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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Sanjeevan Engineering and Technology Institute, [SETI] Kolhapur

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), batch of 2021

2 buildings available with 45k per year fee

No wifi available

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2018

INR 4000 per month. postgraduate course is INR 6000rs Its good college Classrooms quality are very good,labs are separate to all sections.and fully facilitated.wifi is not provided to the students

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There is Boys hostel & Girls hostel at Sanjeevan Engineering and Technology Institute which cost Rs. 3,500 per year.
  • College mess provides good quality food.
  • The quality of Classrooms, Labs, Libraries, dining halls, Wi-Fi and other key infrastructure are all these facilities are maintained very well in our college.

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} Reviews

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}, batch of 2017
  • There are different boys and girls hostel nd food provided there are healthy and tasty
  • The classroom is under surveillance in a CCTV camera and libraries are also provided for students increasing their know-how.

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Sanjeevan Engineering and Technology Institute, [SETI] Kolhapur Infrastructure Details

Facilities :-

Smart Classrooms

A smart classroom is a classroom that has an instructor station equipped with computer and audiovisual equipment, allowing the instructor to teach using a wide variety of media. These include DVD and VHS playback, PowerPoint presentations, and more all displayed through a data projector. Some smart classrooms have a semi-permanent unit in the room called a Smart Console. These Smart Consoles have similar equipment housed inside them as the other smart classrooms.


Octagon shaped Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and specially designed with a child-centric attitude, An interactive board along with Overhead projector in each classroom for experiencing the modern technology to make the learning process more interesting and meaningful.

Classrooms are distinctively designed for children of different age groups, keeping in mind their activities, priorities, likes and dislikes, to make learning an enjoyable experience.


“We believe that education is a shared responsibility of students, family and school..”. The School Library is much more than a library. It is a world of discovery and wonderment. It is a place where our young students learn the importance of books in their academic development. One of the outcomes of their regular visits to the library is their gradual understanding of the joy and inspiration books will bring throughout their lives. From First Steps on, wonderful and exciting stories are being read and shared.

Computer Labs

We have well equipped computer lab. All are interconnected by LAN. We have the facility of Internet for 24 hrs. Students are allowed to search information on net in their computer periods as well as they can check their mails also.
All the latest software are centrally installed and can be shared. We have printers, scanner, webcam and speakers as well as headphones available in lab. This lab is also connected with Internet. Students visit computer labs to learn different-different software/Languages as well as access course materials, complete assignments, use emails and participate in online courses.

Teaching a topic with the help of audio/video aids is a new level of understanding for students. Keeping this thing in mind, Sanjeevan has provided the facility of projection labs where teachers of various departments teach their subjects with the help of Computers. We have different kinds of Interactive software and CDs for this purpose. It helps the child to learn difficult concepts in easy and interesting way.

Dining Hall

Nourishment for the body - Health is Wealth. At Sanjeevan Knowledge City we give as much importance to food as parents do for their children at home. The dining hall is spacious and well planned. All meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, are planned by our Dietary Consultant keeping in mind the nutritional and dietary needs of growing children. Separate cooking and cleaning area is used for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

The Catering facilities of the School are managed and run by School to ensure quality, nutrition and hygiene. The menus are not fixed and are changed fortnightly. The kitchen is well equipped with modernized equipments like , deep – freezer, water cooler, grinder, cutting machine, mixer, floor-mill, jumbo size dish washer etc.

Swimming Pool 

A new 25 meter Swimming Pool (half Olympic size) has been built with all standard equipments in the campus. The pool has been relocated along the south face, thereby allowing for the maximum period of natural sunlight, thereby reducing the requirement for mechanical heating. A well qualified and trained coach is appointed to provide training to the inmates. The pool is equipped with all modern equipments like filtration plant, life saving equipments etc.

Music Hall

All students of Sanjeevan Knowledge City attend music classes twice weekly as part of the school's curriculum. Music is taught by a specialist teacher in a large purpose-built room, and students have access to a variety of instruments. No art can be nurtured in isolation. Children learning dance will also develop a musical sense. Dance is a complete experience of understanding our cultural heritage. Basic footsteps, hand movements, body postures, rhythmic exercises are being taught to develop stamina and ease. Children are encouraged to perform regional folk dances, classical dance forms and even creative dance.


To be happy and successful in today’s highly competitive world, a child needs to be confident and articulate. Enthusiastic students who learn to speak clearly and relate confidently with their peers, develop skills that make journey through life much easier. The developmental drama program provides young children with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, fluent delivery and pleasing social skills. It encompasses a huge body of developmental drama activities aimed at increasing the confidence, self-esteem and verbal skills of all students.


The school takes pride in closely monitoring the educational and emotional well-being of each and every student. The school takes such excellent care of the children that the word "home sickness" ceases to exist in their vocabularies. The school has separate Dorms for boys and girls. They are aesthetically designed with optimum convenience. The dormitories are strategically located to ensure that the children have easy access to the class rooms and the dining hall. Each dormitory is run under the care of a dorm-master who keeps a close watch on the physical health and academic progress of the students. A matron-in-charge supervises the other routine work regarding cleanliness and laundry. Making boarding fun is the weekend bonfires that allows students to exhibit their hidden talents, talents like acting, singing and stand-up comedy.

Shooting Range

Our campus has our own firing range 20 mts. A special air rifle shooting range is developed in the campus which is available for the students. Expert Ex - Army coaches from Indian Army impart weapon Training, Handling of Weapons, Aiming, Holding and Trigger operations, Rifle drill to the inmates of Sanjeevan.

Medical Center

The College has a well equipped and well furnished hospital which is assisted by a Resident Doctor and qualified Nurses to take care of ailing students. For illnesses of serious nature, other modern multi specialty hospitals are available in near city viz- Kolhapur which hardly 18 kms away from the campus.


Gymnasium at SKC is the Fitness Room. The room is fully equipped for cardio, strength, and functional sports training. To ensure that the fitness room is used to its maximum potential, the PE department keeps the room open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm for staff and students every day. The multi gym is equipped with the modern equipments like rowing machines, elliptical trainers, stationary exercise bikes and treadmills. gyms have a main workout area consisting of dumbbells and free weights as well as exercise machines. Included mirrors so that students exercising can monitor and maintain the correct posture during their workout. The hostel runs a Health Centre for providing facilities of medical check-up and treatment to resident students. The school medical officers provide routine medical treatment during the school hours. A qualified doctor is in attendance round the clock. All minor ailments are treated in the hostel but serious cases are referred to specialist in Kolhapur.

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