The health and medical industry comprises different types of doctors with a lot of contribution to the health field. Below is a list of different types of doctors, and their job roles and responsibilities.

Medicine and the warriors associated with it are considered equivalent to supremacy. Amidst the virus going around, the doctors have been doing everything to keep people sane. They are termed as warriors for an evident reason. There are different doctors for various reasons, right from infants specialist to senior specialist. There are different courses and opportunities for the same. These are one of the highest paying jobs in the field of medicine. They are also one of the respectable jobs. Considering all these factors, there is a high demand for doctors in this field. There are different doctors for Children, listing below a few of the most demanding and most popular children's doctors:

Different Types of Doctors in India

There are many types of doctors that are precisely offering their service in the field of science and medicine; amongst them, a few are listed below:

  1. Pediatrician
  2. Gynecologists
  3. Child Psychologist/Psychiatrist
  4. Dermatologist
  5. Cardiologist 
  6. Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist
  7. Veterinarian 
  8. Neurologist 
  9. Therapist 
  10. Psychologist
  11. Audiologist
  12. Dentist 
  13. Allergist
  14. Endocrinologist 


A Pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating and diagnosing the child's illness. They treat children until the child hits puberty. They diagnose minor illnesses to significant health issues. They examine the growth and development of the child. They prescribe medications and instructions to the child when ill. There is also a pediatric dentist who ensures the child's first tooth. He medicates the tooth development of children. Children from the age of 6 months to 13 years are taken to a pediatric. A Pediatrician is often considered the crucial doctor for your kids, so consulting an appropriate Pediatrician is very important.


It is a branch of science which deals with diseases pertaining to women, especially with reproductive organs. He/She is a very crucial part of a woman's pregnancy. It involves treating women with all the illnesses related to the woman's reproductive system. Gynecologists deal with the practice of dealing with the woman and the baby's development. They also specialize in dealing with women's reproductive and sexual health care. They deal with birth control, sex problems, cramps, and periods. There are different examinations and treatments done to take precautions as it is considered the most crucial part of a woman's body. Consulting the appropriate Gynecologist for any woman is very important.

Recommended Course: Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Child Psychologist/Psychiatrist

The mental health of a child is as important as its physical health. There are various events in a child's life, which might cause trauma to the child's mental health mentality. Different emotional and mental illnesses occur. The Psychologist gives other therapeutic treatments to the children and diagnoses the needful for the same. There are various medications given to the children based on the condition. It is a very fragile process of treatment as there is children's mental health. There are multiple precautions taken before consulting the Psychologist for children.

The Infant's sector of Doctors is very crucial and essential as well. They are considered as some of the most respectable jobs. The doctor's salaries here are considered very high. The pay is anywhere between 8LPA-15LPA. The demand as well is more significant in India, considering the birth rate.


Dermatology is a field of medicine that deals with problems of skin, nails, or scalp. The field is more inclined towards researching and helping people with major skin diseases. Dermatology is a field that is considered highly competitive as one would need a lot of experience and research to advise ahead. 

Since the atmosphere around has been evolving, and individuals have started to treat themselves with skincare, cosmetology, and various treatments surrounding derma care, the demand for the same has increased. There have been different aesthetic beauty standards that individuals these days follow. Considering all these factors, there is a high demand for doctors in this field.

Recommended Course: MD Dermatology


Cardiology refers to the treatment of disorders or the diagnosis of the heart and its organs. It is a branch that deals with specific circulatory organs. It includes the diagnosis of heart failures, artery disease, and various other circulatory organs' defects. Their job often consists of assisting physicians during surgeries. Students are also taught to test patients and take care professionally. There is an increase in the rate of cardiac issues in the country, so there is a demand for individuals in Cardiology. There are various areas of jobs where a cardiologist is required, right from sports to military forces. They are also one of the respectable jobs.

