BCA Distance Education Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹25K - 1.5 LPA

BCA Distance education job opportunities go wide and beyond and help students build a career in the computer application field. There is no question that Distance BCA is one of the best educational courses available, and students taking Distance BCA in the future will have plenty of opportunities. Someone who has completed a Distance BCA degree will work in a tech firm or seek further education. The topics covered in Distance BCA are nearly equivalent to those covered by BTech students. Many MNCs in India and other countries are looking for BCA graduates to work in their technical departments. Also, as this is a distance learning program, it is an added advantage for students who have a busy schedule and cannot attend classes physically. The average starting salary for this course is around INR 1.9 - 3 LPA. Jobs like software engineer, web developer, PHP developer, data analyst, etc., are available.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for a Distance BCA Graduate

The Distance BCA program is gaining popularity among students. There was a time when a few private colleges and institutes only offered this degree. Many colleges and universities still offer it due to its added advantage of being a distance program. Jobs scope in the field of computers have always been good. Distance BCA jobs are similar to what is offered after B.Tech in IT. As all the companies, large or small, need computers in today's hyperconnected world, good BCA graduates' demand is also high. Other countries' outsourcing of work is done in India, especially computer-related, boosting good BCA graduates.

Distance BCA jobs for students after completion of Distance BCA:

  • Software Publisher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Independent Consultant
  • Computer Support Service Specialist

Job designations for Distance BCA graduates with experience:

  • Finance Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Information Systems Manage
  • Systems Administrator
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Software Developer
  • Php Developer

Areas of Recruitment for Distance BCA

As mentioned earlier, due to the wide application of computers in different sectors, the scope and areas of recruitment for BCA programs are very wide and varied. Listed below are some of that area of recruitment:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Software Developing Companies
  • Web Designing Companies
  • Systems Management Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • Insurance Companies
  • Accounting Department 
  • Stock Markets
  • e-Commerce & Marketing Sector

Salary Packages for Distance BCA Professionals

The average starting salary package for a Distance BCA professional is around INR 1.9 - 3 LPA. It may seem low compared to other courses, but the scope for salary growth is very high, and once an aspirant has some experience, the salary rises very fast. Listed below are some Distance BCA salaries for different job profile:

Distance BCA Salary in India


Average Salary

Software Engineer


Software Developer


Web Developer


PHP Developer

INR 2.6  LPA

Data Analyst


Source: Payscale

Government Jobs for Distance BCA Aspirants

Just like private companies, government companies also require computers for their daily functioning in this hyperconnected world. Government jobs also provide a sense of stability in job security and income which private jobs don't provide. Listed below are some popular government jobs:

Top BCA Government Jobs in India

Top Government Companies

Job Profile

Average Salary

National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

District Manager



Deputy Manager 





Employees' State Insurance Corporation

IT Manager


Source: Payscale

Some other government jobs for Distance BCA freshers in India are:

  • Technical Officer
  • Computer Operator
  • IT Professional
  • Systems Officer
  • Junior Technicians

Private Jobs for Distance BCA Aspirants 

The private sector offers many opportunities for Distance BCA aspirants. These companies offer jobs with an exciting job profile and with good pay as well. Listed below are some of the private jobs offered in this field:

Top BCA Private Jobs in India

Top Private Companies

Job Profile

Average Salary


Software Engineer


Wipro Technologies

Data Analyst


HCL Technologies

Web Developer


Tech Mahindra

Technical Expert


Source: Payscale

Some other private jobs for Distance BCA freshers in India are:

  • Software Publisher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst

Job Opportunities Abroad for Distance BCA

To study abroad and get job opportunities abroad, an aspirant has to give GRE, GMAT, etc. An aspirant also has to focus on their extracurricular activities as colleges abroad give equal or even more importance to non-academic excellence than academic. If an aspirant is going for study or job, they have to give an English proficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS. Also, the perks and the knowledge that an aspirant gains from working abroad are much more than they can get if they stay in India. The scope outside in this field is also very good, and the salary is better than in India:

Top Companies

  • Accenture
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini
  • Infosys
  • Salesforce
  • Intel
  • IBM

Top Countries

  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • United States
  • South Korea
  • Technological Expertise
  • Japan

Various Career Designations Abroad for Distance BCA Student

The job scope abroad is very good in the IT sector. Listed below are some career designation abroad for Distance BCA student:

  • Software Publisher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Independent Consultant
  • Computer Support Service Specialist

Best Distance BCA Graduates

Computers have changed the way the world works. Since its invention, there have been many who have changed how society sees computers and computer applications. Listed below are some pioneers of this field: 

  • Larry Page 
  • Sergey Brin
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Reed Hastings 
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Anita Borg