Anchal Srivastava

Anchal Srivastava

Sr. Content Marketing Specialist

Anchal Srivastava is a Sr. Content Marketing Specialist, courses and admission expert with a sound knowledge of SEO, content structuring and architecture. She is an engineer and has an MBA in Marketing. She is passionate about learning something new every day. Her will to explore different areas of marketing landed her in GetMyUni. GetMyUni is one platform that got her to excel in her content marketing and SEO skills, which helped her understand the importance of holistic, factual and exhaustive content and, most importantly, the importance of user intent. She feels satisfied at the end of the day by providing students with the piece of information that can help them make the right decision. She also enjoys writing poems in her leisure time. Also, she is both a sleepy pie and a party animal! You may find her dozing off over Netflix on a cosy weekend or see her partying loud on a Saturday night!