IELTS Mock Test 2023: Download Free Sample PDF for Practice

Vandana Thakur
Vandana Thakur

Updated on - Nov 29, 2023

IELTS Mock Test 2023 are released on the official webpage, i.e., The IDP authorities conduct Academic IELTS Mock Paper 2023 before the exam and IELTS General Mock Test too. The IELTS 2023 is a tricky exam that accesses students' language skills on various parameters. Candidates require tough preparation to be able to answer all the questions asked in the Mock Tests of the IELTS exam 2023.

Students who want to study abroad or migrate for employment must take the Cambridge IELTS Mock Test. It is primarily conducted in two types, namely general and academic, and two formats, i.e., computer-delivered and paper-based.

Candidates can give the free IELTS Mock Test 2023 computer-based exam online on the official website popularly known as IELTS progress check. It conducts General and IELTS Academic Mock Tests online for examinees to cater to the real-time exam experience. Students must prepare and practice well from IELTS books and Mock papers to crack exams with good scores.

IELTS Exam Pattern 2023 IELTS Syllabus 2023

Table of Contents

IELTS Mock Test 2023 Link

Students wanting to crack the IELTS exam must practice enough to get their desired scores. Moreover, IELTS authorities have an IELTS Mock Test 2023 practice portal on the official website known as IELTS progress check.

Students can practice IELTS papers on that portal and get real-time mock scores to know their level from certified IELTS examiners. Students can find IELTS Mock Test Link in the table below:

IELTS Mock Test Link 2023
Particulars Links
IELTS Progress Check Mock Test Link 2023 Click Here
IELTS Mock Sample Test Papers for Listening (General & Academic) Download PDF
IELTS Mock Sample Test Papers for Reading (Academic) Download PDF
IELTS Mock Sample Test Papers for Reading (General) Download PDF
IELTS Mock Sample Test Papers for Speaking (General & Academic) Download PDF
IELTS Mock Sample Test Papers for Writing (Academic) Download PDF
IELTS Mock Sample Test Papers for Writing (General) Download PDF

IELTS Mock Test Online 2023

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help aspirants work, study or migrate to a country where English is their native language. Through the IELTS exam, students can get study or work permit in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. Students' ability to listen, read, write, and speak in English will be assessed during the Test. IELTS is graded on a scale of 1-9 bands.

The IDP IELTS and Cambridge University Press & Assessment currently own and conduct the IELTS exam throughout the year. By practicing IELTS Mock Test free and IELTS previous year papers students can get an idea regarding the exam pattern and question type. Moreover, with dedicated practice and revision, students can get their desired band scores.

How to Download IELTS Mock Test Papers PDF

Candidates can also get IELTS Mock Test 2023 papers for free on the official website. Students can follow the steps mentioned below for downloading IELTS Mock Papers for free for all four skills:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the IELTS exam i.e.,
  • Step 2: On the upper tab, click "Test Takers" scroll down, and select "Sample Test Questions"
  • Step 3: The Sample test questions for every skill will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4: Students can download the test papers as per their preferences.

IELTS 2023 Test Modules

IELTS exams are of two types namely Academic IELTS and General IELTS exam. The academic IELTS exam is given by students who want to move abroad for study purposes and IELTS General is attempted by those candidates who wish to go abroad for job, settlement, or other purposes.

In the IELTS exam, every skill has different modules for both the Academic and General IELTS exams. Students can find test Modules for each skill mentioned below:

1. IELTS Listening Test Module

IELTS Listening Test is the same for both Academic and General candidates. Students have to solve 40 questions within 30 minutes based on a recording that will be played in the exam hall and will not be repeated later. Students will only get 10 mins to put their answers on the answer sheet.

It is advised for students to pen down answers while listening to the audio played in the exam center. Below given is the test module for IELTS Listening Exam:

IELTS Listening Test Module (Academic & General)

IELTS Listening Module

Question Type

IELTS Listening mock test Section 2

IELTS Listening Practice Test Section 3

Diagram label completion

Identifying information

Identifying writer’s views

Matching features

Matching headings

Multiple-choice questions

Table completion

2. IELTS Reading Test Modules

IELTS Reading Exam consists of three sections and students get 1 hour to solve the reading paper of the IELTS exam. The Reading Test module differs based on papers for academic and General Test takers.

The Reading Test Module for the IELTS exam is stated below:

IELTS Reading Test Module (Academic & General)

IELTS Reading Module

Question Type

IELTS Reading Mock Test (Academic)

IELTS Reading Mock Test (General)

Diagram label completion
Identifying a writer's views or claims
Identifying information
Matching features
Matching headings
Matching information
Matching sentence endings
Multiple choice
Sentence completion
Short-answer questions
Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion

3. IELTS Writing Test Modules

IELTS Writing Test Modules are different for academic and general candidates. IELTS Academic mainly consists of two writing tasks which consists of some visual information that must be written in 150 words and an essay of 250 words. The IELTS General Writing test consists of a letter and an essay that must be completed within 150-250 words in 1 hour.

