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Vivek MMS, batch of 2018
30 Dec 2016 Rating :
  • Once again the academics is something which makes JBIMS what it is. The quality and method of teaching are amazing.
  • The guest faculties visiting the campus are one of the best in their respective fields. The permanent faculties are good in imparting knowledge which leads to a good overall concept clarity among the students.
  • The college has been functioning for the last 51 years and one can easily imagine the kind of experience JBIMS has when it comes to imparting knowledge.
  • The daily routine of JBIMS keeps us moderately busy. Our days and nights are spent attending lectures, guest lectures, seminars, working on assignments, participating in competitions and last but not the least, hanging out on Marine drive.
  • There are different clubs in JBIMS to manage different type of interactions from the outside world or within the campus.
  • There are committees to manage placements, alumini interactions, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, academics, web interactions, etc.
  • The main festival of JBIMS is Prayaag which is the cultural festival of JBIMS. It is celebrated with a lot of fervour and participants from across the country come & become a part of this beautiful event.
  • The life in college in general is enjoyable.
Kushal MMS, batch of 2017
09 Dec 2016 Rating :
  • The daily routine in Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies is very very hectic.
  • Most of our faculty members are from the industry.
  • Class timings are from 10:30 am - 11:00 pm.
  • The stuff that they teach can hardly be found in books. Their methodology is completely different, practical based on industry experience.
  • Moreover, all the corporate competitions of top corporates open for us and we also devote a lot of time in doing those case study competitions.
  • We have the following committees in Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies like Placement Committee, The Catalyst Forum(the Students' Council), Alumni Committee, Students Academic Committee, Web Committee, Corporate Relations Committee, Infrastructure Committee,Strategy.
  • Clubs in college like Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Consulting.
  • We have events like Prayag (management and cultural fest), International Research Conference, gym, Munijan and a host of other events all round the year.
  • Recently we have also formed Sports and Music groups.
  • We participate in a lot of sports, cultural and management events across B-Schools.
MBA/PGDM, batch of 2017
29 Apr 2016 Rating :

JBIMS is one of the Ivy league MBA institutes in India and it is rightly known for its esteemed and experienced lists of professors that range from industrial stalwarts to successful entrepreneurs. Academics at JBIMS comprises of a perfect blend of theoretical and practical studies and here the professors imbibe students with practical management knowledge and case studies. Application-based study is preferred by most of professors teaching here.

Being a full-time MBA student in JBIMS student, one is always kept 'on the go' what with last-minute the lectures being scheduled! As JBIMS consists of mostly external faculty, expect the weekends to be very hectic! However, all these weekend lectures are worth it as one gets to learn and gain knowledge from industrial stalwarts like Prof. Boman Moradian, Prof. Manekar, Prof. Bhattacharjee, Prof. J.K. Kapoor, and the list seems endless. The lecture timings can range from 1 hour to 6 hours at a stretch depending on the professor teaching the subject.

Another USP of JBIMS is that its guest lectures which are held regularly so that the students get exposed to real-time management examples and scenarios. Personally, I found these lectures really helpful as it helped my broaden my horizons and we also get to interact with JBIMS alumni during these lectures via doubt sessions. There are approximately 2 to 3 guest lectures held every month and they cover all domains - finance, marketing, operations, HR, etc.





MBA/PGDM, batch of 2016
30 Aug 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: An institution with 50 years legacy,known for its alumni who hold guards for leading banks ,Consulting firms and FMCG companies.JBIMS,located in the banking district of Mumbai,is rightly regarded as the 'CEO factory'
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: JBIMS,having the philosophy of being grounded to Indian roots,does not provide any international programs,though there are a few internation faculties in the college
Deepak BBA, batch of 2017
16 May 2017 Rating :
  • Classes at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, [JBIMS] Mumbai start at 9 am.
  • The faculty is well experienced. 
  • There are many cultural activities like sports day, annual day etc. at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, [JBIMS] Mumbai.
Harshita BBA, batch of 2018
18 Nov 2015 Rating :
  • The quality and method of teaching are good at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
  • Overall experience on campus is good

About Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, [JBIMS] Mumbai


An Institute founded in 1965, JBIMS is considered to be unique in management education as it is firmly rooted in the local soil and capable of articulating the Indian ethos. In the contemporary era, where Globalization and Liberalization are the buzz words, the Institute has, without disturbing the said roots, ordered itself to meet the emerging challenges, sentiments and opportunities that are going to present themselves on account of the new economic order.

