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CREST Olympiad 2022 - Exam Date, Schedule, Login, Eligibility Criteria

The CREST Olympiad exam focuses on enhancing the student's conceptual knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. CREST Olympiads prove to be the best preparation platform for the students to prepare for exams like JEE, NEET, etc.

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  • CREST Olympiad 2022 exam dates are now announced. Check Dates
  • CREST Olympiad 2022 registration is now live. 
  • CREST Olympiad 2022 exam Practice 1 is available 24/7 on the official website.

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CREST Olympiad 2022 Highlights

The CREST Olympiad is an international competitive exam held online by the Centre for Research and Exams in Science and Technology. The exam is open for students in classes 1-10, divided into various levels, covering the objective-type tests that should be completed in 60 minutes.

The CREST Olympiad exam consists of two sections, the practical section, and the achiever's section.

Given below are the highlights for CREST Olympiad:

  • The medium of the exam is English.
  • The CREST Olympiad syllabus and CREST Olympiad sample papers are framed from the CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and other state board syllabus.
  • The exam is conducted online, where students must either have a laptop, desktop, or tablet with a proper internet connection.

Tabulated below are the details of the CREST Olympiad:

Highlights of CREST Olympiad
Name of Organization CREST Olympiads
Eligible Classes Prep/KG, and 1 to 10
CREST Olympiad Full Form Centre for Research and Exams in Science & Technology
Mode of Exam Online
Type of Exam Conceptual Understanding
Registration Individual Registration and School Registration
Registration Fees INR 225
Total CREST Olympiads 7
CREST Olympiad Subjects
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
Exam Duration 60 Minutes
CREST Olympiad Email id [email protected]

CREST Olympiad 2022 Registration

For the level, 1 CREST Olympiad, the students of classes Prep/KG and 1 to 10 are eligible to give the level 1 exam. And level 2 is eligible for students of classes 3 to 10 only for English, Maths, and Science. Students can register for the CREST level 1 exams as individual participants or through their respective schools.

Given below is the CREST Olympiad registration process.

  • The CREST Olympiad registration process can be done in two modes.
    • School Registration
    • Individual Registration
  • Schools registering for these exams can conduct CREST exams using their computer lab.
  • The registration fee for each subject is Rs. 225 for students studying and enrolling in India. Whereas for students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is $10.

Note: Participants should have a computer or laptop with a webcam and a good internet facility for individual participation.

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CREST Olympiad 2022 Exams

CREST Olympiads mainly focus on encouraging students to solve critical thinking problems from multiple perspectives. The exams are based on conceptual knowledge. The CREST Olympiad conducts different Olympiad exams for subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English, covering the Reasoning, Cyber, and Spell Bee Olympiads.

The list of all CREST Olympiad exams is as follows.

CREST Olympiad 2022 Schedule

All the CREST Olympiad exams will be held between 10 am to 7 pm as per the students' slot. The CREST Olympiad schedule may change under exceptional circumstances.

The practice exam results and main exam results will be declared within one week and a month, respectively, from the last answer key date of that exam.

The table below shows the CREST Olympiad schedule for level 1 and level 2.

CREST Olympiad Exam Dates
CREST Olympiad Schedule Level 1 Exam Level 2 Exam
CREST English Olympiad (CEO)
  • 18th November 2022
  • 6th December 2022
20th January 2023
CREST Science Olympiad (CSO)
  • 2nd December 2022
  • 23rd December 2022
1st February 2023
CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO)
  • 9th December 2022
  • 6th January 2023
3rd February 2023
CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO)
  • 13th January 2023
  • 24th January 2023
CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO)
  • 10th January 2023
  • 31st January 2023
CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW) - Winter Round
  • 3rd January 2023
  • 7th February 2023
CREST International Spell Bee (CSB) - Summer Round
  • 1st July 2022
  • 19th July 2022
17th August 2022

The table below shows the practice CREST Olympiad schedule for level 1 and level 2.

CREST Olympiad Practice Test Dates
CREST Olympiad Schedule Practice 1 Practice 2
CREST English Olympiad (CEO) Available 24/7 18th October 2022
CREST Science Olympiad (CSO) Available 24/7 4th November 2022
CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) Available 24/7 11th November 2022
CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO) Available 24/7 16th December 2022
CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO) Available 24/7 13th December 2022
CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW) - Winter Round Available 24/7 20th December 2022
CREST International Spell Bee (CSB) - Summer Round Available 24/7 14th June 2022

CREST Olympiad 2022 Ranking Criteria

CREST Olympiads will be held on different days and sessions with different sets of question papers, and final ranks will be announced based on the normalization of the ranks for each session.

For CCO and CRO (all classes) and CEO, CSO, and CMO (classes 1 and 2) exams, there will be only one exam (level 1).

The ranking criteria for CREST level 1 and level 2 exams in case of tie marks are,

  • Priority 1: Achievers' section scores
  • Priority 2: Students who completed the test in lesser time will be ranked higher
  • Priority 3: The younger student, based on the date of birth, will be ranked higher

In case two or more students score the same marks under all the above criteria above, they will be awarded the same rank.

CREST Olympiad 2022 Cut Off Marks

The level 2 CREST Olympiad exams will only be conducted for the CEO, CMO, CSB, and CSO exams. The students who satisfy any of the following criteria are eligible for the CREST Olympiad level 2 exams.

  • The top 5% of students appeared for the level 1 CREST Olympiad in a particular class.
  • Top 25 students in a particular class and city (top 50 cities in India)/zone (remaining towns and cities including international locations is divided into five zones - East, West, North and South, and International)

Given below is the cut-off for the CREST Olympiad level 2 exam.

CREST Olympiad Cut Off Marks
Class Cut-off for Medals Cut-off for Merit Certificate
1 95% 85%
2 96% 90%
3 94% 85%
4 92% 80%
5 82% 76%
6 80% 74%
7 90% 77%
8 87% 80%
9 74% 70%
10 76% 71%

CREST Olympiad 2022 Awards and Recognition

For students appearing for CREST Cyber and Reasoning Olympiad and students of classes 1-2 appearing in English, Science, and Mathematics Olympiad exams, the CREST Olympiad awards and recognition is as follows:

  • The top 15% of students from this category will be awarded a merit certificate.
  • The top 5% of students from this section will be awarded a medal and a merit certificate.
  • The top 3 students registered through schools from every school with more than 25 participants in a class appearing for the CREST Olympiad exam will be awarded a merit certificate.
  • Overall top 3 students of classes 1 to 10 will be awarded the merit certificate and the achiever's trophy.
  • Digital certificate to every participant.
  • If a student meets two or more criteria, then they will qualify for a higher award.

The CREST Olympiad awards and recognition offered to the students of classes 3-10 are as follows:

  • Students who clear the CREST level 1 exam are eligible for the level 2 exams, and they will also be awarded a merit certificate.
  • The top 10% of students in level 2 will be awarded a medal and a merit certificate.
  • Overall top 3 students from each class are awarded the achiever's trophy and a merit certificate.
  • Digital certificate to every participant.
  • If a student meets two or more criteria, then they will qualify for a higher award.

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Note: All the awards will be delivered to the participant's school or residential address provided by the participant at the time of registration.

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