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Indus College of Engineering, [ICE] Coimbatore Infrastructure Details

Computer Lab

The computer centers are installed with systems of latest configuration. It is provided with 24 hrs internet facilities with a speed of 4 mbps. Students are encouraged to make maximum use of internet academic purpose.

Language Lab

The ability to communicate effectively is a trick learnt by many, but practiced perfectly by not many. Soft skills complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the technical requirements of a job. A person's soft skill EQ is a major consulting factor to the success of any organization. In fact, soft skills training is a the very base of self management. Thus, in a nut shell, soft skills are the essential skills required to make an individual a self manager.Someone who can manage the self and other selves in order to be able to perform above expectations, or at least at part but definitely not below. Students under go various skills development program and mentoring program to improve their interpersonal skills.


  • Personality Development
  • Group discussion
  • Interview skills
  • Body Language
  • Mock interview
  • Communication skills

Internet - WIFI

Internet Centre is well equipped with total 30 computers and all are connected through Local Network. A 4Mbps leased line connection from BSNL caters for the Internet facility and the Email.The Centre is open 365 days in a year. The timing is from 08.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.Internet Centre is equipped with the latest Software's and Hardware Configuration which is required for the high quality service. Students can download various topics from Internet for their educational purpose.


At present there are two hostels for boys and girls. The boy's hostel has the capacity to accommodate 300 students. The girl's hostel can accommodate 90 students.Each hostel is provided with modern amenities such as recreation room including facilities for indoor games.All the rooms in the hostels have been provided with fans and are modestly furnished. Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods are available to the students.The atmosphere in the hostel is conducive to the development of the cosmopolitan outlook. Owing to the national character of the College and its hostel, the students develop integrated personalities over a period of harmonious living in the hostels.A certain measure of self-governing, decision making and problem solving is involved in the hostel administration. This aspect of the college hostel life promotes the students' sense of responsibility and sensitive self-awareness.

Mess Facility

A large Mess Hall with enough capacity to dine at the same time, enables all students and staff to have lunch and breakfast. A large modem kitchen with steam cooking is attached to the mess hall.All students (hostel students as well as day scholars) and staff members are provided lunch, tea and snacks everyday.



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