The writing test module for IELTS Exam is tabulated below:

IELTS Writing Test Module (Academic & General)

IELTS Writing Module

Question Type

IELTS Writing Mock Test (Academic)

Writing Task 1: Bar Chart, Tables, Line Graphs, Pie Chart, Maps & Process Diagrams

Writing Task 2: Discussion Essay, Opinion Essay, Multi-part Essay, Multi-part and Opinion Essay, Positive/Negative Essay, Cause/Solution Essay, Advantage/Disadvantage Essay.



IELTS Writing Mock Test (General)

Writing Task 1: Letter writing (The letter can be of different types)

Writing Task 2: Essay (Statement Response)

4. IELTS Speaking Test Modules

IELTS Speaking Test is one on one conversation between the examiner and an examinee. The test duration is 15 mins and consists of three stages namely, introduction, cue card, and additional questions round.

The questions may vary on the candidate's response and the examiner can ask anything related to the topic. The IELTS Speaking is the same for both Academic and General Candidates. Below is the test module for the IELTS Speaking test 2023.

IELTS Speaking Test Module (Academic & General)

IELTS Writing Module

Question Type

IELTS Writing Mock Test (Academic & General)

Stage 1: Introduction (Talk about yourself)

Stage 2: Cue Card (Speak for 2 mins on a topic given)

Stage 3: Follow-up Questions ( The examiner will ask some questions based on the topic for additional response)

Ways To Attempt IELTS Mock Test 2023

Taking an IELTS practice Test is essential in preparing for the exam. Here are the ways to take IELTS Mock Test Online 2023:

  • Choose an official or reputed source for IELTS Mock Test 2023, such as the official IELTS website, Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests, or IDP IELTS Practice Tests. A reference source will help students start their preparation and know the parameters for each skill, i.e., listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Register for the IELTS Mock Test online for free on the source’s website if required. Some references may offer free practice Tests, while others may require a fee.
  • Pick a time and place to take the IELTS Mock Test free without disturbance. Ensure you have adequate time to finish the Test in one sitting, as the IELTS has a time limit for every skill.
  • Follow the IELTS writing Mock Test guidelines carefully and meet all sections within the allotted time.
  • Following the practice Test, use the answer key provided by the source. Assess the performance to identify areas for improvement.

Benefits Of Taking IELTS 2023 Mock Test

Solving the IELTS exam Mock Tests is necessary as it allows aspirants to learn from their mistakes. Here are various perks of solving the Mock Test for IELTS exam free.

  • Mock Tests are supposed to be best practice mediums for exam preparation. By solving the British Council IELTS Mock Test 2023 practice Test series, prospects comprehend the exam pattern and learn from their mistakes.
  • IELTS Mock Test helps in more reasonable strategizing for the exam with the necessary speed and accuracy
  • IELTS Mock Test allows examinees to identify and overcome their weaknesses with practice.
  • Attempting more IELTS Mock Tests online free with scores also permits candidates to learn new methods to perform better in exams.
  • Students can practice through an IELTS progress check and get IELTS speaking Mock Test Free with scores on the official webpage.

Importance Of IELTS Mock Test 2023

Candidates must take the IELTS computer-based IELTS Mock Test online. It will familiarize students with the IELTS exam pattern and questions. In addition, it will help them apprehend their strengths and weaknesses. These are a set of reasons for giving the IELTS online Test:

1. Polishes Student's Time management & Multitasking Abilities

An IELTS practice Test will polish your time management skills. With the help of this Test, candidates will be able to complete each of the above sections in the stipulated time. Furthermore, one will be able to develop multitasking skills. In addition, one will refine their communication, reading, writing and listening skills.&

2. Helps in Familiarising with Question Patterns & Structure

Candidates in the IELTS online Test can train themselves with the question pattern and structure of the exam. Students will discover the number of questions in each section and the number of marks allotted. Many times, prospects are incapable of answering specific types of questions. However, with IELTS Mock Test practice, students will comprehend problematic questions and can improve in them through daily practice.

3. Practice Aids In Overcoming Exam Struggles

Practice can make accuracy perfect, which is vital for securing good marks. Although a high score may be tricky to attain initially, this will be more effortless work with the practice of the IELTS Mock Test 2023.