The proximity of Bajaj with the commercial hub of India - Nariman Point serves as an added advantage. This translates into the symbiotic affiliation with the corporate magnets, equipping the students with business acumen to become tomorrow’s leaders.

We are in the process of scaling new heights in the management education having been ranked in Asia’s Top 25 business schools by Asia Inc.

The Institute has full-time faculty in the core management disciplines and the functional areas of management. The Institute also has a panel of eminent management experts and senior practicing managers from diverse fields of management.

Besides the regular curriculum, the students are also involved in co-curricular activities like inter business school competitions, research projects conducted by the institute and are constantly interacting with the industry, thus strengthening their practical orientation and developing themselves into future business managers.


 Year Achievement
 1965  India gets its first full-time two year MMS course under the stewardship of the Late Dr. K. S. Basu, Ex-Vice Chairman of HUL, Specializations offered : Finance, Marketing, Operations & Personnel
 1966  The Management Development Programme (MDP) is introduced
 1967  The Ph.D. Programme is instituted
 1976  The 3 year part-time Masters degree course in Finance, Marketing and Human Resource begins
 1990  J. R. D. Tata graces the Silver Jubilee function 'Smaranyatra'
 1995  First annual business convention 'Strategym' impresses the industry
 1997  Systems specialization introduced as one more full time specialization; JBIMS ranked amongst the top 25 Asian B-Schools
 2000  Awarded 'Best Institute of Management' by the Bombay Management Association
 2001  The industry Mentorship Programme is initiated; 3 year Masters in Information Management introduced
 2002  Marketing and Finance clubs established
 2003  The Catalyst Forum, a student-centric interface to the industry is formed
 2005  JBIMS completes 40 fantastic years of a relentless strive towards perfection

 JBIMS challenges other B-Schools - Prayaag is born; Wi-Fi connects the campus

 2007  JBIMS ranked 6th in 'Business Today - Nielsen' Best B-Schools survey 2007
 2008 'Management Programme in Mergers & Acquisitions' started in collaboration with Times School of Business (TSB)
 2009 Incubation Centre launched to promote entrepreneurship

Ranking: JBIMS has been ranked among top B-schools of India over the years by prestigious educational magazines.
•    Ranked 10th by Business India
•    Ranked 7th by Business Today
•    Ranked 8th by Outlook 


The Computer Centre:

Equipped with Pentium based workstations that are connected to various statistical and analytical packages, project management software, business environmental simulation software amongst others, the students have access to this excellent facility complemented by twenty-four hour Internet connectivity.

Wireless Fidelity

September 26, 2006 marked a new era in the history of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) in terms of the technological infrastructure. They have taken a big leap forwa


    • A.C. Neilsen
    • A.F. Ferguson and Co.
    • Abbott Laboratories
    • ABN Amro Bank
    • Accenture Management Consulting
    • Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.
    • Acme Consulting
    • Aditya Birla Group
    • Adventity
    • Aegis Media
    • Aegon Business Services
    • Agrotech Foods Ltd
    • Air India
    • Aircel
    • Amazon
    • American Express Bank
    • Amul
    • Aranca
    • Asian Paints India Ltd.
    • ASK Raymond James
    • AstraZeneca
    • Avalon Consulting
    • Avendus Advisors
    • Avista Advisory
    • Axis Bank
    • Bajaj Auto
    • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    • Bank of Baroda
    • Bank of India
    • Barclays Capital
    • Barista
    • BASF
    • Be

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and needs. Scholarships are awarded under the various categories of University of Mumbai, like The Late Shri Mohan Lal Tannan Scholarship.

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