Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec

2325 Rue de l'Universite, Ville de Quebec
Estd 1852

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Being an active member of its community, Laval University works in research and development with local leaders and innovators. It is so rightly called the modern university with centuries of experience with over 350 years since its establishment. Laval University is ranked among the top 10 Canadian universities in terms of research funding and holds 4 Canada Research Chairs. In 2015, Laval University became Canada’s first voluntary carbon-neutral university.

When was Laval University Established?

In the year 1852, Laval University was established as the first French-language university in North America. This building was initially built as an educational institution in 1663 for the French colony.

Where is Laval University?

Laval University is located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. 

Laval University Accreditation

Laval University is accredited for the second time with the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS). The STARS accreditation has ranked Laval University 2nd in the world, for the quality of its commitment to sustainable development.

Education at Laval University

Laval University offers around a total of 500 programs for undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of business, medicine, nursing, philosophy, music, and law. Some of these courses include language courses, summer schools, post-doctoral studies, non-degree studies, and also initiatives for the future. Laval University also provides several internship programs, joint training programs, and exchange programs for international students. These undergraduate and graduate courses are designed according to industry trends and demands.

Why Choose Laval University?

Laval University is known worldwide for its wide range of programs and advances in the field of research. The faculty at this University has established an international reputation in the research programs. Enrolling under such globally recognized professors helps achieve academic excellence. Laval University enrolls nearly 5600 international students every year and also welcomes permanent residents from about 120 countries. Some of the highlights of Laval University are as follows:

Highlights of Laval University 

A summer school lineup program at Laval University is one of the most robust and innovative programs in all of Canada. Some facts about University Laval are shown below:

Faculties  17
Departments, Schools, and Institutes  60
Programs  500
Study Profile 5
Educational Leadership Chair  46
Online Programs  100+
Online Courses 1,000+
Partnership Agreements  100+
Course Websites  6,500

Laval University Programs 

Laval University offers 500 programs in undergraduate, graduate, and also in a wide range of fields. The various types of programs offered at Laval University are listed below:

  • Undergraduate Program
  • Graduate Program 
  • Distance Learning
  • Language Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Postdoctoral Studies
  • Summer Schools
  • MOOC
  • University for Seniors
  • Non-degree Studies

 Students (2018)

  • There are more than 230 student associations: CADELL-for undergraduate students, ALLIES -for graduate students
  • Around 900 students from Laval University are studying outside Quebec each year, making Laval University a leader in student mobility.

Faculty & Teaching Staff (2018)

  • 1620 professors
  • 2205 lectures and other teaching and research staff
  • 670 adjunct professors and more than 6,000 professionals providing clinical instruction across its health and social network are made available on the university premises.


12,632 diplomas and certificates awarded in 2016-2017 :

  • 5,557 bachelor’s degree
  • 2,197 master’s degree
  • 345 doctorates
  • 2,203 certificates
  • 504 specialized graduate diplomas
  • 1826 short programs certificates of completion and other attestations


More than 9,600 full- and part-time employees, including, 

  • 3,045 staff members in administrative and support roles
  • 2,730 students, working on campus

 Campus Life 

  • Also, the Library system ranked among the best in Canada for its extensive research collections and digital services 
  • Several other teaching and research sites, including Foret Montmorency, the largest teaching and research forest in the world are also available on the campus


With nearly $403.8 million in research funding, Laval University has ranked the 7th research university in Canada.

  • Over 275 research centers and institutes 
  • 4 Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERCs)
  • 82 Canada Research Chairs
  • 76 partnership research chair
  • 40 research centers recognized by the University Council
  • 11 interdisciplinary institutes
  • 2 joint research units (UMR’s)
  • 4 international joint units (UMIs)
  • Several northern research stations

Impact and Influence 

  • Over 300,000 alumni worldwide
  • 50 alumni clubs and 5 alumni networks
  • $31 million in charitable gifts in 2017-2018
  • Over $530 million has been raised during the most recent fundraising campaign 

Faculties and Departments at Laval University

Over 312,000 individuals have been educated and graduated from Laval University, and each of them has contributed in their own way to the progress of their community and society as a whole. Laval is a well-recognized teaching and research university, mainly for training socially engaged and committed leaders. With nearly 500 programs in all, Laval University offers various graduate programs and undergraduate programs in numerous fields. Given below are the academic departments at University Laval:

Advanced International Studies Education
Agriculture and Food Science Forestry, Geography, and Geomatics
Arts and Human Science Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Business Administration  Planning, Architecture, Art, and Design
Dental Medicine  Law
Medicine Music 
Nursing Philosophy
Pharmacy Theology and Religious Sciences
Science and Engineering Social Sciences

Financial Aid and Scholarships at Laval University

Scholarships and financial aids are offered to students to support them financially and also to encourage them to achieve academic excellence. The scholarship programs available at Laval University are included below: 

  • Laval also provides a large number of financial aid options, including scholarships like the ESRI Canada Scholarship, Hatch Scholarship in Engineering, and more.
  • The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office (BBAF) of Laval University have listed over 3000 scholarships that are offered to undergraduate and graduate students every year.
  • At the graduate level, several scholarships are exclusively reserved for international students.
  • There are several programs such as MEES/UL, that exempt the students from supplemental tuition fees. In this MEES/UL program, students enrolled in a Ph.D. program will be exempted from the tuition fees reducing an amount of about $35,000.
  • Ph.D. students who are not eligible for the MEES/UL scholarships, can apply for Doctoral Admission Scholarships and receive $2000, for the first time.
  • There are also several other international programs that help international students financially to get them educated.

