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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology, [SICET] Hyderabad

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2024

Infrasture is good here in our college, there is a central Library which consists of 40,000 + volumes and is international. Students can also avail the opportunity to get e- books.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2017
  • Only girls hostel is present in Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology premises & on an average it cost Rs. 5,000 per month.
  • PG or Hostels Outside will Charge about Rs. 4,000 per month.
  • Food in college is good.
  • On an average food cost Rs. 50 per meal.
  • The quality of all college infrastructure is average.

spoorthi reddy
Spoorthi reddy
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
  • Only girls hostel is available in Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology of fee Rs. 5000 per month including shelter and food.
  • Food in the college will be good.
  • The quality of classrooms and labs, libraries will be good.
  • wifi is available only in the hostel and mobiles are strictly prohibited in the college.

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Master of Technology [M.Tech] Reviews

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Electrical Engineering), batch of 2016
  • There are hostels available. The hostel fees is Rs 3,80,000 per month.
  • There are PGs available around college.
  • The quality of food is average and the cost per meal is Rs 40.
  • The quality of classrooms, labs and libraries are good in Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology, [SICET] Hyderabad.


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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Information Technology), batch of 2022

The college has hostel facility for the girls students.

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Master of Business Administration [MBA] Reviews

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Human Resource Management), batch of 2017

Well developed infrastructure, this is a big campus which is located in village environment

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Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology, [SICET] Hyderabad Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad:


  • The college has provided spacious and well stocked state-of-the-art library with over 31000 books, reference books, 200, national and international journals and magazines
  • More books are added as per the requirement and request of students and staff members

Digital Library:

  • Digital Library from SONET, Government of AP has supplied the server to have net link of 1 mbps broadband, 24 hours
  • The digital library with more than 3000 journals like IEEE to surf on your fingertips, connected with 30 systems


  • The Institution has a total of 22 Buses play through Hyderabad and Secunderabad to College covering all the major points
  •  About the 50% of students avail the College Bus facility on nominal charges and remaining student avail public conveyance is very convenient, because the college is located on the main road of Hyderabad Nagarjuna Sagar High way


  • Our Auditorium accommodates more than 3000 persons
  • Apart from the Main-Auditorium, We have Sonet-hall, Seminar halls for each department and Conference rooms


  • The Institution has full fledged Internet Facility with dedicated line with a band width of 10 Mbps provided by M/s. Apollo Internet services on 24 hrs basis-without any Interruption.


  • The Institution has two canteens either side of the main Building
  • It runs an all the working days from 08.30 am to 05.30 pm
  • Quality and quantity of the food items are checked regularly and Managers are maintaining the canteen hygienically all the time.

Computer Labs:

  • The Institution provides state-of-the-art Laboratories to Students and Faculty and helps gain Practical knowledge of Subjects taught
  • It is ahead of Institutions in following new technologies and creating new trends
  • Total No. of Computers in the Colleges available for students are 1190 Systems

Types of Laboratories:

CSE & IT: 

  • Computer Lab - I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX


  • Micro Processor Lab
  • EDC Lab
  • ECA Lab/ ECAD Lab
  • Microwave & Optical Communications Lab
  • PDC Lab
  • LIC Lab
  • Computer Center


  • Electrical Machines Lab - I and II
  • Power Electronics Lab and Control Systems Lab
  • Networks and Measurements Lab
  • Electrical Simulation Lab


  • Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machines
  • Mechanical workshop I and II / Thermal Engg
  • Lab/Metallurgy and Instrumentation Lab
  • Mechanics of Solids Lab
  • Heat-Transfer Lab
  • Production Technology Lab
  • Machine Tools and Metrology Lab

Bio Tech:

  • Cell Biology and Microbiology Lab/ Plant tissue Culture Lab
  • Bioprocess Engineering Lab/ Down Stream Processing Lab
  • Immunology Lab
  • Bio Chemistry Lab 

M.Tech(CSE & CS):

  • DAA Through C++ Lab
  • OOAD Through UML Lab

M.Tech(DECS and DSCE):

  • DSP Lab
  • HDL Lab


  • Eng.Lang.Comm Skills Lab
  • OO Progamming through C++ Lab
  • Computer Organization Lab
  • Data structures through Java Lab
  • Business Data Processing Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • Unix Network Programming Lab
  • Adv.Java Progarmming Lab
  • Data Mining and Warehousing Lab
  • UML Lab
  • Multimedia Application Develop Lab


  • Eng.Lang.Comm Skills Lab
  • Information Technology Lab


  • The Institution Provides half a dozen Outdoor Sports Courts and two Indoor games Courts

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