which active & reactive power of single phase & 3 phase circuits can be measured. This lab contains 20 Personal computers and PSPICE software for do the simulation experiments.

q.Transformer&Induction m/c Lab:

Transformer & Induction machine is well equipped & it is as per the requirement of VTU for 5th Sem E&E. This lab contains  4 transformer test rings,2 three phase 5 HP induction motors with water cooled mechanical loading facility. This lab also contains one single phase induction motors test unit & a 3 phase slip ring induction motor test unit. Students can do the experiments individually.

r.Foundry&Forging Lab:

Foundry Engineering deals with the process of making casting in moulds prepared by patterns. The whole process of producing casting involves pattern making, moulding, core making, melting, testing is done in foundry shop except pattern making. Foundry Lab imparts a practical idea of manufacturing different parts of casting.
Forging is the art of working on metals at hot conditions to give desired shape and size. Forging lab gives an idea of converting the metals into required shapes.

s.Metallographoc&Material Testing Lab:

Many materials when in service are subjected to forces or loads. Examples include the aluminum alloy from which an airplane wing is constructed and the steel in an automobile axle. In such situations it is necessary to know the characteristics of the material and to design the member from which it is made such that any resulting deformation will not be excessive and fracture will not occur. The Metallography & Material testing lab deals the study of deformation to different type of load or force, mechanical properties such as strength, hardness etc

5. Library

The institution has a spacious library with a seating capacity for 150 students. It has 7276 volumes of books with 2252 titles. 47 national and 21 international journals are available in the library. The library has reprographic facilities.

6. Sports

Facilities for indoor games and outdoor games are available. There is a good playground located by the side of the college building.

7. Hostel

A separate hostels for boys and girls are provided at Mangalore and Moodabidri for 1st year students.

8. Transport Facilities

Dr. M.V.Shetty Memorial Trust maintains a fleet of vehicles including several buses to transport students to their respective study centers and to their respective hostels. The transport facility is also provided to students and the staff of the colleges from different places of Mangalore and surrounding area. The buses are also provided to the students for University related works, fests and for sports and cultural competitions held in different colleges.

9. Canteen Facility

The college runs a canteen to cater to the needs of students, staff and visitors.

10. Medical Facility

The trust is running a 100 bed hospital at Mangalore and medical facility will be provided to the students and staff. The doctors will be visiting to the college.

11. STD Facility

STD facilities provided by the BSNL are made available in the college premises enabling the students to contact their parents.

12. Internet Facility

The college has 2 MBPS leased line from BSNL Mangalore for the students and staff.

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