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Updated On - Dec 14, 2021

SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai Overview

Universita Bocconi is Italy's first economic university which was established in 1902. It was established by a renowned entrepreneur Ferdinando Bocconi, who understood the value of innovation and the importance of thinking beyond the borders. Universita Bocconi is one of the top european institutions of higher learning and research in the fields of Management, Economics, Finance, Law and Political Science. The University is constantly striving to associate its strong theoretical background with real-world applications. Even today, the university attracts the most talented students who may become future business leaders.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai is one of Europe's premier Institutes located in Mumbai. The centre is a PAN-Asian hub in Mumbai which is delivering quality education. It is the only campus outside of the country in which Università Bocconi is situated. This institute was established in the year 2012. The institute brings over the courses designed and taught especially by the faculty of SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy. SDA Bocconi Asia Center Admission offers Executive Education and Postgraduate Programs. The Institute targets to provide wide-ranging practical and academic expertise. SDA Bocconi Asia Center is striving to utilize and propagate innovative business knowledge to contribute towards the overall development of individuals and organizations.

The institute has adopted a unique way of approach by promoting knowledge through its management schools relevant research and teaching. This approach spreads the management schools expertise and excellence in design, branding innovation and entrepreneurship to boost managerial skills and share practices across borders to empower people. SDA Bocconi Asia Center is a leading institution in management training. The SDA Bocconi School of Management's mission is to assist individuals, companies and institutions to grow by promoting managerial culture, knowledge, and innovation.

SDA Bocconi is among the leading Business Schools in Europe and has received triple accreditation which gives the school an elite position among the business schools worldwide. The University's school is committed towards research and education which has contributed to the development of many industries. The School has been ranked among the top positions in the world which shows SDA Bocconi’s commitment to be a world-renowned center for the creation and dissemination of knowledge. The institute is committed to nurturing their student's educational experiences with their passion for experience-based knowledge, scientific rigour, breadth and inclusivity.

Some of the facts and figures about Bocconi University are mentioned below.

  • The University has 5 Schools and 8 Departments.
  • They have 10 Research Centers and 337 core faculty members.
  • The University has 14,000 Students and 100,000 Alumni worldwide.
  • The University has partnered with 275 Schools worldwide.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Quick Links:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Highlights:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center is leading in offering quality education in the field of Business & Management. The institute is offering its assistance to professionals from all over the world and from all sectors of the economy. More highlights about the university are mentioned below.

Type of University Private
Accreditations AACSB International, European Quality Improvement System, Association of MBA
Infrastructure Facilities Library, Classrooms, Data Access Facilities, Areas for group studies, Recreational Area, Game Room
SDA Bocconi Asia Center Address 9th Floor, Hiranandani Knowledge Park (Opposite Hiranandani Hospital), Powai, Mumbai
SDA Bocconi Asia Center Programs Offered Postgraduate, Executive SDA Bocconi Fees
SDA Bocconi Asia Center Contact No. 912240867000, [email protected]

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Courses:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers Postgraduate and Executive Programs. The Courses offered by the university are mentioned below.

Disciplines Courses
Business & Management International Master in Business
International Executive Master in Business
Executive Program in Luxury
Global Executive Program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Executive Program in Business Analytics
International Program in Arts Management

SDA Bocconi Asia Center International Master in Business (IMB):

The International Master in Business Program is a Masters's Program designed with a combination of solid theory, case-study methodology, international experiences and corporate exposure. It is mainly designed to to create responsible, reliable, and effective business leaders. The Program is divided into 11-month modules which include 4-month specialization in Bocconi's Main Campus. The course maximises the learning opportunities of the students in a short period of time. The students pursuing this course, get to experience the international outlook and the multicultural environment essential for a successful career in a global economy. The courses offered at the Bocconi campus in Milan are mentioned below.

  • Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Management of Fashion & Luxury
  • Operations Management
  • Organisation & HRM
  • Strategic Management & Management Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Business Analytics for Decision Making

SDA Bocconi Asia Center International Executive Master in Business (IEMB):

IEMB is a 15 months part-time program which is rigorous, challenging, global and compact for Mid to Senior Professionals, who want to accelerate their career. The Program is designed to sharpen the leadership skills of the students and to build any knowledge gap that would convert ideas into actions and goals achievement. During the program, management skills and leadership development will be integrated, which will result in a holistic learning experience that will shape the students into a self-aware and knowledgeable business practitioner.