Student Services

There are several services provided by Laval University for the students to ease their stay on the campus. Some of the services provided for international students at Laval are listed below:

  •  Housing
  •  Kitchen and Dining
  •  Wi-fi
  •  Health and Hospital Insurance
  •  Immigration Procedures
  •  Welcome Sessions
  •  Student Employment
  •  Psychological Support Services
  •  International Security
  •  Support in Educational and Vocational Guidance

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University Stats

Student Population at Laval University

Laval University educated and graduated approximately 312,000 individuals. It has more than 230 students, 2,205 lecturers, and other staff. Around 9,000 students are studying outside and making the University of Laval a leader in student mobility. 

Laval University Rankings

Laval University is ranked as one of the top universities in the world by several ranking agencies and institutions. Both national and international Laval University rankings are given below:

  • Ranked no. 2 among the Canadian Educational Institutions 
  • Ranked no. 11 in the Cool Schools Ranking magazine in Sierra.
  • Ranked no. 416 in the world by QS World University Rankings 2020.
  • Ranked between no. 251- no. 300 by Times Higher Education 2020 rankings.
  • Ranked no. 315 in the world by US News and World Report.
  • Ranked between no. 201- no. 300 in the world by Shanghai Rankings 2020.

Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into Laval University?

Laval University admission requirements may include holding a diploma attesting to 13 years of education equivalent to a Quebec Diploma of College Studies, French Bachelor degree, Bachelors from the institutions in most French-speaking African countries, General Certificate of Education (GCE) from an English-speaking country. Given below are the steps to follow for admission at University Laval:

  • Choose your program
  • Fulfill the admission requirements
  • Apply for admission online
  • Track your application

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements


Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements


Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Accepts Common Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

Laval University offers 5,557 bachelors, 2,197 masters, and 345 doctorate courses in a wide range of fields. The students gain real-world knowledge and hands-on experience through various programs and approaches. The average tuition fee is based on the number of credits per semester. Find the average Laval University tuition fees for international students: 

  • 1 academic year (30 credits)- $21,332.70(Category 1)
  • 1 academic year (30 credits)- $19,592.70(Category 2)
  • 1 academic year (30 credits)- $22,738.80(Category 3)
Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma -
Undergraduate $26,302
Post Graduate $20,909

Application Details

Students are required to submit the official transcripts of their studies along with the Laval University application. One can also provide a certified copy of the original documents bearing the original seal of the person authorized to issue them. Below are the documents to be submitted along with the University Laval application: 


  • Hold a Diploma attesting 13 years of education equivalent
  • Some program-specific requirements

Graduate and Ph.D.

  • Hold an Undergraduate or Graduate degree
  • Some program-specific requirements
Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average cost to attend Laval University?

At Laval University, other fees may include accommodation, meal plans, living costs, and other expenses. Below are the details about accommodation and other charges at University Laval:

  • Health and Hospital Insurance- $900/ year
  • Housing and Food- $8,500
  • Academic and Personal Expenses- $3,700 
  • Quebec Acceptance Certificate(CAQ)- $116
  • Study Permit for Canada- $150
Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

Laval University offers closely 500 courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. The courses are offered in various disciplines such as computer science, engineering, finance, and more. Below are the tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate courses for international students at University Laval:

Master Courses:

Bachelor Courses:

Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

Course Fees: $11080

Master of Engineering

Course Fees: $11080

Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng]

Course Fees: $16546

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery [M.B.B.S]

Course Fees: $10009

Master of Science [M.Sc]

Course Fees: $11080 - $13749

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Laval University, Quebec, Quebec FAQs

Laval University, Quebec, Quebec FAQs


What year was Laval University founded?

Laval University is a public research university situated in Quebec City, Canada. Originally founded in 1663, the university was officially known as the Laval university when a royal charter was issued by Queen Victoria in 1852. It is the first North American university offering French-language education.


Is Laval University prestigious?

Laval University is one of the world's most prestigious universities. The university is ranked #361 in Best Global Universities by US News and World Report for 2021. In addition, Times Higher Education has ranked the university #251-300 in World University Rankings and #70 in Impact Rankings.


What is the acceptance rate for Laval University?

Laval University has an acceptance rate of 59%. The acceptance rate indicates that the university has a  moderately selective admissions policy. Students must have academic transcripts, French language proficiency scores, and other supporting documents to secure their seats in this prestigious university.


Why is Laval University Important?

Laval University is one of the most historically significant universities for higher education in Canada and the first French- Language institution in North America. It enrolls more than 5,600 students from over 120 countries who wish to study in Canada, demonstrating a rich cultural diversity.

Contact Information

Laval University is located at 2325, Rue de Universite', Quebec, QC G1V 0A6 Canada. Find the location and contact details for University Laval below:

Ville de Quebec, Quebec



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