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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Information Technology), batch of 2020

College has an incampus hostel for students outside mumbai. hostel facilities are very good and disciplined. Hostel has a capacity of about 110 students. Nearby college too there are hostels where girls can apply Classrooms,labs, libraries, dining halls are all very clean places.labs has latest PC's with all necessary software in it library has a huge quantity of books in well-managed way with all different genre.

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Sophia College for Women, Mumbai Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure  Facilities at Sophia College for Women, Mumbai:


  • The College has well-designed and airy buildings that are set around a beautiful terraced garden, central lawn and a herbal garden.
  • The main building is a heritage structure, has been rebuilt over the years to accommodate the library,  lecture halls and an audio-visual room.
  • The Faculty of Arts is housed in the main building, as are the Vice Principal's, Principal's, Dean's administrative offices, the hostel, the shed (a multi-purpose hall) and the chapel.
  • Junior College lectures are also held both in the extension wing and the main building.
  • The Faculty of Science occupies a separate building named as the Bharat Institute of Science, is equipped with a common instruments room, state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms and a large auditorium.
  • Junior College Science laboratories are also located in Bharat Institute of Science building.


  • Sophia College offers well-managed, efficient and clean hostel accommodation to about a 105 out-of-town students.
  • The hostel is located in the main building's first floor and the topmost floor of the rear extension.
  • It is a home, where each student receives personal attention and is encouraged to develop her academic skills and also become a well-balanced and caring person.
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities is essential so that students realize that the learning process goes beyond field of academics.


  • Inside the canteen students can chat, relax, laugh, share experiences and exchange lecture notes over a cup of tea.
  • The canteen is located next to the herbal garden.
  • It has a large seating area, which is run by professional caterers.
  • A variety of snacks, beverages and mini-meals are available at reasonable rates.
  • Vending machines for coffee, tea and snacks are also located in the canteen.


  • The gymkhana gives access to both Junior and Senior College students to play indoor and outdoor games.
  • Chess, carrom and table tennis can be played in the basement of the main building.
  • A badminton court is present and there are volleyball and basketball courts on the campus.
  • Swimming and Football are encouraged and off-campus arrangements are made for these activities.
  • Facilities for playing throwball, tennis and cricket are provided.
  • Hiking and adventure camps are organized.


  • The hub of academic life is the library, which houses a large collection of books (fiction and non-fiction), biographies, encyclopedias, journals (both national and international), dictionaries, art books and maps.
  • Audio-visual materials, such as  DVDs, CD-ROMs, slides and filmstrips, are also available.
  • It has airy, browsing corners, well-lit reading areas, and separate carrels for staff.
  • A separate Reference Room where reference books are kept.
  • Here the library follows the Dewey Decimal Classification system of 23 rd edition.
  • Article indexing from newspapers and journals subscribed to by the library, and catalog search, have both been computerized.
  • The library awards The St. Madeleine Sophie prize to the most well-studied student of the year.
  • It provides a place in which to study material and services are provided to assist study.

Computer Lab:

  • The Computer Centre is well equipped with 93 computers, 2 scanners, 4 printers and DVD writers in all the computers.
  • An internet connection is available at a nominal fee.
  • Staff and students can use the Computer Center facilities for both academic as well as personal work.

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