The first step of the curriculum entails Leadership and Teambuilding, Accounting [online] and Quantitative Methods [online]. The second step offers knowledge in Managerial Accounting, Project Management, Foundations of Marketing, Foundations of Strategy, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics, Business-Government Relations, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics for Business, Organisation Design and Business Communication.

The candidates will also go through a 2-week session in Milan which will include company visits, lessons, exposure meeting and networking opportunities. After the students come back, the third step of the curriculum starts which include advanced management courses. Step 4 includes topics like Leadership and Change Mangement, Capital Markets, Business Negotiations, Advanced Marketing, Innovation Management, Design Thinking, Digital Transformation and many more. At last, the students will have to submit their final project.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA):

Executive Program in Business Analytics is a 10-months executive program which will be held at the Mumbai Campus. The students who take up this course will gain an understanding of predictive modelling, data mining, big data analytics, marketing, operations, risk analytics, among other analytics areas. This program combines the analytics expertise of Jigsaw Academy and the global academic perspective of Bocconi. Post completion of the course, students will be capable of data-driven decision making and leadership in industries such as retail, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and manufacturing.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center International Program in Arts Management (IPAM):

IPAM Program is designed for practitioners and students from all over the world who have a keen interest in Asian art and cultural environment but also open to international best practices. The Program aiming towards supporting artistic innovation and cultural development worldwide by strengthening the leadership and management skills required for arts organizations to thrive. The students pursuing this program, get hands-on experience by applying theoretical learning to real-life assignments and cases. The students experience international exposure and learnings from dedicated faculty and professionals.

The students of the course will get a certificate from SDA Bocconi School of Management. They will get the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty and internationally renowned professionals. The students will be able to learn from any industry experts and professionals and gain experience through practical and theoretical learning. International Program in Arts Management is an International executive program which contains 4 modules and internship. 

  1. Module 1 entails topics on Consulting Management for the Arts which takes place in Mumbai
  2. Mode 2 entails topics on Performing and Visual Arts Management which takes place in New Delhi
  3. Mode 3 entails study on International Arts Production and it takes place in Beijing, China
  4. Mode 4 entails study of Heritage Management and it takes place in Milan, Italy

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Executive Program in Luxury (EPL):

This program aims at offering the fundamentals and necessary insights on the changes brought up by digital transformation, globalization and new consumer trends to the managers and entrepreneurs working in the Indian Retail. EPL is a 4-day program taught and designed by the professors of SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy. Day 1 of the course includes a study of global trends, opportunities and challenges in luxury. Day 2 is about designing and using strategies in the luxury sector and networking with partners from EMiLUX. In Day 3 and 4, the students learn about building and selling a luxury brand along with omnichannel strategies as well as solutions.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Global Executive Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (GEP - E&I):

GEP - E&I is a 2 month modular and international program which offers an insight on the age of digital transformation. It teaches how to start new businesses and tackle challenges to the potential entrepreneurs. The course consists of 4 modules followed by a Capstone Project and Convocation [conducted in December].

  1. The first module [conducted in January for 3 days] teaches about Creating Business in a Fast-Changing Environment
  2. The second module [conducted in March for 3 days] teaches Managing Innovative Business
  3. The third module [conducted in June for 8 days] entails Learning form Italian Excellence Study Tour
  4. The fourth module [conducted in September for 4 days] is about Operating in the Global Economy.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Fees:

SDA Bocconi Asia offers Postgraduate and Executive Programs with a flexible fee structure. The Fee for the courses offered is mentioned below.

  • The Tuition and Academic Fee for IMB Program is INR 16,10,000 per annum.
  • The Tuition Fee for IEMB Program is INR 15.5 Lakhs + GST per annum.
  • The Tuition Fee for Executive Program in Luxury is INR 1.65 Lakhs + GST per annum.
  • The Tuition Fee for Executive Program in Business Analytics is INR 6,40,000
  • The total fee for the Global Executive Program in Entrepreneurship & Development is 18 Lakhs + GST

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Scholarships:

SD Bocconi provides scholarships and tuition fee waivers due to its commitment towards supporting outstanding students in getting admitted to their academic programs. The institute is offering merit-based tuition waivers up to 80% for students with outstanding profiles. The students who are eligible for tuition fee waiver must have academic consistency, strong entrance test scores, extracurricular activities and outstanding personal interview. The types of scholarships offered by the institute are mentioned below.

