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HummingBird Olympiad 2023 | Awards and Recognition

Humming Bird Education awards students and teachers with several prizes. Student awards will be depending on their score on the test. Whereas for teachers, the awards depend on their contribution to the exam.

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Humming Bird Olympiad Awards 2023

Humming Bird is one of the leading organizations when it comes to organizing Olympiads at an international level. Students holding a good rank in Humming Bird's Olympiads get many prizes, awards, certificates, and medals. Students must work on the subject's conceptual part and fundamentals to attain a winning rank in Humming Bird Olympiads. Not only school but Humming Bird also distribute prizes among the school and teachers according to the level of coordination they have maintained throughout the process of Olympiads. 

Humming Bird Olympiad awards are divided into four different categories for level 1 and level 2. Each category consists of multiple prizes. The different categories and Humming Bird Olympiad prizes are explained in detail.

Humming Bird Level 1 Awards

Humming Bird level 1 award are offered only at the school level. Gold medal, silver medal, and bronze medal will be awarded to the top three students in a class. However, many participants may apply for the Olympiads as there is no minimum criterion for the school. For school-level prizes, a minimum of 10 students should have participated in each class. 

Other exciting prizes of Humming Bird are,

  • According to their secured ranks, each class's top 3 students receive gold, silver, and bronze medals.
  • Merit certificate is given to all the level 2 qualifiers.
  • Participation certificates are given to all students who appeared for the exam.
  • HummingBird provides the performance analysis report to each participant.

Humming Bird Level 2 Awards

Students who qualify for the level 1 exam of Humming Bird Olympiads exams are eligible for the level 2 exam. The level 2 exam holds big prizes for the students. It includes laptops, tablets, foreign tours, and many other surprises. Humming Bird level 2 awards are distributed at two levels, i.e., National/International and State level.

Humming Bird National/International Awards

The Humming Bird Olympiad is one of the best ways for students to test and analyze their weaknesses and strengths. Also, the winner of these Humming Bird olympiads gets various prizes and medals. Humming Bird national and international awards are given to students who are ranked top in the country.

  • The top 2 rank holders of the country are awarded laptops and certificates.
  • The student holding the top 3 ranks in the Olympiad exam receives a tablet and certificates for his performance.
  • Students with a rank between 4 to 50 receive prizes, including branded wristwatches, mobile phones, or cash prizes.
  • All the meritorious students get merit certificates from the Humming Bird.
  • A certificate of participation is given to all the students.
  • Winners of this olympiad can also win the grand prize of a foreign educational tour in NASA or Honk Kong.

Humming Bird State Level Awards

Humming Bird state-level awards are given to students who are ranked top in each state. The important information students should be aware of is, students eligible for national and international awards will not be entitled to the state-level awards. The state-level award will be offered to the next highest-ranked holders in each state.

  • A student who ranked first in each state will be awarded a gold medal and gifts worth INR 3,000.
  • Second rank holders in each state will be awarded a silver medal and gifts worth INR 2,000.
  • The student who ranked third in each state will be awarded a bronze medal and gifts worth INR 1,000.
  • Other students ranked in the list of top ten state ranks will be awarded a consolation prize.
  • All state-level toppers are presented with a merit certificate.

Humming Bird Olympiad Awards for School and Teachers

Humming Bird also distributes cash prizes to teachers and headmasters according to their efficiency in coordination and managing the students and the process of Humming Bird Olympiad. 

The best coordinator awards given to the Humming Bird teacher and educator are given below.

  • Best principal award: This award is given to the best-supporting school principal. It entails a cash prize of INR 5,100.
  • Best teacher award: The award is given to the best teachers or school coordinators. It entails a cash prize of INR 2,100.
  • Teacher participation award: Humming Bird invites teachers from India to send questions, in which the best question will be included in the Humming Bird Olympiad exams. The award consists of a cash prize of INR 400 for each selected question along with a certificate.

Humming Bird Education Ltd. also awards a school with the best school award. The school will be awarded a cash prize of INR 10,000 along with the certificate of "Most Innovative School and the Best School Trophy."

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