BMM Syllabus and Subjects:

BMM course is divided into 6 semesters. BMM course syllabus and subjects are divided equally among those 6 semesters which provides an insight into the topics related to mass media. The curriculum provides the students with the necessary talent required for their career.

Most of the colleges follow the same curriculum, while there might be little changes in the selection of optional subject.

BMM Syllabus:

Below is the tabulation of BMM course syllabus semester wise. Most colleges across the nation follow this curriculum, although minor variations are observed in some colleges:

BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - I
1 Definitions of Communication
2 Functions of Communication
3 Barriers of Communication
4 Basic Communication Models
5 An overview of Media Evolution from Gutenberg to the Internet
6 Role of Leading Mass Communicators


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - II
1 Introduction to Management
2 Management Today
3 Organizational Environment and Ethics
4 Introduction to the Marketing Process
5 Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix
6 Product Mix
7 Price Mix
8 Place Mix
9 Promotion Mix
10 Marketing in the Digital Age
11 Responsible Marketing & Ethics


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - III
1 Introduction to Media Studies
2 Media Studies as an Interdisciplinary Approach
3 Early Effects Theories
4 Limited Effects Theories
5 Cultural and Critical Theories
6 Media and Society
7 Introduction to Audience Theory


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - IV
1 Introduction to Research concepts
2 Research in Print Media
3 Research in Advertising
4 Research in Public Relations
5 Mass Media Research and the Internet
6 Research in Media Effects


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - V [Advertising]
1 Advertising in the Indian economy
2 Advertising and Culture
3 Advertising and the Audience
4 Global Advertising
5 Internet Marketing
6 Social Marketing


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - V [Journalism]
1 Specific Language Inputs
2 Structure and functions of the editorial set-up of a newspaper Writing Reports
3 Functions of the sub-editor – Writing, editing, design
4 Editing
5 Typography and Design
6 Editing on the computer


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - VI [Advertising]
1 Fundamental of Marketing Research
2 Product Research
3 Copy Research
4 Copy Testing Measures and Methods
5 Print Pretesting
6 Broadcast Pretesting


BMM Syllabus
Sl.No Semester - VI [Journalism]
1 History of the development of Radio Journalism
2 The potential of Radio as a Broadcast Medium
3 Radio News formats
4 Writing News for Radio
5 Scripting News for TV
6 Videotape Editing

BMM Subjects:

The students will have to go through various subjects while pursuing their BMM course. The following list of subjects is followed and pursued in most colleges in India throughout their curriculum. While a few colleges adopt minor variations, the core of the syllabus remains the same throughout most colleges:

BMM Subjects
Sl.No Semester - I
1 Effective Communication skills - I
2 Fundamentals of Mass Communication
3 Introduction to Computers
4 Landmarks Events in the History of World
5 Introduction to Sociology, The Sociology of News and Social Moments in India 


BMM Subjects
Sl.No Semester - II
1 Effective Communication Skills - II
2 Political Concept and Indian Political System
3 Principles of Management and Marketing
4 Introduction to Physicology
5 An introduction to Literatures


BMM Subjects
Sl.No Semester - III
1 Introduction to Creative Writing
2 Introduction to Culture Studies
3 Introduction to Public Relations
4 Introduction to Media Studies
5 Understanding Cinemas


BMM Subjects
Sl.No Semester - IV
1 Introduction to Advertising
2 Introduction to Journalism
3 Print Production and Photography
4 Radio and Television
5 Mass Media Research


BMM Subjects
Sl.No Semester - V
1 Advertising in Contemporary Society
2 Copywriting
3 Advertising Design
4 Consumer Behaviour
5 Media Planning and Buying
6 Brand Building


BMM Subjects
Sl.No Semester - VI
1 Press Law and Ethics
2 Broadcast Journalism
3 Business and Magazine journalism
4 Internet and Issues in Global Media
5 News Media Management

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