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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Information Science & Engineering), batch of 2019

The infrastructure is beautiful with the lush green environment. Classrooms, labs and the campus is always clean and is well equipped. Food in College isn't that great. And I wouldn't suggest anyone have a meal as it isn't tidy. But there are three bakeries for snacks which are good and the lifesaver. Hostel for first-year students is available in the campus for boys. And outside campus girls hostel is available which is safe and beautiful.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2020

Only boys are there on the college campus. Hostel fee is 1lakh per annum which includes foods, WiFi etc accommodation required for normal students is present. We have well structured and big labs, libraries etc. WiFi is also available for the students, big classroom consists of projector, seminar hall etc. Overall infrastructure is very good.. we have football ground, cricket ground, basketball ground, tennis court individually even volleyball court is there. Inside the campus, a church is also there. Well maintained and the huge auditorium is there. Our college is very clean and green.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2016

There are 2 hostels one for boys and other for girls which are a bit far but I don't know about hostel because outsiders are not allowed to go inside the hostel even if they are college students only who are in the hostel are allowed.The hostel fee is INR 95000/- per year. Outside the college, there are several paying guest PGs. Students can also stay in PG.The cost of pg for 1 student is INR 5000/- per month with all facilities provided by PG. The food is provided 3 times by college. If the students are in the hostel the college provides hostel card which student can swipe and have food it is secured with the student's fingerprint that means if fingerprint matches then only he can swipe the card. For other students its more than INR 50/- per meal.There are two canteens in the college where student can have some food and snacks. When its about class rooms its better but not fully high level class rooms. There are fans in each class room. In labs it is having good equipments provided by college there is no danger chemicals in chemistry lab. Computers are modern with i5 core processor. The higher semester class will be having projectors for better understanding. There is a good library which contains all semester book and other books we can carry it to home or we can study in the college itself where their is a separate room for studying library books. Wifi is given only to computer science staff department only.

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T John Institute of Technology, [TJIT] Bangalore Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at T John Institute of Technology, [TJIT] Bangalore:

The institute has state of the art infrastructure which enables to produce disciplined, creative and quality engineers to meet the varied challenging industrial requirements.


The college has very good laboratory infrastructure with state-of-art technology in all the departments. The college has got the latest technology, computer labs, industry-standard legal software, and hardware. The electronics labs are equipped with the latest equipment to meet the standards.


TJIT Library is housed in an exclusive attractive spacious building next to the Principal office and to the auditorium and It has tons of resources of VTU prescribed textbooks, Reference Books, standards and Hand Books in all the subject areas that are taught in our campus and offer many different types of services for your learning, teaching and research needs.

The library has a good collection of educative CD-ROMs, Technical Reports, e-question papers, etc for additional reference work. Previous years Bound volumes of periodicals are also maintained for cross-reference works. It is fully computerized with the NEWGENLIB software and there is a separate digital library facility with 30+ computer systems which helps students and faculties to access online resources of VTU consortium. 

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