Recommended Course: MD Cardiology

ENT Doctor

Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist is a doctor who specializes in treating the illness and disorders about all the three categories of organs. They treat every ear, nose, and throat disorder and are highly equitable. They assess every individual from adolescents to mid-age individuals. There is a study that is done for almost 5-7 years to be an ENT Specialist. They are also known as Otolaryngologists. They are very well paid in terms of salary. Their job is fragile as the organs they treat are as well delicate. One needs to be very active and alert to opt for this role.


A Veterinarian or popularly referred to as Vet. A veterinarian is a person who is qualified in medicine and deals with treating the diseases of animals. He is also known as a Veterinary surgeon or physician. There are various diseases, disorders, and illnesses witnessed by animals; a vet looks at diagnosis and gives multiple instructions. Veterinarians need to rely on primary medicine before they conclude with any prescription; as animals would not talk, it is essential to study the behavior and conclude. There are comparatively lesser vets compared to any branch of medicine. The income offered as well is medium to high.

Recommended Course: Bachelor of Veterinary Science


Neurology is a branch of science that deals with the study and disorders of the nervous system. A neurologist is a doctor that deals with treating the nervous system and the disorders associated with the same. There are 4 to 7 years of studying that is taken to become a Neurologist. This is considered the most challenging science branch, as the nervous system is a complex set to crack. The Neurologists treat the central nervous system to the spinal cord. This is the most respectably deemed and challenging profession in the field of science. There is a lot of reliability associated with the performing surgeons, which makes them extremely responsible.


 A therapist is someone who specializes in treating patients with mental health. A Therapist is one who is unbiased and genuine to assist clients with desired changes in their selves. They are also termed as listeners. They are also termed as Psychotherapists. With the ongoing awareness of Mental Health, the demand for Therapists has been increasing. People are often confused with the aspects and differences between Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists. Throwing some light on what each of this means; A Psychatarists deals with mental wellness and the chemical imbalances that may occur in the brain. They treat both the physical and mental illness of the patient.


Psychologists are one who specializes in behavioral studying and mental illness. They study the human brain's cognitive processes and are inclined to observe the emotional facet of interaction. Keeping the entire scenario and the constant demand for these job roles, the salary is exceptionally high. Every session held is charged positively and is very comprehensive. Psychologists are equally in demand as therapists, due to the awareness about mental health.

Recommended Courses:


An Audiologist is a healthcare professional who specializes in providing treatment and diagnoses to patients who have a hearing problem. Audiologists are professionals who deal with speech and rehabilitation programs as well. They dwell in giving treatment to patients who have experienced hearing loss and balance disorders. They treat adults and children. They are not ENT specialists as the audiologist deals with only ears, whereas an ENT specializes in ear, nose, and throat.

Recommended Course: BSc Audiology


The dentist is specialist doctors who deal with filling a cavity, tooth decay, and also provide all kinds of treatments and diagnosis related to the tooth. The dentist is also known as the advisor on taking care of your teeth and gums. They also repair fractures related to teeth. Dentists are considered as one of the highest-paid doctors in the field of specialists. Apart from providing teeth expertise they also conduct various other programs in different institutes, as well. The studies involved in being a dentist is certainly higher.

Recommended Courses: 


Allergists are also known as immunologists. Allergists specialize in providing treatment to patients who are going through some allergy or allergic disease. They also treat allergic diseases related to the immune system, such as asthma. These  Healthcare professionals also indulge in providing assessment to primary immunodeficiency and immune disorders as well. An allergist is an individual consulted only if the allergies are chronic and nature and have severe symptoms.


Endocrinologists are doctors who specialize in treating patients who are incurred with thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and reproductive health. Endocrinologists specifically are doctors that deal with glands and all the hormones they produce. Endocrinologists can also be seen when there is a discrepancy in the blood report of an individual. Reproductive  Endocrinologists focus on the reproductive health of the patient. They are also responsible for treating cancer-related glands.

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