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Reviews About VK Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics and Science, [VKKMCCES] Mumbai

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Chemistry), batch of 2020

The daily routine was from morning 8 to afternoon 2. The methods of teaching were good. The experience was also good.


There was NSS club on campus. Nss students arranged many programmes. Sports day was also held. Also many cultural programmes have been arranged.

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2015

College used to start at 8 am. We used to get assignments twice a year.Teaching faculty was superb and very supportive.


College campus was astonishing with a lot of greenery.There were different clubs,stundent cousil, NSS etc. Fests used to happen twice a year.

About VK Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics and Science, [VKKMCCES] Mumbai

V.K. Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics and Science was started in June 1982 by Bhandup Educational Society. In 1982 the college was started with the name of V.K. Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics but in 1992 the Science stream was added in courses so the name was changed and it was declared as V.K. Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics and Science. The college is affiliated by University of Mumbai. It is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The college offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) programs to the students.


We vision That education is not merely attainment of perfection already in man. Perfection has to be manifested to the outside world through his thoughts, words and deeds. God is the perfection in man in the form of Jivatman. The nature inherited by the man envelops the Jivatman. Sublimation of the base nature to reach the noble nature is perfection.

Mission Statement

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man", says Swami Vivekananda. The nature or character or swabhava, inherited by one, comprising of Sattwa guna, Rajo guna and Tamo guna covers the Jivatman. One living for the welfare of the people has Sattwa guna. One who lives only for earthly or bodily pleasures has Rajo guna. One with Tamo guna lives a beastly life. The Jivatman when it leaves one body to join another body, carries the vasanas or the nature with it, Says Bhagawat Gita. Beside, one inherits the nature of mother and father due to dominance of their chromosomes. Sublimation of the base nature to attain noble nature, by adopting Bhagwat Gita as a Dictionary of life as done by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, and the translation of the 20 principles from Bhagawat Gita namely:

  1. Humility (Absence of Pride)
  2. Modesty
  3. Ahimsa or Nonviolence
  4. Forbearance
  5. Uprightness or Straight - Forwardness
  6. Purity
  7. Self-control
  8. Indifference to Objects of Senses
  9. Steadfastness
  10. Non-Attachment
  11. Constant Even- Mindedness
  12. Self-Effacement or Absence of Ego
  13. Service to the Learned Teacher
  14. Perception of Evil of Birth, Death, Oldage, Sickness and Pain
  15. Absence of Clinging to Son, Wife, Home and The Like
  16. Unswerving Devotion to God
  17. Resorting to Solitary Places
  18. Company of Wise People
  19. Constancy in Self Knowledge
  20. Perception of the End of The Knowledge of Truth into one's day to day life to develop habits, would build up the heavenly character according to Swami Vivekananda, to attain perfection. The management has adopted the 20 principles as a code of conduct for management, staff and students.

For more details about admission please contact :-

Email : [email protected]
Contact No. : 022-2566 85 41    
Tel. Fax : 022-2566 18 97

Facilities :-

Student's Welfare Scheme

Government freeship:
E.B.C.Freeship P.T.C. Freeship S.T.C. Freeship S.C./.S T. Freeship and Scholarship.
Government Open Merit Scholarship.


The college has a Gymkhana hall and a spacious play ground ad measuring 5500 Sq. yards. Outdoor and indoor games are arranged for the benefit of students. We also have a well equipped gymnasium which serves as health centre for our students.

Co-Operative Society

The College runs a Students' Consumer Co-operative Society with the assistance of

Career Guidance And Placement Cell :-

The college has a career counselling cell to guide the students in selecting their career. Our placement cell organizes camps, recruitment drive with the help of TCS, WIPRO, TRI-STAR, PATNI – COMPUTERS, CIPLA, SYNTEL- INC etc.

Scholarships And Awards

  • Swami Vivekananda Memorial Prize
  • Late Kunnath Narayan Nair Scholarship
  • A. Menon Scholarship.
  • Menonite 99 Scholarship

Endowment Prizes

  • Late Gajanan Keshav Phadnis
  • Late Surendra A. Navalkar
  • Late Pandey Manohar
  • Late Surendra Naik


Computer labs

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Social Life

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