Commerce is a field that revolves around subjects like accountancy and business studies. Commerce is an efficient branch for students inclined to work in firms that work on more technical sides. Choosing an appropriate career is very important in a competitive world like now. Below are some career options that give an insight into all factors of Commerce.

Below are a few best career options in Commerce after the 12th:

  1. Banking
  2. Insurance 
  3. Finance 
  4. Accountancy
  5. Management 
  6. Computers
  7. Arts 
  8. Media 
  9. Mass communication
  10. Applied science 
  11. Economics 
  12. Commerce 
  13. Statistics 
  14. Entrepreneurship 


Banking is an ever booming sector that has vast opportunities for students to explore and seek options. Some different courses and jobs provide a sufficient salary for aspirants seeking to learn at the bank. After completing graduation, one can make a career in this field by appearing at various bank exams conducted by RBI, SBI, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), and other regional rural bank exams.

Bachelor of Economics is a course that is recommended.


The insurance sector has not been as explored when compared to the other sectors. The opportunities to earn and learn are enormous, and students need to research the same. Students can choose their banking and insurance specialization, a three-year graduate program that allows creative professionals to handle activities related to the banking and insurance sectors.


Finance is a branch filled with dynamics of all kinds of opportunities right from studying the various markets to studying new techniques; it has all of it. There are multiple opportunities in trading and different markets. By Finance, one means it is a course without maths but has many to do with numbers.

Pursuing an undergraduate program offers students theoretical and practical knowledge bases of trading and its regulation, market forces, demand, and supply, which is an essential part. They are equipped to understand the risks and legal parameters of a financial market in depth.

Recommended Course: Bachelor of Financial Markets


Any firm or business keeps a record book for the daily expenses, which we recall as Accounts. Every organization needs an accountant for recording their financial statement, and hence there is scope in this field. Right from verification or certification of taxation, especially concerning indirect tax, preparing quotations for tender responses, all of it is covered under accountancy.

Recommended Courses: Certified Management Accountant


Out of many options in the field of commerce, computers are one such field that is been growing due to the technology that is developed on daily basis. The branch of computers deals with various sets of teachings that let the students get a perception. The field of computers develops students with various skills and techniques that involve the construction of the instruction. The field has many interesting job opportunities to explore and grow.

The salary offer to the students is anywhere between INR 2L-10L.

Job roles:

  • Web developer
  • Database administrator
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Computer software engineer

Recommended courses: BCA


Arts is a variant field that deals with numerous kinds of subjects that can be explored. The arts field deals with different projections of arts and humanitarian activities. The field teaches students different kinds of arts that are used all over the world. Some subjects give students insight into how the industry works. Art provides students with various subjects to study from like sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, economics, etc. along with compulsory language subjects.

The salary offer to the students is anywhere between INR 2L-10L.

Job roles:

  • Art teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Art technician

Recommended course: Bachelor of Arts


Media is a field that provides students with aspects related to different media vehicles. Media is a very enthusiastic field for keen students. Media helps students discover different job opportunities and various developmental skills. The media vehicle is a very important tool with the increasing demand for the same.

The salary offer to the students is anywhere between INR 3.7L-10L.

Job roles:

  • Make-up Artist
  • Script Writer
  • Camera Operator
  • Production assistant
  • Costume Designer

Recommended course: Bachelor of Mass Media

Mass communication 

Mass communication is a very enthusiastic industry with advanced and rapid technological changes every day. Students are taught insights and fundamentals of the media and communication skills. The course can be pursued to post the completion of 10+2 from a recognized university. It is the activity of writing about recent developments for newspapers, magazines, etc. It has enveloped reporting done through radio and television.

The salary offer to the students is anywhere between INR 4L-12L.

Job roles:

  • News Broadcaster
  • Film Director
  • Radio Jockey
  • Editor
  • Sub-Editor
  • Public Relations Officer

Recommended course: Bachelor of Mass media and Journalism


Economics is a subject of social science that deals with various aspects of imports, exports, wealth, and many others to the list. Economics is considered a stable sector in terms of the value it adds to many insights into the country’s welfare. The subject focuses on the aspects of how the economy works and what are the different steps involved in the same. The salary offered to the students who study economics is INR 3LPA-6LPA

Job roles:

  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Economist
  • Professional Economist
  • Economic Researcher

Recommended course: Bachelors in Economics


Entrepreneurship is a form of activity which involves setting up a business. An entrepreneur is an individual who focuses on the aspects of a business which include taking up financial risks, raising capital, looking after the team, and many points to the same. Students who are keen on running their own business can opt for the entrepreneurship courses. There is no fixed salary that can be counted or estimated it is solely the revenue that the business makes.

Recommended course: Entrepreneurial Development course


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