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Placements and Companies visited at Indus College of Engineering, [ICE] Coimbatore


Indus College of Engineering has initiated the process of registering itself with some of the leading industries in india. We aim to make sure our graduates are highly rated by employers from both the private and public sectors. The placement Cell with be useful in offering information, advice, guidance and support for job-seeker students.

Pre-Placement Training

Placement Training Recruitments are an important aspect of any student's life. The Placement Cell works to ensure that the recruitment process is a successful one for the students of INDUS. It lays high emphasis on technical and non-technical pre-placement training, which will prepare students to excel at interviews and recruitment processes.

Students are constantly motivated through counseling, to boost their morale. Students are also informed and advised on the importance of maintaining good academic scores as these play a major role during recruitment. The Cell helps students improve their academic scores through a series of programs and workshops. Seminars and workshops are organized by the HRD to provide relevant technical training.

A good academic score sheet and technical fundamentals is only one aspect of the recruitment process. Organizations today employ unique techniques during recruitment to ensure that those hired will meet its requirements. The Placement Cell recognizes these techniques by interacting with the industry and prepares students for them.

It conducts group discussions and workshops on a series of recruitment techniques. Students are trained to develop their skills to handle interviews in the best manner possible. Mock tests have been made mandatory and other industry-relevant evaluation procedures are followed. In addition, the Placement Cell helps students improve their communication and presentation skills.

Specific technical and non-technical pre-placement training equips students to handle interviews and recruitment processes, and emerge successful.

Entrepreneurship Development Programs

One of the primary aims of the Placement Cell at INDUS is to develop students into individuals who will be able to handle managerial challenges at the workplace. The Placement Cell through a series of workshops and seminars inculcates and develops skills that are valued in the corporate world.

The Placement Cell focuses on:

  • Brand building exercises
  • Event Management
  • Quality Management and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Performance Management
  • Working on deliverables rather than do-atlest
  • Multi-skills development and / or multitasking

The Placement Cell regularly invites professionals and personnel who are experienced in the above areas to conduct seminars and workshops. These well-educated individuals are highly experienced and bring their expertise to INDUS, in order to train students to handle the challenges associated with the corporate world.

The Entrepreneurship Development Programs not only aid in training students but actively encourages them to launch their own ventures. The department is proactive in helping students to achieve their goals on graduation.

Personality development

Overall grooming and personality development is an essential aspect of training that the Placement Cell focuses on. Training one specifically for existing corporate challenges is a short-term goal. In order to truly empower students, the Placement Cell works on grooming them completely so tomorrow's new challenges can be dealt with effectively. The Cell helps students recognize their skills and shortcomings through a series of tests and workshops. With this information, it provides counseling and aid to facilitate students to work on their respective shortcomings and develop their skills. Furthermore, it conducts general workshops for all students so they may develop certain qualities which will aid them in handling personal and career challenges. Leadership skills, problem solving, career management and self management are just some of the focus areas of the Placement Cell.

Recruitment & Placements

The Placement Cell at INDUS is not just responsible for training and development of students but also on presenting them with suitable opportunities. The Cell is largely responsible for bringing corporations to the campus and conducting recruitments.

It manages an in-house placement cell on the campus. All activities related to recruitment: from inviting leading companies and research establishments, to organizing interview facilities, are all handled by the department. Some of the biggest names in the industry have been conducting recruitment programs at the campus due to the effort of the HRD.

The department maintains profile fitment records of students and organizations which help match students to the job profile and organization best suited to them. It also conducts pooled campus recruitment programs where students from other colleges are invited to participate. This allows for transparency in recruitment and provides a platform for students from different colleges to interact.

The Placement Cell has also been instrumental in establishing many MoUs with various industries and Research and Development establishments. This MoUs will enhance the students on Internship training, Placement, industrial readiness, Professional competencies, and also to improve their soft skills. Presently, INDUS has signed MOUs with the following companies:

  • IBM
  • BSNL
  • MAC-Singapore

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