  • Dean's Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded at the time of admission based on the dean's decision. The student should be among the top 5% in the class, at the end of the first 11-month module.
  • Women's Leadership Scholarship - it is awarded to meritorious women candidates who are applying for the IMB Program. The eligible female candidates are the ones who meet the standard selection criteria and show excellent leadership skills in many ways.
  • Sports and Cultural Arts Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to have been consistently at a high level in any of the sports activities. The students have to submit valid documents to avail this scholarship.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Focal Points:

  • Mumbai and Milan Financial Hubs - It is a business metropolis hub built to provide intellectual and cultural life-enriching experience.
  • International Recognition - SDA Bocconi is one of the top schools in Italy and one of the highest rankings in the world.
  • Diverse Class - They have balanced their gender ratio, with an average of 45% female students.
  • Active Learning and Applied Knowledge - They provide active learning and unique assessment methodologies during the course of learning.
  • International Faculty - They have excellent faculty who teach around the world and bring international experiences and cases to the classrooms.
  • Talent Nurturing - They focus strongly on communication and soft skills and they work closely with each student in a personalised way.

Centres of SDA Bocconi Asia Center:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center formed some of the Centers of Excellence with the objective of creating an environment which is rich in knowledge through research. The Centers of the institute are mentioned below.

  • Center of Excellence - Insurance
  • Center of Excellence - Retail & Luxury
  • Center of Excellence - India Lab
  • Center of Excellence - Corporate Social Responsibility

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Infrastructure Facilities:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Campus is spread over a large area and the institute is located in Hiranandani Gardens which is providing homes to several multinational companies. Some of the amenities provided by the institute are mentioned below.

  • The amphitheatre-style classrooms with excellent acoustics facilitate interactions with thought leaders and corporates during sessions.
  • They have advanced e-learning facilities for sharing of presentations and course materials.
  • Platforms with video conferencing facilities.
  • The Library is equipped with digital media and data access facilities.
  • The Library has the largest European archive of books and articles related to business and economics.
  • They have separate areas for group work and individual studies.
  • The institute has a recreational area and game room.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Rankings:

SDA Bocconi is the leading School of Management and is the only Italian School present in all of the important international rankings.

  • It has 28 Double Degree Agreements and has been ranked #1 in Europe per prestige in Research.
  • The University has been ranked 4th in Europe in the field of Economics & Econometrics, Business & Management, Social Sciences & Management.
  • The University has been ranked 9th worldwide in Executive Education.
  • The University has been ranked 6th among the Business School's in Europe.
  • The University has been ranked 9th in Europe for Global MBA.
  • The University has been ranked 5th in Europe for providing Full Time MBA in 2018.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Placements:

SDA Bocconi offers placements through conducting meetings with company representatives and the students will be able to gather information on both the domestic and international job market, on the different job profiles as well as to interact directly with managers and potential employers. SDA Bocconi Asia Center Placement provides career guidance to students so that they will be able to understand their aptitudes and make better professional choices. The Career Development Service also provides an easy access to summer internships. Personal Orientation Labs are conducted to develop and facilitate a path of self-awareness of the student's aptitudes. Mock Interviews, In-Company Training, Seminars on soft skills are conducted too. They conduct workshops to help students create an effective CV and a high impact cover letter, which are the basic requirements for a successful job search.

The Highest Salary offered till date is 24 Lakhs, Average is 11.13 Lakhs and Median is 10 Lakhs.

Some of the companies that offered jobs for the students of the institute are mentioned below.

  • H&M
  • KPMG
  • PWC
  • Daily Hunt
  • Deloitte USI
  • Future Group
  • Nykaa
  • The Drum
  • Udaan
  • Fynd

The Institutes Career Development Services are categorised into two modules.

  • Module One comprises of Boot Camp, Experiential Learning, Internship Ready
  • Module Two comprises of Reassess and Plan, International Experience, Career Readiness

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Clubs & Committees:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center has formed clubs that focus on the managerial abilities required for the overall growth of the students. The Clubs are the networking interface and a platform of knowledge for students, companies and faculty. The Clubs of the institute are mentioned below.

  • Luxury Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Finance Club
  • Operations Club
  • Management Consulting Club
  • Sports Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Media Committee
  • Cultural Club
  • Placement Committee
  • Human Resources Club
  • Toastmasters Club
  • Photography Club
  • Business & Technology Club

SDA Bocconi Asia Center FAQs:

  1. What are the Executive Programs offered by SDA Bocconi?
    - The institute offers an International Executive Master in Business, Executive Program in Luxury, Global Executive Program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Executive Program in Business Analytics.