IELTS Mock Test Self Study Plan 2023

To practice well during IELTS preparation and solving Mock Test papers, students must have a study plan for desired results. Find a weekly study plan for better solving for IELTS Mock Test Papers below:

IELTS Mock Test Self Study Plan
Weekday Study Shift 1 Study Shift 2
Monday Hear podcasts for 30 minutes, Learn vocabulary and reading books and resources Understand the types of questions that come in IELTS listening and practice, Practice writing tasks
Tuesday Research and practice reading topics, Practice speaking and reflect on the performance Practice writing tasks 1 and 2 and 1 listening module
Wednesday Listen to podcasts for some minutes and jot down new words, Read the topics from online resources Speak on common topics in front of camera or mirror for 15 mins, practice writing following the reference book topics
Thursday Practice Listening Tests for half an hour, Reading blogs and books to enhance reading skills Familiarise with several writing essay types, Practice cue card for two minutes on any one topic.
Friday Read Newspapers, Practice new vocabulary Practice opinion essays, solve difficult sections in listening and try to identify the problem and reflect on it.
Saturday Listen to online podcasts and journals, practice reading from Cambridge IELTS practice paper series Solve Cambridge IELTS writing Mock Test 1 and practice IELTS speaking Mock Test online free for 15 minutes from the module
Sunday Revise weekly learning, solve IELTS Listening Mock Test and IELTS Reading Mock Test papers online or from Cambridge IELTS books or IELTS Mock Test PDFs Write writing Mock Test papers from Cambridge IELTS books and rehearse IELTS speaking mock test questions on cue cards without any errors.

IELTS Mock Preparation 2023: Books and Study Material

Preparing for an IELTS exam is not an easy procedure as the exam is very difficult. The candidate must put in plenty of hard work and attention in preparing for the IDP IELTS Mock Tests. The candidate should assemble as many reference books and practice papers as attainable and work through them to get some understanding of the tasks that will be given in the exam. Moreover, by following this study plan students can prepare better for IELTS Mock Test computer-based exam.

A wide number of IELTS preparation books are obtainable both online and offline. Being prepared for the exam well before the IELTS exam date is more useful. The following are some of the reference books that could help you prepare for the IELTS CBT Mock Test 2023:

IELTS Study Material & Books 2023
IETLS Reference Book Additional Features

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

  • Based on information collected from the past IELTS takers.

  • Inclused materials for all the sections of IELTS.

  • Consists of strategy to preprae for the exam.

  • Comes with detailed answers.

  • Comes with additional 8 full-length practice Tests.

  • Includes a DVD for listening and speaking Tests.

Barron’s IELTS Superpack

  • Comes with practice exam for additional practice.

  • A list of essential words is included.

  • Comprehensive solutions.

Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7

  • Incldues tips and strategies for time management.

  • Written by past IELTS takers.

  • Language is easy to read.

IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack

  • Includes practice Tests.

  • Student-friendly.

  • Simple answers and explanations.

  • Includes additional tips and tricks to crack the exam.

Cambridge IELTS 15 Academic Student’s Book with Answers

  • Detailed analysis of each question.

  • The section-wise breakup of questions.

Road to IELTS

  • Interactive and engaging material.

  • Additional practice exams.

  • Includes other free features.

IELTS Trainer

  • Includes CD for listening and speaking sections of the exam.

  • Detailed explaination.

  • Includes practice Tests.

Mometrix IELTS Book for General Training and Academic 2023 - 2024

  • All the sections are included.

  • Video tutorials provided.

  • Affordable.

Check Your English Vocabulary for IELTS

  • Suitable for both IELTS General and Academic.

  • Wide range of vocabulary.

Focus on IELTS Foundation: Foundation Coursebook

  • CD included.

  • Can be used for other English language practise outside of IELTS.

IELTS Practice Test 2023

IDP Education conducts the IELTS 2023 test and provides a 30-day IELTS online preparation course. Prospects appearing for the exam can register for this IELTS practice material at the IDP IELTS official website.

Along with the practice material, the IDP provides a one-hour free master class describing the test format and how to score better in the exam. Students can take the IELTS online test to prepare for the exam.

IELTS 2023 Exam Pattern

There are two categories of IELTS 2023 exams, Academic and General Training. Both of these types consist of 4 sections each. They are reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections. IELTS Academic and General Training have the same IELTS exam pattern for Listening and Speaking, but the other sections of Writing and Reading are different.

The IELTS Academic is much more difficult than IELTS General Exam. Recently, IELTS computer-based Mock Test has also been introduced for students' convenience. Moreover, with an understanding of the IELTS paper pattern, students can prepare well for IELTS Academic Mock Test and general Mock Test effectively.


Is the IELTS mock test papers 2023 released?

Yes, IELTS mock test papers 2023 is released on the official website i.e., The IELTS mock test papers for academic and general are separately available on the official webpage. Candidates can practice and ace up their exam preparation.

What is IELTS mock tests online 2023?

The IELTS mock test online is designed to help aspirants study for the exam to work, study or migrate to a country where English is their native language. Taking a mock test online will helps students to boosts their confidence and analyze their performance.

How to attempt IELTS mock test 2023?

To prepare for the IELTS Mock Test 2023, candidates must select an official source like the IELTS online mock test 2023. Register for the mock test online for free, select a suitable time and place, adhere to the the test guidelines, and practice.



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