Any B.Sc graduate who is pursuing the B.Sc or completed the course would have wondered about what to do after BSc at any point. There are so many career opportunists according to their stream of choice in educational firms, research areas or one can pursue higher education after the completion. This article gives a complete idea on courses and career options what to do after graduation in B.Sc

Bachelor in Science is one of the most popular degree courses among the students after completing 12th Science (PCB/PCM). Bachelor of Science is an academic degree with a course duration of 3 years, that is awarded to students graduating in the field of Science. The B.Sc course is for students with a deep-rooted interest and comprehension of Science and Mathematics as well as for those who wish to pursue interdisciplinary careers in Science in the future.

What to do after B.Sc?

The most significant advantage that B.Sc graduates have is plenty of choices. They have a wide range of options available in terms of subjects, topics, fields, and streams to pursue their Master's Degree after B.Sc. Or they can go for jobs right after completing the bachelor’s course according to their will. 

Students after completing B.Sc having a dilemma in choosing what to do next? This article will surely help you in making the right decision in selecting the best course or the best job. So read through the article and make a wise decision.

There are many science subjects offered to students according to their interests. Science course combinations include various branches of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Statistics. After completion of the B.Sc degree, there are multiple opportunities available for the science students. They can either take up post-graduation courses or choose among the different employment opportunities.

List of Best Courses After B.Sc

B.Sc graduates can pursue a postgraduate level degree program in different fields of their interest. So this article will list those best courses after B.Sc which can be pursued by the students that can help build their careers.

  • M.Sc
  • PG Certification in Data Science
  • MBA
  • PG Certification in Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
  • MCA
  • Product Management Certification Program 
  • B.Ed 
  • Technical Short term courses


Master of Science is the most popular and pursued choice for B.Sc graduates when it comes to higher studies. It is a postgraduate Master's degree awarded by universities in many countries in the discipline of Science. The course duration is two years. The M.Sc course is a program that is focused on theoretical, scientific, and mathematical subjects with a view to discerning scientific concepts while preparing the aspirants for research prospects or a vast spectrum of lucrative career opportunities. M.Sc in any specialized domain will open the graduates to a plethora of options for a doctorate, research, and excellent employment opportunities.


MBA is one of the most sought after career choices for graduates of every stream, and B.Sc graduates are not an exception to this rule. It is a postgraduate academic degree with a course duration of 2 years. An MBA degree in India is examination-oriented and concentrates on the theoretical aspects of management. Many institutes in India are offering MBA degrees with specialization in scientific streams like hospital management, laboratory management, and IT management that are mostly recommended for B.Sc graduates.


With the IT industry-dominating Indian economy, computer applications and the IT industry have emerged as one of the most lucrative career opportunities available to B.Sc graduates. Students who wish to pursue their masters in this domain, MCA is the most preferred. MCA course is a Computer Science PG Degree whose curriculum is primarily based on the development of application software in diverse areas. The MCA program also focuses on providing the students with in-depth and sound background knowledge in theoretical and application-oriented programs relevant to the latest computer software development.


For B.Sc graduates, who wish to make a career in the Teaching Field, a Bachelor of Education degree would be an excellent choice for further studies. Bachelor of education is an undergraduate degree course that qualifies students to work as teachers in schools. The duration of this course is two years, with a total of 4 semesters. The B.Ed degree is necessary for teaching at the secondary and higher secondary divisions. B. Ed degree coaches the students into different and unique pedagogy techniques that aid them in improving their teaching skills even further.

Career Options after B.Sc:

Bachelor of Science courses are often termed as the ocean of opportunities that offer students the number of employment opportunities and different variety of options for higher studies in various fields. Many B.Sc graduates often end up opting for a master level program in their respective domains, Unaware of excellent career options after a B.Sc degree. To help them out, this article has pointed out all popular career options available to B.Sc graduates. 

So make sure you select the best course or best job that supports and motivates you to build your career.

Students wanting to get into the work field straight away after completing your B.Sc, then this article will eventually acknowledge you with the various job opportunities after completing your B.Sc. After completing the B.Sc course, the students can opt to work in various fields of their domains.

The sectors after B.Sc to land up in the best jobs are Health Care Providers, Space Research Institutes, Agriculture Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology Industry, Research Firms, Forensic Crime Research, Forest Services, Educational Institutes, Industrial Laboratories, Wildlife and Fishery Departments, Nursery Companies, Food Institutes, Chemical Industry and Geological Survey Department. 

The job opportunities available for B.Sc graduates are not only useful in salary but also help build their careers in their respective fields. The B.Sc graduates are provided with high paying jobs with respectable positions, and they are listed. 

  • Scientist
  • Scientific Assistant 
  • Research Analyst
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers
  • Chemist
  • Enumerators
  • Software Developer
  • Researcher
  • Biostatistician
  • Technical Writers
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Consultant 

Scientist Assistant

After completing the B.Sc course in any scientific stream such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, etc., one can become an assistant scientist in the research firms and work under the senior scientist unless they get the necessary experience. The scientific assistant job role consists of the research works under supervision. The students entering the research field get to learn a lot about the practical application of the concepts studied. 


Any B.Sc graduate can get into the teaching professions after completing the B.Sc program, or they can opt for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) to learn more about the teaching principles and strategies. The teachers are one of the most influential people in the lives of the students, and so this profession holds its importance. The B.Sc candidates can become teachers in their relative field of study. 

Software Developer

The graduates, after completing the B.Sc Computer Science, can become a software developer. The prime duty of the developers is to develop new applications for the functions of the firm. Many IT sectors take in these graduates along with the engineering candidates. These developers also work under managing the previously developed software, fix the bugs in the applications and arriving at possible solutions to rectify an error in the softwares. 

Technical Writers

Every company has its documentation works to do, and the technical writers are the ones to help the firms with the writing part as in documentation, preparing a brochure for clients and so on. The companies look forward to people with persuasive language, writing ability and the firm knowledge on the core concepts. These days, many companies even offer freelancing options for writers. 


Chemistry is one of the crucial aspects of science as the composition of any element decides almost all the things. So, to become a chemist, one has to master the studies. The chemist usually works in research firms, drug preparation, medical industry laboratories and so on. The day to day medicine that we use and other drugs employed for the patients marks the work of the chemists. 


After mastering the field that one chooses to get in, they can become a researcher in that field. Every area consists of its research going on, right from the basic sciences to the history courses. Their researchers should know the methodologies to carry out the research and the analysis methods. The researchers arrive with new concepts in their field with the help of their core knowledge.

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