  2. What is the scholarship amount offered by the institute?
    - The institute provides scholarships upto 2 Lacs inclusive of GST.

  3. How is the loan facility provided by SDA?
    - They provide education loans from Credila, an HDFC Ltd Company which is India's first education loan provider.

  4. Does the institute provide hostel facility?
    - Yes, they provide hostel facility on a first-come, first-serve basis.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Eligibility Criteria:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center provides Postgraduate and Executive Programs in the Business & Management discipline. The institute has set eligibility criteria to assess the suitability of a student to his/ her preferred program. The eligibility criteria for the courses offered are mentioned below. 

Courses Eligibility Criteria
International Master in Business (IMB)
  • The Candidates should have a bachelor's degree in any stream from a recognized institution.
  • They should have a valid score in CAT/ NMAT/ GMAT/ GRE/ CMAT/ Bocconi Test.
Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA)
  • The Candidates should have a bachelor's degree in any stream from a recognized institution.
International Executive Masters in Business (IEMB)
  • The Candidates should have a bachelor's degree in any stream from a recognized institution.
  • The Candidates should have a valid GMAT Score.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Admissions:

One can apply for admission online from the official site of the college. Admissions for PGPB are based on the scores obtained in entrance exams, academic performance, soft skills, and Personal Interview. Admissions for IEMB and EPBA are on the basis of academic performance and interview.

Important Dates for Application Process:

Application Rounds Deadline
Round One 20-11-2019
Round Two 20-01-2020
Round Three 20-03-2020
Round Four 10-05-2020

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Hostel Details:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Facilities meet the highest international standards. SDA Bocconi offers hostel facilities to students, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The hostel is situated within a short distance from the study area and is surrounded by major chain of restaurants and recreational outlets. Some of the amenities provided by the institute are mentioned below.

  • All the rooms have adequate space and comfort.
  • The rooms are shared and have attached bathroom facilities.
  • All the rooms are provided with a Bed, Mattress, Wardrobe, Study table, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning and Wifi.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai Highlights

Institution Type Private

SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai Reviews

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Distribution of Rating

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International Exposure


Fees and Scholarship


Placements & Internships


College Infrastructure


Clubs & Associations


Pratyaksha | Post Graduate Programme in Management [PGPM], batch of 2017

Reviewed on Aug 12, 2021

  • 4.4
  • Academics & Faculty 4.5
  • Fees and Scholarship 4.5
  • Placements & Internships 4
  • College Infrastructure 5
  • Clubs & Associations 4
Academics & Faculty
  • MISB offers a plethora of unique subjects from an array of domains like marketing, finance, operations.
  • Its practical approach towards learning gives this college an edge over other institutes.
  • Faculty comes straight from Milan and keeps us at par with the parent university i.e. SDA Bocconi Milan. Each and every faculty is extremely jovial and cooperative, going out of their way to help students.
  • MISB provides every opportunity to develop your soft skills, encourages team building and networking. 
Fees and Scholarship
  • Meritorious students who wish to take admission can avail tuition waivers from the range of 10-80% of the total fee at Mumbai International School of Business Bocconi.
  • Top 5-6 performers in the first year also get Dean's scholarship over and above the tuition waiver, which indeed encourages students to perform well and put their best foot forward

Rajan | Post Graduate Programme in Management [PGPM], batch of 2017

Reviewed on May 26, 2017

  • 4.5
  • Academics & Faculty 4.5
  • International Exposure 5
  • Fees and Scholarship 4
Academics & Faculty
  • MISB Bocconi started with international curriculum followed at SDA Bocconi.
  • It is a mix of theory and case studies.
  • There are frequent assignment opportunities by the college centre of excellence as well as a corporate project too.
  • The assignments are given at regular basis during with tri-semester exams.
  • The course is according to Indian and international standards.
  • Also, the presence of teachers from Italy makes even huge learning experience and they always remain in touch and easily accessible.
  • Some of the professors even sit as a board of director and run their own investment companies.
International Exposure
  • The students have to compulsory attend the exchange semester at MISB Bocconi.
  • The medium of teaching is English and the average cost is around 8000 euros.
  • Also, the students from
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